Leather, Satin, and Lace

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Okay this is an alternate version of Season 5, starting post Buffy vs. Dracula. Oh and Riley sucks, yada yada


Following Dracula's defeat, Riley breaks up with Buffy because he is disgusted with her.

Spike has already realized that he is in love with Buffy

Her Mom has gone through surgery and is better, so Buffy kind of wants to blow off steam

Xander has his apartment

Chapter 1: "Old Jacket"

It was a typical night in Sunnydale. There were plenty of vampires. Great if you were after a fight, not so great if you just wanted to be alone and peaceful. Buffy sighed as she dusted her third vampire of the night. Usually she didn't mind but none of the vampires were really good at fighting and she was really itching for a good fight. Especially after the whole thing with Dracula and Riley. After Dracula had bit her, Riley had left her. He claimed it was because he wanted sometime alone. Buffy knew a little better. Riley had been slightly disgusted with Angel biting her, Dracula's bite had kind of put him over the edge.

Buffy sighed as she sat down on a tombstone. Her hand brushed the scar on the side of her neck. It was a small memento of a happier time. Dracula had ruined it. Buffy shivered and rubbed her arms. She felt dirty, unclean. Not on the outside but in, she had let Dracula bite her. She had let him ruin the memory of – well she couldn't think of that now. If she did, she knew she'd never focus again.

Lucky for her, a vampire dropped down in front of her. Buffy leaped up and engaged him. They fought briefly and she dusted him.

"I think that's enough for one night." Buffy said to no one in particular.

She headed for the gate to the cemetery and felt a strange but familiar tingle at the base of her spine. She turned and glanced around the darkness. The tingle spread to the pit of her stomach. It was like that excited feeling a child got on Christmas Eve. But for Buffy, so much stronger, more charged. Demons she could sense, they felt different, evil. This was different. Without thinking she took off at a run away from the cemetery.

Buffy made it back to her house in record time. She launched herself up to the roof outside her window, and then stopped. The tingle was still there. Buffy turned and glanced into the night. Someone had followed her home. She took one last longing sweep and climbed into her room. Without changing she crawled onto her bed. She wrapped her arms around a pillow and slowly drifted off to sleep. But this time it wasn't Riley she thought of before she fell into unconsciousness.


Joyce was downstairs making breakfast when Buffy wondered down. Dawn was already sitting at the kitchen counter with her breakfast, she had taken the time to change out of her pajamas. Buffy had not. She walked straight for the coffee pot. She was still sleepy as she poured a cup. Her dreams had been weird. Not prophetic, Slayer weird dreams but human weird ones. They were always the worst kind.

"Coffee this early in the morning? Are you feeling alright?" Joyce asked as she finished the eggs.

"Rough night. Bad dreams." Buffy said as she sat down with her coffee. "Don't worry, nothing end of the world-y." Joyce nodded.

"Do you want any eggs?" Joyce asked. Buffy shook her head.

"Not really much with the hungry. I've got to go meet Willow anyway."

"I thought you said there was no big bad." Dawn asked, suddenly afraid.

"Don't worry. It's nothing. I'm positive." Buffy said quickly. "I just need to take care of a couple of things." She turned to go.

"Buffy, will you be back for dinner?" Joyce asked.

"I'm not sure. I'll let you know." Joyce nodded as Buffy left the kitchen to change.


The café was crowded, full of people. Buffy carefully picked her way through the people. Willow was seated at a table near the windows. She was flipping through a book as Buffy approached. Willow looked up as Buffy sat down.

"Hey, how are you doing?" Willow asked. Buffy shrugged.

"Bad. Not run off to LA and change my name bad, but still bad." Buffy answered. Willow nodded. "How are you and Tara?"

"Changing the subject that quickly? You must really not want to talk about Riley." Willow answered. Buffy didn't even flinch at the name. Willow looked confused. "What's up?"

"Riley might not be the problem."

"What do you mean?" Willow asked. Buffy sighed.

"Just a dream and a – " Buffy broke off as she felt the familiar tingle again. She glanced around. There was no way that was possible.

"What is it?"

"Riley broke up with me because of Dracula. At least that's what he said." Buffy answered. "It's not what he meant."

"He's a-a wookie face." Willow said after stumbling for an insult. "What do you think he meant?"

"I'm not sure. God! It's just so stupid. It's not like I let Dracula bite me. He had me under a spell and I couldn't fight it." Buffy said, ranting onward. Willow sat in silence, letting Buffy continue. "It was like that time when we became our costumes. What the hell is his problem? Can't he just show up like a normal person?" Buffy said the last part to the room. Her spine was still tingly and the feeling was moving to the pit of her stomach once again.

"Riley? But I thought he was a normal person." Willow asked, slightly confused. She watches as Buffy glances around the café. "Is something wrong?" Buffy sighs and swears under her breath.

"It's not possible. It's daylight." Buffy said half to herself. Willow looked at her trying to figure out what Buffy is thinking.

"Yes it's daylight. Buffy, what's up with you? You're worrying me." Willow said. Buffy glanced around again and then turned to Willow.

"It's nothing. I think I'm just suffering from post breakup stress. I swear it's nothing." Buffy said as she glanced at the clock. "We'd better go to class."

Willow nodded and the two headed out of the coffee shop. Willow watched Buffy as they walk. Buffy was still glancing around the area. It seems she was looking for something. Or someone.


It was almost sunset. Buffy could feel the sunset. She had somehow managed to focus during her classes. At least when the sun went down she would be in her own domain. Buffy sighed as she locked the door behind her and climbed the stairs to her room. The house was deserted, her mom had gone to get Dawn. Midway up the stairs the familiar tingle returned. Buffy felt herself inhale. Her mind was presenting an impossible conclusion, a truly impossible conclusion. Without further though, Buffy threw her books aside and ran up the stairs. She pulled the door open to her room, part of her praying that the impossible conclusion was the truth.

The name died on her lips, half spoken. Buffy felt her heart fall, for a second she truly thought – but that was pointless. There was no way it was possible anyway. Buffy felt her eyes well up. This time she let it come. Without a word, she curled up on her bed and cried into her pillow. For one man who would never have her and one she could never have.


The sun had set several hours ago, but Buffy had yet to go on patrol. Her mom had wanted them to have some family time. And Dawn wanted to spend time with Buffy too, so Buffy could do little in the form of arguing. It was almost eleven by the time she made it upstairs to change for the patrol. It was easier to dress for it. No one would be out there worth seeing. Dark jeans, black sweater, sturdy boots, stakes, dagger. All set. It was easy to get ready these days. Buffy turned back to her dresser and hesitated. She reached over and picked up the cross. It was nothing special, at least it didn't look that way. But to her, to her it was special. She fastened it on without a second thought.

Buffy turned to her window, old habits were hard to break and this was one of them. Slaying involved going out the bedroom window, even after her mom knew. She sighed as she pushed the window open. It was the one window in the entire house she never locked, and she never truly knew why. The cold from outside cut through her sweater. Buffy shivered.

"Damn it. Always when I want to go out." Buffy turned back to her closet to get a jacket. Her hands passed over the hangers of her clothes, reaching farther into the back, finally settling on a leather jacket. At least she thought it was a leather jacket. Buffy pulled it out of her closet and held it up. The black leather jacket was large, cut in a man's style. She felt her breath catch as she ran her other hand over it. It had been a long time since she had seen the jacket.

With slow motions, as if the jacket would break, Buffy pulled it on. She felt her heart beat pick up as she wrapped the over large jacket over her slender body. She bent her head and inhaled the scent of the jacket. It still smelled of him even after all these years. Buffy swallowed and forced herself to be calm.

"It's hunting time. Time to save the world, or at least my corner of it." Buffy said to herself. She pulled the jacket on tighter and climbed out the window, into the night.


The next day, Tara met Willow for lunch, like they always did. Today Willow seemed distracted. Although she did great Tara with a kiss. Tara looked at the magic book in front of Willow as she sat down.

"What's up?" Tara asked. Willow looked up to meet Tara's eyes. "You have think-face."

"Just stuff." Willow answered. She absentmindedly stirred her soup.

"What kind of stuff?"

"It just, she seems distracted, Buffy I mean. She kept looking into the shadows. Buffy even made some comment on the fact it was daylight. And something about someone showing up like a normal person." Willow answered.

"Do you think she has a new guy?" Tara asked. Willow looked up at her with a weird look.

"What do you mean?"

"I saw her this morning. She was wearing a black, leather jacket. It looked like a man's style and it was huge on her." Tara answered. Willow looked confused for a second.

"Are you sure?"

"Positive. Is it Riley's?" Tara asked. Willow turned away for a second.

"Maybe, but he never seemed like the black leather type. Was there anything else weird?" Willow asked. It was Tara's turn to pause.

"A cross. A black cross, stone or metal, on a silver chain. It was a bit larger than the ones she usually wears. She kept playing with it during class and when she was talking." Tara answered. Willow's face changed for a second. She seemed to be remembering something.

"A black leather jacket? Really big on her?" Willow asked.

"Yeah. She was holding on to it like a life vest. Do you know something about it?" Tara asked.

"I have to talk to Xander. But I can tell you this much. It doesn't belong to Riley."


Buffy walked into the Magic Box after class. She was still wrapped in his jacket. The store seemed deserted. Anya was behind the counter and Giles was no were in sight. But Willow and Tara were at the table by the bookshelves. Dawn was with them.

"No Mom time?" Buffy asked as she put her bag on the table.

"She had to go to the gallery." Dawn answered. "I like the jacket. Where'd you get it?" Willow turned to watch Buffy answer. She suddenly seemed to get defensive.

"From a friend." Buffy answered. It seemed like the safest answer. "So are there any new big bads? Or are we just gathered around here?"

"Gathered around." Xander answered. "What friend gave you a leather jacket?" Buffy glared at him. Great he was suspicious. So much for the attempted subject change.

"An old friend." Buffy answered as she sat down. She turned to Dawn. "How was school?"

"Fine." Dawn answered. Buffy smiled and continued to play with her cross. Just then Giles walked in.

"Giles! Anything new?" Willow asked. She could feel the tension grow in the room. Xander was glaring at Buffy.

"None as far as I am aware. Why has anyone heard anything?" Giles asked glancing around the room. Everyone shook their heads. "Training, Buffy?"

"Not today. I'm not in a fighting mood." Buffy answered. Giles nodded. Everyone turned as the door burst open and a blanket cloaked figure came running in. "Spike?"

"Right you are." Spike answered as he threw off the blanket. "Just out and about."

"Are you trying to dust yourself? Cause we'll all do it for you." Xander said. Giles glared at him. Spike ignored him and stared at Buffy. He had a strange look on his face. Buffy suddenly wondered if he could identify the jacket by scent alone.

"Interesting jacket, pet." Spike said. His face still bore the strange expression.

"Why is everyone so interested in my jacket? It's old, I've had it forever. I got it before I came to Sunnydale." Buffy answered defensively. She just hoped no one would see though the lie. It seemed like everyone was watching as Spike stepped closer to Buffy. "What are you doing?"

"You smell different." Spike answered. Buffy felt herself tense up. Xander gave Spike a look.

"Why are you smelling her?" Xander asked. "That's disgusting."

Spike smiled evilly as he looked at Buffy. She stood and stepped back to get away from him. Their eyes were locked. Willow watched the exchange. The more she saw the more certain she was of what was going on.

"Spike, I swear…" Buffy said. Her voice was threatening, but Spike didn't seem intimidated. Willow knew he knew. Buffy was hiding something and Spike knew what it was.

"You don't want them to know you smell of dear old grandsire?" Spike asked with an evil grin. Buffy was both shocked and angry. Willow immediately knew who Spike was talking about, so did Giles. Xander looked confused. Anya, Dawn and Tara had no idea what they were talking about.

"Say anymore and I'll stake you without a second thought." Buffy threatened. Her voice was shaky and she was suddenly very defensive.

"Afraid they'll find out?" Spike asked. Buffy took a step towards him, a stake in her hand. "You can't do it."

"Watch me." Buffy answered. It was Giles who stepped between them.

"That's enough. Now someone tell me what the hell is going on." Giles said. He was the commanding presence again. "Buffy?"

Buffy said nothing. She just shook her head. "I can't do this." She pulled the jacket closer around her and ran out the door. Several people moved to follow her.

"No. Let her go." Willow said. Everyone turned to her. Spike smiled and sat down.

"Will someone please tell me what is going on? I'm sick of being confused." Anya whined. "Xander, do something."

"I'm as confused as you." Xander answered. "Willow?"

"No. She'll tell you when she's ready." Willow answered. She exchanged looks with Tara. "She's just going through a rough time."

"Is the jacket Riley's?" Dawn asked. Tara turned to her.

"No Dawnie. It belongs to an old friend of Buffy's." Tara answered. Giles turned and started cleaning his glasses again.

"What's a 'grandsire'?" Dawn asked. Spike moved to answer but Giles cut him off.

"A sire is the vampire who turns a human. A grandsire is the sire's sire so to speak." Giles answered. Dawn nodded. She seemed to be thinking about the lines. Willow exchanged looks with Giles. She need to protect Buffy and she was unsure of how far Dawn's questions were going to go.

"Who is Spike's grandsire?" Dawn asked, dropping the inevitable question. Willow exchanged looks with Giles. She shook her head. "What? Am I too young to know?"

"You have to ask Buffy." Willow answered. Dawn nodded.

"I'm going home then. I'll ask her there." Dawn said. Willow nodded and Dawn headed out. Anya was sitting there counting on her fingers, trying to figure it out.

"Wait!" Xander shouted. "Isn't Dead boy Spiky's grandsire?"