Chapter One: Mimic y Mimic

Summary: Alex uses the cloning spell to go on a date with Dean, but Justin has other plans.


Alex stood in front of her mirror modeling her new outfit she bought from Hot Topic.

"Where do you think your going young lady?" Justin stood at the threshold of his sisters' bedroom.

"My date with Dean." Alex adjusts her jacket keeping her eyes on her reflection.

"I thought mom and day said you couldn't go." Justin furrowed his brow in confusion.

"Oh they did." Alex nodded turned toward her brother. "But I'm going anyway."

"And just how are you going to do that." Justin said folding his arms.

"Easy!" Alex took her wand out of her pocket. "Edgebonoutoosis." Alex waved her wand around her head as a light flashed before her clone appeared. Satisfied how her clone rocked her fit, Alex smiled and nods her head.

"Yeah!' Justin gave a nod. "Because mom and dad know you sleep in your clothes." Justin grinned.

"I can fix that." Alex then mumbled a spell and waved her wand as her clones in a pair of her pajamas. "There! I must say I rock those boy shorts!"

Justin turned to his sister. "Alex you know nothing good will come of this. Remember last time."

Alex scoffed as she rolled her eyes. "Oh come on. That was only because Max used that mimicking spell."

"I'm not having any part of this." Justin said trying to convince his sister.

"You say that, but you know you will!" Alex knew her brother like a book. "Just put me to bed and I'll be back before midnight."

"Alex!" Justin tried to stop his sister, but she said the transporting spells before he could reach her. "Dammit." He stomped.

"Alex." Jerry called through the halls as Justin panicked.

He hurried and put Alex clone in the bed before their father opened the door.

"Justin what are you doing in here?" Jerry asked.

"Uh... J-Just checking on Alex, because she seemed so mad about missing her date with Dean." Justin lied. "But she's okay now. She's sleep."

"Aw." Jerry walked to her bed. "Night pumpkin." He gave the clone a kiss on the forehead; he walked out of the room. "C'mon lets go."

Justin followed his father out of the room.


On her date with Dean, they sat in the front seat of Dean's car as the watched a movie at the old drive-in. The two cuddled as Dean tried to get a little action.

"No. I want to watch the movie." Alex pushed Dean away.

"Who comes to a drive-in to watch the movies?" Dean smirked as he slid his hand under her shirt.

"Me." Alex removed his hand.

"C'mon Russo." He pleaded.

Alex turned to her boyfriend. "No."

Dean pretended to give up as he sighed and wrapped his arms around her shoulder. Alex smiled as she laid her head on his chest watching the movie. Dean smiled as he pulled her lips to his as they engaged in a kiss. He hoped that this kiss would get her in the mood.

"C'mon Dean, I'm not in the mood." Alex retracts from the kiss as Dean huffed and leaned back in his seat.


Back at the house Justin crept into his sisters room holding Max old wand. He closed the door slowly before turning on the light by her nightstand. He pulled the covers off of the clone body. He waved the wand around the body as the tip began to glow; he mumbled a spell before pointing at the clone. The clone started twitch and jerk before a red glow appeared then disappeared. Justin smiled as he sat next to his sisters' clone, hoping the spell still work. He raised his fist in the air and slammed it on the clones' body.


Alex jerked as she spit out her popcorn letting out a hoarse coughs.

"Are you okay?" Dean tended to his girlfriend.

"Yeah." Alex coughed, "I just need something to drink." She put a hand over her chest.

"I'll go get you a soda." Dean got out the car.

"Thank you." She took a deep breath as Dean headed towards the concession stand.


"That's for making me clean up all you dirty work." He said to the clone as if was his sister.

Justin watched over the clone thinking of all the things what he could do to his sister. But at this time of night there was really only one thing on his mind and with Juliet on a trip with her family, he's been feeling a little back up. He smiled at the clone before looking at his semi-erection.

Why not? He always thought he's sister looked hot. Though he would never cross that line. Well only in his dreams. She is his sister, but wait a minute, this is a clone of his sister, he can have whichever way with her as he wanted.


Alex sighed as she waited for Dean to come back with her drink. Meanwhile the line at the concession stand was taking forever to move. Alex leaned in her seat taking a deep breath as she watched the movie.


Justin was now on top of his sisters' clone. "I didn't want to do this, but you made."

He planted a few chaste kisses on the clones' neck, trailing his kisses down to top of its breast.


Alex moaned a little as she rubbed her hand over neck and chest. Shivering a bit as felt a cool breeze over body.


Justin had ripped off the clones' tank top exposing its bare breast. Alex doesn't sleep in a bra. Justin likes.

Cupping her breast in his hands, he rubbed the palm of his thumbs over of her soft nipples as the friction from his skin caused her nipples to become hard.

Alex moaned as her eyes closed biting her bottom lip before looking down to see her nipples were now erect and showing through her fitted shirt.

"What the..." She moaned again.

Justin continued to rub her nipples in a slow circular motion.

Alex moaned as she grabbed her breast pressing her thumbs onto her nipples to make them go down. She moaned again this time as she hands caress her breast as she arched her back.

Justin removed his left hand before he traced the area of her nipple with his tongue and took her nipple in his mouth.

Alex gasped as her right nipple became warm before feeling a slight tugging feeling. She quickly removed her top as she watched her nipple become harder as she moaned some more.

Justin did the same to her left nipple before trailed his tongue from the crease of her breast to the top of her navel, twirling his tongue around the insides of her bellybutton.

Alex breathing became crazy he was touching her spot. She let out another moan before moving to the backseat.

He cocked her legs opens. Sliding off both her shorts and underwear. He opened his fold with his tongue as it searched for her pearl.

Alex laid on the back sit with her leg cock open and her hands over her eyes. Her pants and thong were at her ankles as she felt a warmth sensation between her legs as she moaned.

Justin twirled his tongue around brushing her head flicking her hole.

Alex groaned as she bit her lips digging her nails into the seat of the car as she moved her body in unison with this feeling.

Finally shoving his tongue inside of her, pounding her body with his tongue.

Alex screamed as he body began to bounce. Arching her back grabbing hold to the passenger seat in front of her. Letting moan after moan escape her mouth.

Justin licked every inch of her insides, before gnawing on her pearl.

Alex clutched her legs together squirming in the backseat squealing, as this feeling was too much.

Lifting his head from the clones' body. He crawled onto kissing the clone, parting her lips with his tongue let it taste itself.

Alex could taste remains as she tried to regain her breathing. She clothes her eyed as she felt something brush against her pussy. She winced a little as it felt like a tip was trying to enter her body.

Justin slowly inserts himself into the clone. Slowly moving in and out, in and out, in and out.

Alex moans softly as her body moved in the saw motion as her clone. She cupped her breast as she pulled on her nipple while biting her lips.

Justin started to pick up some speed thrusting faster into the clones moving just a little deeper.

Alex breathing became heavy as her body started to bounce with loud moans starting to escape her mouth.

Justin thrust harder and deeper.

Alex moaned louder and louder as bounced faster.

Justin kept this pace as he felt himself about cum.

Alex bit her lips harder, twitching and jerking as she felt a climaxing come.

Justin started slamming himself into the clone.

Alex screamed as her body became sore, moaning as a feeling she never experienced before flushed over her body.

Justin let out a groan before he gave one last slam as he came inside the clone.

Alex let out long deep moans as she experienced her first orgasm. Her breathing became shaky, her body shivered, her pussy hurting. She took a deep breath lying naked on the back seating, trying to regain herself.

She looked at the ceiling biting her lip. "Thank you Justin."

Justin regained himself as he pulled up his pants. He waved the waved around the body before reversing the spell. "Your welcome Alex." He winked and pointed the wand toward the clone.

Dean got in the car with a soda in his hand. He heard breathing in the backseat and turned to see Alex naked. "Aw baby you started without me."

Oh if he only knew.