A/N: Sorry it took me so long to update. Not sure if I am going to do an epilogue so consider this the last chapter :) Thanks to everyone for reading! This chapter is dedicated to Anne Nonymus for all the help and encouragement :) Enjoy!

Booth took a deep breath before knocking on Brennan's door. Brennan took a deep breath before getting up to answer the door. This is dinner, just like every other time you've had dinner with him. Brennan repeated to herself as she opened the door.

"Hey" She said stepping back to let him it.

"Hey" He walked in and handed her the box of Thai food before taking off his coat.

"This smells amazing" Brennan said setting the box down on the table between the plates and beers she had already set out. They sat and ate in silence, both unsure of how to start the conversation they knew they needed to have.

"So…" Booth said after a while, he really hated sitting in silence, it reminded him too much of his days as a sniper, having to sit and wait for the target, waiting in silence to line up that perfect shot. Well this is metaphorically the same he thought to himself as he set down his chopsticks and picked up his beer.

"I think we should talk about what happened the other day in my bathroom" Brennan blurted out. You have to stay calm and try not to be too rational, that will only upset him.

"Ya we do" Booth conceded easily.


"Never thought I'd see you at a loss for words Bones" Booth joked, trying to ease the tension.

"I am not usually in a position that I do not fully know how to talk about a point. I am usually very articulate." Brennan said defensively.

"I know Bones. I know. I'm just not sure what to say either. How to start" He cleared his throat.

"So…has it been a long time, is that why you…um…"

"Never thought I'd see you start a conversation about sex Booth" Brennan parroted his earlier phrase smiling. He laughed a little uncomfortably.

"Ha, ya. I guess it's a first for both of us." He paused, then asked the question that had been worrying him for days.

"Was…was it just because of…biological urges?" He whispered the last part as if it was painful for him to say. Brennan was silent for a moment. The conversation she had had with Cam earlier floated into her head. Just be honest.

"Normally I would say yes…but" Booth looked at her hopefully when she said but "that would just be something to hide behind."
"And why would you need to hide?" He felt his mouth becoming dry and took another drink of his beer.

"If it was anyone else, saying that it was biological urges would be correct, but with you I would hide behind that logic because I…" She stopped and looked at him. Am I really ready to admit to those three words that would make him the happiest man in the world? Well obviously that is hyperbole…stay on track. I don't know if I am ready for those three words. Maybe if he said them first? Booth obviously sensed her hesitation, he saw the conflicting emotions fighting for dominance in her eyes and decided to speak up.

"I would be scared to say those words too Bones. I haven't ever been able to hide behind the reasoning of biological urges like you and in that moment in your bathroom, it took all my willpower not to kiss you." Brennan sucked in air as he said this. They were silent again, each studying their hands.

"Why did you go along with Angela's insane plan to play me?" Booth asked finally breaking the silence.

"How did you know it was her plan?" Brennan asked amazed.

"Come on, who else would come up with a plan like that?" Booth smiled

"Well you were quite good at coming up with your own plan to get back at us" Brennan retorted.

"I'm sorry I hurt you. It was never my intention, I just…"

"You were hurt and wanted to make me see what I was doing" Brennan said wisely. "I'm sorry I hurt you Booth, it was not my intention either. I was blinded by the lust and desire I felt in the bathroom that I did not stop to think about your feelings or my actual feelings."

"Which are?" Booth couldn't help but press, he was dying to know; he knew the desperation showed on his face. Brennan leaned back in her chair and began to examine her hands again.

"I care about you a lot Booth." Brennan said reassuringly. Booth smiled softly at her and felt his heart begin to beat a little faster.

"And I do want to have sex with you" Booth chocked on his beer.

"But" She continued quickly before he could say anything, "I know that it won't just be sex and won't just be a one time thing to relieve biological urges." She was looking him in the eye and he prayed that he was saying what he was hearing.

"Bones are you saying you want to have a relationship with me?" Booth asked tentatively.

"Yes I do. But only if you want, I will understand if you don't. I just felt that it was time to be honest and -" Booth interrupted her by placing his lips on hers. The kiss was better than both remembered and expected and they didn't pull apart until it was absolutely necessary for them to breathe. Booth was smiling as wide as he could, damn she is so cute when her face is all flustered like that.

"I'd really like that" He whispered, his hand cupping her cheek. "I am in love with you Bones"

"I think…I think I love you too." Brennan said trying to hold back her tears. She knew that Booth was the one person that she could show vulnerability with but she didn't want to cry.

"I know its scary Bones" He whispered before kissing her lightly. "I'm scared too." Brennan exhaled and chuckled. She could see the love in his eyes and wondered at how she could have missed it all those years.

A new hunger took over her as she thought of how much time had been wasted. Brennan grabbed Booth roughly and kissed him passionately. She had his shirt off before he even managed to get her out of her seat. Her shirt quickly met with his as they fueled each other's fire. Brennan's breath was already shallow as Booth's hands ran up and down her body blazing trails that his mouth would follow. She moaned as Booth skillfully played with her tongue. We are wearing way too much clothing was the last coherent thought that she as able to process before Booth had her pants on the floor, his extremely able hands exploring her body as she lost herself to the sensations.

Booth didn't think he had ever been as aroused in his life. Her smell was making him dizzy and he was delirious from the way her panting breathe fell onto his skin. Finally! Finally! He was ecstatic. Her delicate hands were running up and down his bare chest again but this time he had no intention of stopping her. I can't believe this is actually happening! His heart swelled as he came to the very sincere conclusion that he wasn't just dreaming. As she nibbled his earlobe and simultaneously moaned into his ear, his brain was washed of all thoughts except one give her as much pleasure as possible.

They somehow made their way to her bedroom, abandoning the rest of their clothes along the way. Booth gently pushed her down on the bed and she knew what he wanted. He is going to teach me the difference between making love and crappy sex!! She thought excitedly as she drank in the site of his gorgeous body. She didn't know where to put her hands first, she wanted to feel all of him, she wanted him inside of her making her feel like she never had before and she knew that it would be different with him. Booth was breathless, he was incredibly aroused (just like she was) but he also could not get enough of just looking at her, taking in her body.

"Booth" she said breathlessly and it was his undoing. There were kisses everywhere, moans as they broke the laws of physics.

"Definitely the best physics lesson I've ever had" Brennan sighed contently as she snuggled into his chest a couple hours later. He wrapped his arms around her as he laughed.

"Me too, me too" He kissed the top of her head. Brennan kissed his sternum, right over his heart before drifting off to sleep in his strong safe, loving arms. Booth watched her, her even breathing lulling him into his own peaceful sleep.