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And then that was it, no more breath stealing kisses, no more fire starter caresses, and for a moment she wonders if she's done something wrong, before meeting his eyes and realizing with a sickening free-fall back to reality just what she's done and where she's been doing it.

Feeling her tense beneath his fingers, however, he keeps her pinned with his stare and body, making her realize for the first time the hardness of a car door at her back and him at her front. Before she can even start to think of anything to say, however, he speaks up.

"I know you Olivia, Dunham. I know you're thinking of how to get your hands on the security tapes for this parking lot, how to make sure that any witnesses who saw us will keep quiet, how to keep from ever having to talk about what we just did, but I'm not gonna to let you. And you know why?"

She can't say that these thoughts haven't crossed her mind as well as a thousand other ones that were labeled under a big red flashing sign that read "Consequences." The fact that they weren't technically partners allowing her to consider the idea that what'd just happened between them was not technically taboo quickly quashed in the face of said sign. She'd made more than enough excuses when it'd come to John, and while he'd actually been her partner and fellow agent she still couldn't stand the thought of the curse that followed her relationships tainting Peter to the point where he left her too.

But she also had to wonder as to what ace he had up his sleeve that made him so sure of himself after what had just happened.


"Because I don't care who sees how much I care about you, because whatever they may do is not gonna keep me away. I don't want to lose you either, but that's not going to keep me from being with you if I have even a remote shot. Now, stop being such a damn tragic heroine and relax!" His hands moved from her head to her shoulders, gripping tightly then releasing her at the last of his words for emphasis.

"Look around Olivia, the world didn't end, we're both still breathing, and I still want you."

She did as he asked and did note that no one was in or near the parking lot, and what he'd said had planted a seed of hope in her mind, as well as a rush of warmth at the idea him caring that much about her, but still…

"Peeping college students weren't exactly what I had in mind Peter, and you know it. We share a lot of enemies; some of whom we don't even have faces to yet. Who's to say they won't come after you to get to me?"

"My, aren't we selfish. Who says that they won't come after you to get to me? It's a two way street here, Olivia. But, I'm game, if you are."

She knew he meant to make it sound like a statement, the thing was it came out like a question, and once again he was back to being that schoolboy, hoping and praying that the girl he liked liked him enough back when he asked her out. The dichotomy is so different, but so Peter, that she can't help but smile as she reaches out, feeling his whiskers prickle against her hand as she looks into those hopeful eyes. How could she ever say no to a face like that?

"You mean it?"

She watched as that hope grew, fed by her touch and words.

"I do."

"Then," she grins, "it's a deal. I'll protect you, and you protect me."

In an instant she's in his arms, being hugged more fiercely than she feels she's ever been before, more loved than she's ever been before. It feels amazing, and right, and-

"Hey! Stop that!"

"I knew it! You're a terrible liar! You are ticklish!"

"I didn't lie, my ribs just aren't ticklish and that's where you were- Peter!"

Any further protests were cut off by laughter as avenging fingers attacked the skin just under her jaw line where her neck met her ears, leaving her fighting for air as she struggled against him. The barrage of tickling suddenly ebbing, however, the touch changed into something much more soothing but equally exciting as his lips found hers for a second time.

It's a soft kiss, chaste even, but full of unspoken desires, promises, that leave her aching as he pulls away much too soon, a Cheshire grin on his face as she opens her eyes and frowns at him for the brevity of the contact.

"C'mon, you left those files you came for back in the lab, and if you're lucky I just might help you snatch a donut from Walter on the way," he winks conspiratorially, interlacing one of his hands with hers and urging her forward toward the building that just minutes before she would have given anything not to go near for at least a month.

Any other man and he would have been in the fetal position on the pavement for making such a presumptuous move, but this was Peter, and like so many other things she was willing to go along with or let slide when it came to him, this time wasn't any different. Which is why, perhaps, the fact that she's smiling back and holding his hand as they walk out of the parking lot doesn't feel awkward.

And somehow she knew, just as he had, that they would be all right, that everything would be all right.