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Devi/Nick POV


Summary: Who knew a phone call could change your life so drastically? Our lives were perfect, until he decided to re-enter them. I am sorry Joe, Kevin, Macy, everyone, but Devi and I have no choice. I love you all…please don't look for me; it could cost you your lives.


It has been one month since Nick and I were kidnapped. A lot happened this month too. First, Stella took me on a major shopping spree, and we used the Lucas' credit card. I moved in with Macy, as her sister, and her parents still knew nothing of my abnormalities. Nick and I were together. And in a month, I would be starting at Horris Mantis High. But for now, the Lucas brothers and I were chilling on a private beach.

Nick and I were banned from playing volleyball because, well, we could easily see what plays they made, and make Joe and Kevin trip. But no can prove that that was me. But it didn't matter. Nick and I were walking, hand in hand, along the beach, the warm surf gently caressing our bare feet.

We didn't speak; we didn't want to ruin this moment. I thought back to the month we've spent with each other. He was thrilled when he found out that I could play the guitar. My dead friend, Johnny, had an old guitar that he taught me to play. Nick taught me piano, which came very easy, thanks to my mind skills. I remembered the way he taught me, always patient and kind, and always willingly to guide my fingers to the right spot.

I looked at him, and I was sure that he was thinking back too. He glanced down at me and flashed me a crooked grin that he only gave to me. I smiled back and squeezed his hand. The moment was ruined as his phone vibrated. He frowned at the number, but answered it anyway.

'I have a bad feeing, put it on speaker.'

He nodded and complied.


"Nicholas, Devi." We both stopped dead and gasped as we recognized that cold voice over the phone. It was the voice that still plagued my dreams, and I knew Nick feared it was well. I looked over, and realized just how far away we were from Nick's family. I wanted to scream to them, but couldn't; fear was holding my tongue prisoner.

The Boss laughed at our stunned silence, but his voice was as cold as ever when he spoke. "Listen closely. You will do exactly as I say, or this time, Macy's, Joseph's, and Kevin's lives will be the punishment."


I was watching the two lovebirds at half time in our game. I couldn't help but smile as they laughed and walked happily down the beach, hand in hand. I was so happy for Nick and Devi.


When they returned, they both kind of seemed out of it. Their eyes were unfocused and pained, like they were lost in some unpleasant memory.

"Nick?" His head shot up.


"You alright bro? You seem kinda down."

He smiled a bit, but I wasn't fooled. "I'm fine Joe. It's nothing. Just something triggered unwanted memoires. It's nothing."

I sat down next to Nick and put my arm on his shoulder. "You want to talk about it?"

He just shook his head and looked at me gratefully. The moment was lost when the volleyball came down on my head. Nick laughed as Frankie shouted "Bulls-Eye!"

I ran off, chasing him and tickling him. After his torture was over, I noticed Nick talking to Kevin, and Devi was standing alone, watching the ocean, her brown curls blowing in the faint wind. I walked up to her, and shivered as the surf hit me feet. She had the same distant expression as Nick did before, but when the wind blew again, she closed her eyes and breathed deeply.

"How can you stand this cold water?"

She looked at me, her eyes not shining as they should have been. "It's easily bearable when you haven't been in it for a year."

There was pain behind her words, and I wondered what brought back these memories of Nick and Devi's imprisonment. I sighed, and put my hand on her shoulder. She looked at me, and smiled, thankful for my company.

Nick walked up behind us, just as the sun started to set. Red, gold and purple flashed across the sky, and I made myself scarce, letting them share this moment.

I walked back up to Kevin, who was smiling at the beach. I followed his gaze and saw Nick kiss Devi gently, their silhouettes darkened from the sunset . I punched Kevin in the arm and dragged him away.

We got into the car, and Devi and Nick followed us. I was driving and Kevin was one the passenger side. Nick and Devi were in the back, still holding hands, but not looking at each other, but I had the feeling they were still talking with their minds. Something seemed to be bothering them, and I hoped it would be ok. We pulled out of the parking lot, and followed Dad's car home.


We dropped Devi off at her house, and Macy greeted her. I watched her, feeling slightly sick about what we had to do later. I didn't talk to anyone when we got home. I just went to my room as Kevin got into the shower; he was the only one crazy enough to swim. Joe sat next to me and I ignored him. It's not like I didn't want him their, I did, but I was too lost in thought to care about anything but the task at hand.

"Nick?" He snapped his fingers in front of my face, and I jumped. He raised his eyebrows at my surprise.

"Sorry. Did you say something?"

"Yeah, I asked you if you were ok. You seem really spacey and quiet…quieter than normal." His voice was filled with concern, and I almost told him. But I couldn't. I felt so hopeless and weak right now. I was putty in the Boss's hands. And to make matters worse, tears that had been threatening to spill over ever since I got the call, finally fell.

Joe looked surprise, but pulled me into a protective hug. I leaned into it, needing the comfort. I was aware I was shaking, and I heard Kevin walk over. He didn't ask anything, but I felt his hands rubbing my back in a slow comforting manner. But that only made me cry harder. I can't do this! I can't…But have too. I lost count of how many times I thought that in the horrible and despair filled week I spent in the Lab.

When my eyes finally decided to stop raining, Joe's tee shirt was soaked, but he did not complain. I pulled back, and avoided their concerned gazes.

Nick, what happened? I heard Joe think. He knew all to well that I could hear him better this way.

Nothing Joe. I can handle it. Just please, leave me alone for awhile?

He jumped a little, like always, when my voice entered his head. He sighed and patted my shoulder before standing up. He motioned Kevin to follow and they both slid down the fire poles. I heard a thud and Joe's aggravated yell as Kevin slid down the same pole as him.

I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote a short note onto it. I placed the notebook on my bed, in plain site. I took a deep breath and composed myself. Then I opened my window, and climbed down the fire escape.

I met Devi a block away from my house. She didn't look at me, but I saw her tears, and I knew she saw mine. A black car with tinted windows drove up next to us. I opened the door, and we got in, silently saying goodbye to our past lives, our now lost lives.

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