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I have never been to Hawaii so this is my version of it! Deal with the falseness of it! lol

"It's simple really." Macy put it. "He is rebelling from the Boss in a way that would only hurt him. He is showing the Boss he will not be his slave anymore. But I hope he doesn't take it too far. There is no telling what the Boss could do to him. We need to get to Hawaii!"


He turned towards me and I turned towards him and for the first time in a far too long time, we just looked deeply into each others false eyes, reflecting the realness of our feelings for each other. He leaned in, and I leaned in. He smiled, I smiled. Then, after a second, he closed the distance between us and my heart leaped as our lips met for a soft and gentle kiss. My fate was now the same as Nick's and no longer would we face the future alone, but together, as a pair of tortured and caged souls, yearning to be free and fly back to the life we once happily lived.


I couldn't help but smile when Devi shifted in my lap, her eyes closed and a soft smile of her own on her lips. I brushed a lock of her black hair from her face and saw the Boss glare again at me. But, like a good rebel, I ignored him. I still had another hour to enjoy this and nothing would stop me from enjoying it. I leaned down and kissed the top of her head; my heart expanding with every beat and regaining its lost life.

She shifted again, but this time she looked up, her bright and fake green eyes full of contentment as she smiled. No words were shared; we just held each other, forgetting our pains for a moment. The last hour was spent with both of us watching the vast shimmering blue ocean that pulsed with waves and life 30,000 feet below us. We felt the plane drop as the islands came into view. Who knew and hour could go by so quickly?

Devi got into her seat and hooked on her seat belt, but she never let go of my hand, not that I am complaining. She put her head on my shoulder and I put mine on her head. The heart wrenching pain of what our life was now like came back and I found myself wanting to scream and cry in frustration. But not a single word has passed my lips for over a month and the great Nick Lucas does not cry…that often.

Devi let go of my hand and lifted her head as the plane touched down. Her eyes were filled with sadness that cut through my heart like a dagger, but I forced myself to remain impassive and distant. I saw her take a breath, and her emotionless mask was back on her beautiful face.

When we where out of the airport, the Boss led us to a car, Devi and I in the back and him on the passenger side with another one of his henchmen driving. The Boss turned to us, a frown on his face.

"Well, ok. That ride was not what I wanted, but I did expect it. No matter; what is done is done. Now, since the genius rebel over here decided to make us miss our first and second flight, causing the show to be canceled today, I thought we could go sightseeing. The first stop is Hawaii's largest volcano."


Hawaii, the place to be! Or so I thought. I mean, yes it is beautiful here, but the fashions…can you say yuck?

It was a little under an hour since we landed and the plane ride was terrible. Joe snores…just putting that out there. Speaking of Joe, he and Kevin were in a hotel bathroom, putting on their disguises. Come on, JONAS was popular all around the word, and we've been ambushed twice already. They needed them. But this was getting ridiculous; 20 minutes is long enough!

"Guys, are you done yet?" I yelled through the door, very impatiently. Macy jumped in alarm, looking up from her phone at stare at me. I shook my head, knocking on the door, which finally opened.

Kevin came out, laughter in his eyes ad he was panting from lack of breath. I nodded my approval at his simple shorts and shirt, sunglasses and baseball hat. Macy laughed at Kevin…Oh I get it. A JONAS in baggy shorts…haha. My were thoughts full of wasted sarcasm.

But apparently that wasn't what she was laughing about. Joe walked out, right behind Kevin, who blocked my view of him. Macy doubled over, clutching her sides, her face growing red for the lack of oxygen. Kevin looked behind him and smirked, trying to hold back his own laughter.

Joe stepped out and I starred at him, in shock, caught between laughing and fainting from the horror. He adorned a straw skirt; with shorts underneath…thankfully…the skirt's top was lined with green and red flowers and flowed out in the wind. He wore a coconut bra, showing off his nicely toned stomach and chest, but the bra ruined the affect. His hair…omg his hair! It was laced with flowers that matched the ones on his skirt and it looked so stupid!

Just as I was about to blow up and attack him for such a fashion error, he started hula dancing with other hula dancers, who just happened to be walking by. Joe's boyish face was lit up in the first smile I saw him wear in weeks, so I did not stop him. I had missed his goofy smile.

After a few moments, Joe stopped dancing as his phone rang.

"A call?" Kevin asked. Joe shook his head as he opened his phone.

"A text." His eyes got huge and his mouth opened, his smile gone. "From Nick."


I looked around, it was quite beautiful; the trees swaying and their leaves singing a melody so beautiful and enchanting that no other sound seemed to exist. Even Nick couldn't beat their song, though he tried and tried. The volcano rose in the distance and I saw that the top of it had a nice and shallow slope to it. It looked like you could just walk up it, instead of hike. Ok, a volcano…this could be either really good, or really bad. But it wasn't like they let us up close to it, right?

But the serene surroundings did nothing to calm my storm of emotions pounding against my chest and pushing me over the edge of insanity. I looked over at 'Fang' and like always, his face was void of any and all emotions, his eyes were mirrors to the landscape, distant and lost in thought.

The car stopped and the Boss told us that we had to walk the rest of the way as the driver drove away. Fun a hike with only the Boss and Nick…alone…ugh.

After an hour of silent walking, we finally made it. No one was here and every so often, black smoke would be coughed up from the volcano and burn my eyes. The heat coming from the volcano's mouth was intense and it made it hard for me to breath. I could feel sweat starting to form, despite my light layering. I started to think something was wrong awhile back, but now something was nagging the back of my mind, something I couldn't ignore; the warning of danger. My heart constricted painfully as a terrible thought of what my future could hold entered my mind.

"Welcome, my slaves, to the only active volcano in Hawaii." The Boss sounded so breathless with happiness. My thoughts stopped as I accepted why no one was here, and why we were. "And to your death." He whispered. Nick moved in front of me, his phone clasped in one hand behind his back. How did he get it back? The Boss took it from him ages ago!

No time for thinking Devi! I took the phone and made it looked like I had just put my hands on Nick's back. I opened it frantically and wrote quickly, not caring for spelling errors. I kept my eyes up at the Boss and when I turned them to watch the volcano, I typed in more letters. Please work! Luck, please be on our side!


I read over it quickly, noting the spelling error's, which I presumed meant that Nick was in a great hurry to send this because Nick NEVER spelled anything wrong.

"Well?" Macy question, her voice breathless from laughing at my attire and from shock from the identity of the sender of the text message. "What does it say?"

I displayed the phone so they all could read it. It said:

Jo help! actve vocno alng wth death. Hlp! Brng somtng fst cuse its gona blow! N Hawaii!

"What? This is gibberish!" Stella said, throwing her hands in the air as a sign of defeat.

Kevin shook his head. "No it's not. It says: Joe help, at active volcano with death. Help. Bring something fast cause it's gonna blow. In Hawaii." Kevin looked up at me, realization dawning in his eyes.

I nodded, feeling the all too familiar fear invading my mind and speeding up everything around me as it encircled my heart and fought for control of my mind. I quickly Googled the only active volcano in Hawaii and a good place for transport, and then I ran so fast that the wind couldn't catch me.


The Boss advanced towards us and I tried to find my voice to tell him to back off, but my tongue did not form words, it didn't even make a sound. I wondered if the volcano spewed its fire, if we were still alive by that time, would I be able to scream?

I felt Devi slip the phone into my back pocket and I ignored the heat and shivers I got from the touch. Now was not the time for hormones.

The Boss walked slowly towards us, a winning and gloating smile on his twisted face. I never hated this man more than I did now…Ok, maybe I did when he started sexually harassing Devi…but that's not the point. I sent all of my hate, anger, and all of the emotions the Boss brought into my life into a diamond cutting glare. The Boss stopped with an amused look on his face.

"If looks could kill. Before I do this…job…You should know, no one is here, it is just you both and me. No one knows of my existence and your bodies will never be found. No one will ever know. The only clue will be the two lead singers of the number two band in the world vanish into thin air." The Boss smoothly said confidence and pure glee in his voice.

I widened my stance, ready to fight for mine and Devi's life. She moved out from behind me and clasped my hand, her bending her knees and glaring ice at the Boss, who was shaking his head and putting his hand to his back pocket. Devi pushed me down at the perfect moment; a millisecond before a bullet whizzed right to where my head was. The force of the bullet would have knocked me down to a very hot and magma filled death.

I rolled to one side and Devi rolled to the other, each of us careful as to where we put our feet. One wrong move could end it. The Boss laughed and I noticed he was holding the same gun that he shot me with, an eternity ago. I saw Devi do a perfect handspring, dodging another bullet and landing far from the volcano's mouth. I guess the stage work the Boss forced us to learn would come in handy, but not in the way he intended.

My back pocket vibrated and I pulled out my phone as I got down on my stomach, hiding it in the longer than average yellow, green and burned black grass. The text read:

B there in ten. STAY SAFE AND BE CAREFUL!!!


I wanted to reply, but I knew better. When there was a maniac with a gun and the want to kill you that was less than 7 yards away from you, answering a text is not the top priority. I lifted my head up just in time to see Devi do one of her many dance moves to knock the Boss's feet from under him before she back flipped away and landed with grace a swan could not even dream of matching. She ran over to me and I slipped her the phone and she frantically started typing as I drew the Boss's attention from her.


B there in ten. STAY SAFE AND BE CAREFUL!!!


I swiftly read Kevin's message and my fingers flew across Nick's phone's keyboard faster than lightening.

Hurry, can't keep this up forever! And just in case, we love you guys and are eternally sorry.


I desperately wanted to put in mine and Nick's alias, just to confirm Joe and Kevin's unspoken suspicion, but right now, texting was NOT the best thing to be doing. They responded almost immediately.

Don't say that, we will get there in time! Love you both too and apology already accepted.


PS: Macy says Hi and hold on!

I put the phone in my pocket and ran up behind the Boss and jumped on his back, covering his eyes. That gave time for Nick to run from the danger of being shot and the Boss to laugh as he threw himself to his back. But I was ready…I was known to watch the occasional fighting movie in my earlier years. I jumped off his back, just as he was a foot from the ground and used his momentum to propel myself a few feet away. But not nearly a far enough distance, and it was towards the volcano.

I felt the ground beneath me sink as the earth trembled from the volcano, which spewed more black ash and the temperature rose, if possible, even more. My eyes watered from the heat and I found myself coughing from the lack of clean air. Then, the ground beneath my feet vanished and I felt myself fall with Nick shouting my name.


I turned to see Devi jump from the Boss…in the wrong direction. Devi! I screamed silently, cursing the block the Boss put around our thoughts, containing them in our own head. I felt the earth shake as the volcano threw more ash in the air and blew out more eye searing heat. I watched Devi cough and saw the ground crumble beneath her. My watering eyes widened and my heart stopped as my throat constricted from fear's iron hold. I found my voice.

"DEVI!!!" I yelled as she disappeared through the ground and fell into the bubbling pit of fire that surged below where I stood. NO! Tears streamed down my face as my healing heart broke beyond repair and died to all emotions but rage and revenge and mourning. I turned towards the Boss, my face contorted to match the storm of emotions that fought for dominance in my rampaging heart, mind and soul. This man…this monster would pay for making me lose my one true love…for making me lose my heart.

The Boss turned towards me, his expression changing from laughter to…was it fear? He took a step back, forgetting about his gun as I charged towards him, not caring about my own life anymore; a life without your heart is a life not worth living. I tackled him, latching onto his neck with my hand and his stomach with my legs. He thrashed about, still not raising his gun, as the earth shivered and the volcano's heat grew as the magma lost some more of its distance between us. But I welcomed death; I was not afraid.

The Boss fell and he tumbled down into the fiery abyss I called my death. My black heart screamed of happiness as I thought of death for the man that put me through so much, and my own death; the loss of the ability to feel pain and sorrow. Just as my stomach dropped, two pairs of hot hands gripped my forearms, and for a moment, I did nothing. And then I realized what I was doing and was horrified. What am I thinking? I don't want to die and I know Devi wouldn't either! I felt a vice like grip grab my ankle and I finally looked up at my savoir, asking my heart if I dared believe it.

My burning eyes focused on a blackened face that had a bright pair of emerald green eyes starring at me, relief in her eyes. She was hanging, her shirt somehow caught on a jetting out rock, five feet from the mouth and her legs wrapped around it as well.

I tried to speak, but my emotions were too much and the smoke burned my throat, making it almost impossible for me to get a decent breath. I felt tears run down my face, but no longer were they breed from sadness, but joy. My heart, my Devi, was safe, she was alive.

Devi…I chanced thinking to her, the weight of her death vanishing. She smiled slightly, blinking her eyes rapidly from the heat and ashes.

You spoke. She simply stated and I nearly laughed at the happiness in her voice.

Only you could break my silence. I sent her, wishing that I could hold her close, never to let her go. She shook her head to clear her eyes of tears and ash and her long still black hair tickled my nose. She glared down at my ankle and I remembered the pressure and weight that I supported.

I glanced down and wished I hadn't. The ashes and heat were coming faster and more intense. It wouldn't be long now until the volcano…as Joe would say, blew its top. The Boss hung from my ankle and was staring to climb up, clawing at my raw and burning skin. I winced in pain and Devi asked:

Do you trust me?

I looked at her and nodded, not trusting myself to speak form the fear and pain that coursed through my body. Devi's eyes were determined and she started swinging all three of us, trying to slam the Boss into the rock that lined the side of the volcano. It worked, and the Boss let go of me, only to hang onto the wall.

But the pain of his nails vanished from my sides and was replaced with the pain of the burns the intense heat gave Devi and I. I saw Devi relax a bit from the sudden vanish of weight and she tensed again, fear in her eyes as the Boss climbed passed us, his hands blistering from the heat and the earth trembled again, just as the Boss safely made it to the top. He stood up, balancing himself and pulled out his gun from his pocket, aiming it at Devi's exposed legs and shirt. If he made this shot, it would be the end for Devi Amal and Nick Lucas, but at least we would die together.

I met Devi's eyes and the look she sent me told me she knew of the Boss's actions. But somehow, her eyes softened and portrayed acceptance and love. I forced myself to let go of my own anger, hate, and fear, and I let her eyes fill my mind. I wished they were her real eyes and I was holding her real hands, with her real soft brown hair brushing my face, but I knew if we both changed back into normal that we would fall…but what was the point of waiting for the Boss to take his shot?

I looked up and saw the Boss, his finger on the trigger, ready to fire. Just as his finger was about to tighten, two things collided with the Boss, and knocked over the edge of the unforgiving volcano. He made a wild swipe towards Devi and me, but missed by inches. Devi clenched her eyes closed, unwillingly to witness to death of the one that turned her life into a living nightmare. I tried to block out his scream and after a second, it was silenced and my stomach churned at the image my brain came up with.

I heard a crack and looked up to see the rock that had been supporting us break and we fell with it, our arms still connected and our eyes shut tight. After a long moment, I realized we were not falling, but rising. I looked up to see a large clamp like thing attached to Devi's burned back and wrapped around her torso and it was attached to a long steel cord, what it was attached to was hidden by the choking cloud of ash.

We rose higher and higher, away from our deaths, and Devi's hands tightened on my arms, her eyes full of joy and tears, but nonetheless, she smiled. I felt my face do the same, my heart bursting with love and thanks for the ones on the other end of our rescue.


Kevin and I waited at the top of the volcano, making sure our brother and sister made it up alright. The emotions of our act before were heavy on my mind, the shock and sick feeling of taking a life…I pushed them down until they were almost not existent. Now the main emotions I felt were anxiety, excitement, fear and joy. I think anyone could guess why.

A very black from ash Rose/Devi and Fang/Nick rose from the hole of fire, their hands clamped firmly around each other's arms, a smile on there faces and tears in their grey and green eyes. Before they were even situated on the ground, Kevin and I pulled them quickly into the fastest rescue helicopter a JONAS could get. One of my better plans.

As soon as we were all inside and the foot thick steel door was closed, we were out of there and we were 10 miles away in less than a minute, and the volcano finally decided to blow its top; ashes rising to the sky, higher than the clouds and bright yellow lava burst from it, hurting my eyes by just looking at it.

But it didn't matter, we would be safe. I finally looked down at the dirty 'Fang' version of my younger brother. He felt him shaking rather violently and I felt his tears on my skin. Kevin wrapped his arms around us both and Nick shifted a bit, looking at us with his normal brown eyes and his hair started to curl and shorten. His eyes were filled with indescribable happiness and they were covered with a thin layer of tears that spilled over onto his cheeks. I wiped the grim from his face with a towel Stella had put on the seats and he wrapped his own arms around me, pulling me close with a smile on his face.

I looked over at Devi and saw Macy holding her, shaking almost as much as her, stroking her sister's curly hair and Devi glanced to me, her face streaked with tears and her bright blue eyes filled with the same happiness that Nick's held. My heart expanded and I felt my own smile grown on my face as I finally realized it was all over; they were here to stay. Stella put her arms around Devi, which was a shock because she got ash on her clothes, but her smile told me she didn't care about fashion right now. All that mattered was the happiness that surrounded her.

After a long time of hugging, Nick pulled away from us, his features normal and he embraced the girls as we pulled Devi into our arms. The family was finally back together.

After an equally long time, we all sat down, but the one bad thing about this helicopter was that it only had three seats…but I wasn't complaining. Stella sat on my lap, Macy on Kevin's…they are just friends people and no reference to the song either…and Devi, of course, sat on Nick's.

It was actually really sweet. Devi was curled in Nick's lap, fitting perfectly in his embrace, a small smile on her calm and worriless face. Her skin was pink with healing burns, as was Nick's. But no pain, physical or mental showed in either of their faces. Nick's head was laid on Devi's and his looked at peace with the world.

He lifted his head and gazed at me, a smile growing on his lips and in his eyes. I returned the smile, holding onto his look of pure content, and in my mind, I was saving this moment. Devi stirred and looked up at Nick, who met her gaze with a smile. I turned away as Nick leaned in close to her, letting them share the moment.

When I glanced back, Nick was looking at me up and down, laughter in his eyes and Devi giggled openly. Crap.

"Nice outfit Joe. It really suits you." Nick said quietly, humor full in his voice. I moved my coconut bra, around, casting Devi into another giggle fit and Nick joined her quietly. I shook my head and answered quickly.

"It would suit you better Nicholas."


The Jonas and Misa and Malone family boarded on the next plane to home. They didn't talk all of the ride, for privacy wasn't an option on their flight. But when they were in the airport shuttle after they landed, Kevin driving, they were free to talk. And talk they did.

Nick and Devi told them everything, holding nothing back. The group flinched, gasped, and nearly barfed and cried as they recounted their tale.

"So what about VIP and you band members?" Macy inquired softly, her eyes still red from crying. Nick looked at her.

"Well, our bad mates…weren't really human, but robots controlled by the Boss. He was too smart and cheap to hire real people or capture anyone else. As for VIP…"His voice trailed off as he thought. Devi intervened.

"We will have a final goodbye concert, so no one gets suspicious if Rose and Fang vanish." Her voice was confident and the group nodded. Nick went to his phone, the one he left behind in his room over two months ago, and sent a few emails.

"Done." He stated, looking up at the group.

"I am going to miss Rose and Fang," Stella randomly said, meeting the astonished faces around her with a smile. "They had style, and not just in fashion either."

"Well, they are right here." Devi stated, pointing to her heart. Nick smirked and put his arm around her just as the shuttle pulled up to the Lucas Firehouse, Macy's and the Lucas parents standing on the lawn, ready to welcome home their children that lost, and now regained, their lives.

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