I unlocked the door of my apartment, and kicked off my shoes. I turned around to lock the door back and then Alice was standing be hide me smiling. What looked like my suitcases were pushed up against the wall by the front door? "Alice why is my…"

She cut me off, "Were taking a trip." She smiled, as soon as she said that Rosalie walked in to the living room. No, I have to work I am up for a promotion. She answers my thoughts, "I told your boss you'd be gone for two week, and he is cool with it." Dang she wasn't going to give up easily.

"Alice I still can't go I have to pack and I don't even have a ticket."I said I don't want to go on a trip! She handed me a plan ticket.

"Your bags are ready, what ells can you come up will to not go." Rosalie smirked. I sighed in defeat. Alice grabbed my hands with a smug look on her face. "This will be fun we can all finds some hot guys!!!!!!!!!!" Rose laughed.

We got to the air port fast since Alice drive amazingly fast. Rose and Alice packed like they were going away for months I only had three suitcases and a carry on bag.

The flight a tending took our tickets, showed us were first class was. Alice sat in the middle Rose on the end and I sat by the window. Alice and Rose were read Star magazine, "What is wrong with him?" Alice said flipping the page.

"He's a Diva." Rosalie blue eyes roomed the page.

"Who?" I don't really read gossip magazines.

"Edward Cullen." Rosalie spit his name out. That name rang a bell.

"He is that big actor with the cute bronze hair." I remembered.

"Yeah he has real talent but may be if he wasn't a sob we would be even better." Alice said, she handing me the magazine.

"Edward Cullen walks off of set holding off his latest movie." I read the head lines out loud. "You guys don't even know what happen." I handed it back to Rosalie.

"Bella he is a total player." Rose pointed to his face, he was really cute.

"Maybe but you don't know his reason." I defended those celebrities are always getting knocked around.

"Well my friend Grace has this friend that lives in L.A and that hunk up with him. He said he would call but he didn't."

"Fine Rose he is a player, I am going to sleep."