Bella's P.O.V

I let out a little cry and made sure I was covering my privates. He just smiling at me with lustful eyes, but the funny thing is eyes never left my face. I know he saw something.

"Bella I've seen it all before." He smiled. Almost dropped my hands.

"So." He rose off the bed and started to unbutton his shirt. Took a step away from him. "Where not having sex so stop taking your clothes off." Maybe just a little so I can see what I straddled last night. I pulled my robe off the door and it was ripped bad. I threw it on the ground.

"Here." He was holding his shirt out to me I was starring at him my mouth slightly open. He had he sexiest

Body from the stomach up. I wonder what it looks like from the stomach down. When I snapped back into reality our chest where touching and my arms were being helped in the sleeves by him. Then he started buttoning up the shirt.

"You can keep it." He smiled.

"Thanks." I started to push the long sleeves up my arms. Where my suitcase because it's not under the bed. I walked to the other side looking for it. I looked under every bed and every closet. I kicked the air.

"Lost your suitcase?"

"Yeah with all my clothes in it!" Shit! Shit! Shit!

He took my hand and pulled me out the room while my hair was dripping wet and all I had on was a white shirt on. We stopped at a door and he pulled a key out and opened it up. "Phoenix?"

She walked out of the bathroom like a model. "How's the happy couple?" She smiled.

"Wait you know?" Edward half screamed it was not doing good thing for my hangover.

She was really pretty why was he not going out with her. She was in just some shorts and a T-shirt but still beautiful. "Well I wasn't there when you guys got married because you told me you forgot where my room was so you tell me." Her laugh was much like Edward music.

"Where did I say this?" Edward asked.

"In this hall way while you tried to look for my room. Anyway you where already married and I was going to take you to get a divorce but I didn't." She smiled shyly.

"Why didn't you?" Edward turned to me and letting go of my hand. "Don't take that tone with her."

What tone?

"Edward stop you're doing it again." Phoenix sighed.

"Sorry, sorry Bella." I took his hand again like it was the most natural thing. He noticed and so did she.

"You guys are cute." She sighed.

I pulled my hand away ending the electroshock that was running up and down my arm. "How drunk were we?" I didn't really want to know.

She smirked at me, "Well Izzy you where so drunk you and Edward almost had sexy right where he stands." Why did I ask?

I bit down on my lip deep in thought. "That doesn't mean we got married." I challenged.

"I huge ring from Tiffany's a white wedding dress from Vera Wang and the fake that you said we are married! You still can't believe it?" She huffed. I could barely talk.

"Wedding dress!" I blurted out.

"Yes it was amazing so…. White and fluffy not the right dress for you I think it would look great on me I'm sure." She walked over to her closet and pulled out this dress that looked like a cloud of silk and sparkles. It was amazing but not for me.

"How'd you get it?" Edward pinched some fabric between his fingers.

She rolled her eyes. "Well you took it off of her and I picked it up but I giving it back to the store." She half sighed.

I sat down on her bed and rested my head in my hands, "I am married I remember kind of." I wanted to cry. I never ever wanted to get a divorce but I guess I have to. I couldn't stay married to him.

"Mr. and Mrs. Cullen I'll need you to come with me?"

She sat the dress down and handed me some clothes to put on." I leave you alone." She closed the door behind her.

I looked at Edward, " Why aren't you gone?"

"I've seen you naked every inch." He whispered. In my hear. I Blushed deeply.

Something from last night popped into my mind and without thinking I said it. "Don't forget tasted every inch." My hands flew over my mouth. He chuckled in my ear.

"Yeah you taste like heaven with strawberries." He wrapped his arms around my waist and I didn't pull away. I don't know if I liked it or if I was thinking about the other night to hard. We did crazy stuff everywhere. I didn't snap out of it until I felt his hand in my underwear. I stiffened.

"Edward I am going to bite you if you do-" I cut off mid sentence. He did something weird with his hand that made me want to moan. I found the strength to pull away leaving my lady parts hot. My underwear were a little wet. Er!

"What's wrong wife?" He smirked.

"I am not your! Well I am but don't try that again. Stay there and I'll go over there." I pointed to the bathroom before leaving him.

Bella Swan? Isabella Swan….. Isabella Cullen? No Bella Cullen better I guess. Once the door was closed I held out my hand for a long time looking at the huge diamond. Alice and Rose are gonna flip. It doesn't matter because I'll be Bella Swan again by the end of the week.

I walked back out the bathroom still looking at my ring. I going to miss you. "Edward I'm-"

I couldn't finish because I too busy drooling over a naked Edward.

I know it's short and it might have some mistakes but it the best I can do. So many projects!

I hope you like it J