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It was quiet, too quiet for Whipstaff Manor. Kat wasn't used to the silence. The trio was usually up to one sort of mischief or another. They were rude crude, loud and obnoxious. Kat felt more often than not that the trio was a bunch of frat boys rather than deceased middle-aged souls. That was about the maturity level they had.

They were probably off with her father. While she didn't understand the friendship she couldn't knock it. At least he had friends. If they were three obnoxious ghosts, well so be it. At least they had promised not to let him get drunk. Because as apathetic as they were to the living somehow killing their "favorite fleshy" again did not appeal to them

She wondered vaguely where Casper was. It wasn't like him not to make an appearance. She liked his company. Casper was; well he made her less lonely. Kat stood up and began to wander around the house.

"Casper." She cupped her hands to her mouth. "Casper…."

She sighed. Where was he? "Casp……"

And then she heard it, crying? Could ghosts cry? She never really thought about it. It seemed they could do just about anything else. Crying should be no small feat…

She opened the nearest door. The room was dark and dingy. Casper was sitting on the bed. He was looking at something.

"Casper, are you okay?" Kat sat on the bed. She could feel the dust fly in the air. Kat coughed.

"Oh hi Kat." He sounded, so, so sad.


"Sorry Kat, I was just…" he paused. "Remembering…" Kat smiled.

"But it's good Casper, to remember, isn't it." He gave a ghostly shrug. Kat leaned over to see what he was looking at. It was a picture. In the dim light she could barely make out that it was of a man and a boy. She put a hand to her mouth. She knew that boy, Casper.

"Is that…"


"That's you and your dad isn't it?" He nodded. Kat felt bad. Casper always listened to her talk about her mother. She had taken for granted that the more he remembered about his life the more Casper might miss his family.

Kat got closer to Casper. So close she could feel the cold air come off his, could she say body? "You miss him, don't you?"

He nodded. Kat spied something in his ghostly hands. A newspaper. There was a picture of his father in it. "Can I?"

Casper nodded. "Umhmmm." He replied gloomily. Kat took the paper and squinted to read in the shallow light.

Saturday October 4, 1911

Friendship Gazette

Three days ago one of Friendship's most infamous citizens passed away at the Maine Hospital for the Clinically Insane. Inventor J.T. McFadden, age 55 passed after fighting a bout of acute influenza. McFadden was admitted to the hospital four years prior after ramblings of seeing the ghost of his young son Casper. Casper McFadden died of pneumonia at the age of twelve in the winter of eighteen ninety five. Since that time inhabitants of our town have noted strange sounds admitting from the McFadden home.

McFadden leaves behind his three half brother's Stephen, Gregory and Walter McFadden. His will is in contest having left his entire state to his deceased son…

Kat dropped the paper. "Oh Casper…. That's… that's today.."

Casper shrugged. "I forgot Kat. I forgot until today. Is that bad?"

Kat pulled a stray hair behind her ear. "No, its just, its sad. You loved him a lot didn't you?"

Casper sighed. "I think I did. Something's I remember, some not so much. I remember missing him when he went away and then after awhile I just forgot. He risked everything for me and I forgot him."

Kat had nothing to say. She sighed. "I'm sure he knows how sorry you are Casper. It wasn't your fault."

Casper sighed. Kat wished briefly that Casper could be alive once more, his father's wish. She wasn't completely sure how to comfort a ghost. "You'd never forget your mom, not for good."

Kat bit her lip. "You remember him now though."

Casper nodded. "What do you remember?"

Casper went invisible. Kat decided that if she wanted answers she would have to fund them herself. She went up into the attic.