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Kat grabbed the few journals and ran down the halls. "Casper." She called. "Casper."

She huffed clambering down the stairs.. Sometimes she really wished Whipstaff wasn't so huge.


"Kat?" She ran into the room they 'shared'. Casper was on the balcony. She looked swiftly at the bed, remembering that he had died there and shivered.

"Casper." She said again. He turned around. "I found something you need to see." She handed him the journals with the pages she had bookmarked. His mouth gaped a little. "But that's."


Casper took the journals and opened the first page Kat had marked. He sighed. "Mom." He said simply. Kat gave a sympathetic smile. Losing your mother is bad enough but to be so small you could barley remember her, Kat could hardly imagine it.

She watched for the next couple of hours as Casper read the journal, hoping he would see how much his dad loved him and could never be mad at him.

Casper fingered the last entry. If only ghosts could cry. "Casper, are you okay?"

He nodded, smiling. "I remember, I was the treasure." His grin turned into laughter as he did a somersault.

All of a sudden they heard off key singing coming from downstairs. "Sounds like my uncles are home." Casper stopped a minute. "My uncles, Kat they're really my uncles."

Kat smiled at this. All though you couldn't call the trio much of a family; it must really be nice for Casper to have any family at all. Casper did another whoop in the air.

"I remember."

His face lit up. "Come on."

Casper grabbed her hand and yanked her across the hall, all the way to the library.

Kat looked around. She had never gotten a good look before. Over the fireplace mantle Was a portrait of a women, who had the same vivid blue eyes as Casper. Her hair was worn in long sandy curls. Kat remembered the Halloween Dance. That was the same color as Casper's….

"Is that your mom?" Casper looked. He nodded.

"She was beautiful."

"Dad always said that was his favorite painting."

Kat smiled. "I'll bet you look just like her."

Casper shrugged putting a hand behind his head. "Dad said so."

'Well lets have you looking again. Do you know what book your dad would have hid the formula in?" Casper zoomed around. He tried to remember what books his dad liked. And then it hit him. The book in the lab, Frankenstein, maybe there was a copy here.

Casper zoomed to the top shelf. "Got it."

"Hey Kat!"

Kat looked up as Casper zoomed down carefully holding the book in hand. He handed it to her and she opened it up. The bottle glowed red in the dim moonlight.

Kat grinned. "I hope this works."

So did Casper.