Draco Malfoy, the acknowledged Slytherin Prince and his first, Blaise Zabini were quietly discussing their plan of attack for the first stage of revenge against their Gryffindor antagonists, the ever vaunted Golden Trio.

Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley sat silently at the Gryffindor table still smarting from the dressing down they'd received from Professor McGonagall when she discovered their plotting and disclosed it to the entire transfiguration class.

It wasn't long after the Slytherin Duo started planning that Professor Snape walks over to the golden trio and sneers loudly, "Potter the Headmaster wants you in his office right now!"

Harry starts gathering his books and papers up, followed quickly by Granger and Weasley but Snape adds crushingly, "HE does not require your escort! The Headmaster asked only for Potter."

Harry whispers quietly, "I'll see you later in the common room." Then turns and heads directly towards the headmasters office stopping at the gargoyle when he realizes that Professor Snape hadn't given him the password. Just as he was about to start guessing Snape's voice comes from behind him, "Snickers."

Upon arriving Harry notes that Professor Dumbledore is speaking quietly to a young woman that he's never seen before but the room doesn't just hold them either Professor McGonagall is here as well as Professors Flitwick, Sprout and Lupin.

Snape speaks up before Harry can hear anything that's being said between the Headmaster and the other professors stating the obvious, "Headmaster, Here is Potter!"

"Ah, good Severus thank you for collecting him for us." Then Dumbledore turns to Harry, "Good Afternoon Harry… Having a good day I hope?"

Harry glancing quickly towards his head of house for a moment replies, "Yes Sir, at least so far."

"Well Harry I hope that the news I have for you adds to this. Come, come sit down." As Harry takes a seat next to the as yet unidentified young woman Dumbledore asks, "Lemon drop?" as he proffers the ever present bag of candies.

Harry murmurs, "No thank you Sir."

Dumbledore starts gently, "Ok Harry; I'll get right to the heart of the matter. Information has recently come to light and as devastating as this information was to all of us, I insisted on a deep investigation before I presented it to you. It appears that your parents didn't have the traditional marriage we all believed they did; they had what in wizarding circles is known as a quatrad. While very rare these special types of unions are very powerful and very much respected. Someone, we still don't know who, managed on the day that you were born to break into your home and take your sibling from the crib that you both laid in and at the same time they wiped away every memory of the quatrad and your sister. This spell had to be very powerful, if not some type of blood curse. Your sister, your twin was taken away to the United States and raised by a guardian or series of guardians actually. She wasn't treated well, even worse than the neglect that you've suffered at the hands of your Aunt and Uncle. It was only her persistent request for transfer to Hogwarts that brought her to our attention."

"So I have a sister?"

"Yes technically you have a twin sister as she was in the womb with you, nurtured by Lily's life, blood, and magic; but in truth she was conceived by the other pair of the quiad. Because of the improbabilities of male pregnancies and the often fatal results for both child and carrier it was deemed best that the child be transferred into Lily where then her three husbands would be better able to protect the one vulnerable member of their union. So while you are born of the same mother, genetically it's rather iffy. Magically your signatures are near identical. Also all children born to Triads and Quatrads are siblings no matter which partner was involved in their creation. It's the pure nature of the relationship. All the parents are the parents to all the children no matter who carried it or who impregnated who."

"Who were the others in their bond? Who are my other fathers?" Harry asks in a slightly quivering voice.

"The records show that Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were the other members of the Quatrad. Although Remus still has no memory of this and we've tried many different methods to trigger his memory," Albus states quietly.

Harry shakes his head as he tries to understand, "How is that possible? Sirius was my godfather; You can't be both godparent and parent at the same time, magic won't allow it."

Remus puts a hand on Harry's shoulder to help calm him as he gets more and more agitated, "Harry I don't understand it either but these records can't be faked or even copied. They clearly show us as your parents. Your actual god-father is Severus."

"NO, no, no no…" Harry finally breaks down dropping to his knees nearing hysteria, "He can't be my god-father. He can't! Those papers lie don't you got to be a trick,"

Harry looks up through tear blurred eyes and screams, "He HATES me!! God-parents don't hate their god-children. They love them. NONONONONO! I don't believe you I don't."

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