Chapter 2

Draco was standing in the shadows watching the golden trio carefully. Harry Potter had been called to the headmaster's office and he wasn't happy when he left. Draco, being the ever curious Slytherin that he is, watched as Potter avoided his friends for hours then finally meet up with them here in the shadows by the lake. From his vantage point he could see that Potter was really worked up about something with his constant pacing back and forth and arm waving as he talked. It's really a sad day when the ice prince of Slytherin is reduced to hiding in shadows and gathering his own information, normally he'd have had a flunky Nott or Zabini do it, but they were both in detention with McGonagall. They really needed to learn to not let the Gryffindor dream team's taunts get to them when there were witnesses. Well watching wouldn't garner him any information so moving closer he listens carefully.

Granger was saying, "I've heard of many marriage bonds Harry. They are serious business; only the most powerful witches and wizards can manage them. When done properly it combines their energies and increases their power. They are unbreakable except by death."

Weasley adds, "They are really rare Mate, and those involved are honored like… well almost like royalty. People respect them. It's difficult enough to make a regular bond work can you imagine having to handle three wives or four husbands."

With a shiver Granger inserts, "I've read about triads: that's where there are three spouses and quatrads, that's when there are four spouses and pentiads, that's when there are five, with any mixture of genders or no mixture at all."

Weasley finally asks, "What's important about quatrads Harry? What does this have to do with anything?"

Draco's surprised when he sees Potter drop to the ground and pull his knees to his chest before saying, "It appears that my parents were part of a Quatrad marriage."

Weasley blurts, "What! No way, we'd have heard before now surely."

Harry continues as if Ron hadn't said a word, "Dumbledore called me to his office to tell me about the bond. Apparently someone did a big memory spell or ritual and everyone who knew about the bond or my twin half-sister completely forgot about it. They've investigated and looked into all the possibilities after someone found a bundle of papers hidden in a vault in the department of mysteries." Looking up and meeting their eyes he adds, "It's true, I've seen all the papers… the bonding record, birth report, wills and even guardianship papers. They even had self updating spells on them so when her guardians were changed the papers would add a new record. She, my sister, was taken to the United States where she ended up in Foster Care and then later on Wizarding Foster Care; she's had a lot of different guardians… all of them like the Dursley's or even worse. Dumbledore says she is on her way here now. Once they found out about her Dumbledore sent for her, figured I'd like to know my closest living relative."

Granger asks, "Harry aren't you happy about having a sister?"

"I don't know 'Mione. I'm excited, but scared and so angry. Why would someone do this to us? Why kill my parents and then remove memories of a - my other fathers and my sister? Maybe I'd accept it easier if I'd know about it from the start, you know… grown up with the knowledge that I had three dads and one mom and that when I was born I had a twin sister. It's like when I found out I was a wizard and everyone knew everything about me but me."

Before Hermione could reply Ron asks, "What did Dumbledore say Mate?"

"He has no idea why someone would do this or even who could do it, but suspects Voldemort had to be involved in it somehow."

"Who's your other father Harry?" Ron asks suddenly.

"Sirius…" he whispers, "Sirius was Remus were my other fathers. Snape was supposed to be my godfather. Their wills and trust papers were all in the bundle. The Black title, estates and accounts go to my sister, the Potter title, estates and accounts are mine. Snape is my true godfather and if he wasn't available then Dumbledore was suppose to step in. Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy are my sisters Godparents."

Weasley screeches, "SNAPE, Malfoy! Were your folks insane?"

Harry gets up from the ground and dusts off his clothing then starts his answer as they head back towards the castle, "Apparently my mom was real good friends with Narcissa not to mention the fact that she's related to Sirius, but even her memory was altered. Why would Voldemort screw with his own peoples memories especially when it would benefit them?"

Draco couldn't believe what he'd learned but he wasn't going to waste any time getting the information to his parents either…