"Give it back, Kana!"
"Never!" I yell back at the three-eyed demon as I run, top-speed, between the trees. I can't help myself sometimes; he's just that fun to tease because he gets annoyed so easily.
Holding the katana tightly, I leap up into a tree, jumping swiftly from branch to branch. Of course, Hiei's not too far behind. I end up at a wall of solid rock; the mountain. 'Fuck.' I sidestep as Hiei lunges at me from behind. I just smile, laughing inside as he glares at me.
"I'll kill you, you stupid girl. Give. Back. My. Katana."
I giggle and shake my head. In a second, he's pinned me to the ground, glaring holes through me.
"Why do you constantly feel the need to annoy me?" he seethes.
I shrug, "Because it's funny to see you get worked up?"
He growls. I still smile, holding up his sword, "At least you aren't bored anymore." He tilts his head, seeming to actually think about it. After a few seconds, he sighs and takes his sword back. He stands pulling me up with him.
"I was right, right?" I ask.
He just starts walking back, "Hn."
I giggle again and run after him, jumping at him halfway there. I collide with his back, wrapping my arms around his shoulders.
He says nothing, only hooks his arms under my legs to hold me up. "You're lucky; I could just let you fall on your backside, you know."
I rest my head on his shoulder, "I know, but against all logic and intelligent advice, I trust you."
"And you know that's very unwise, correct?"
I laugh, "Yeah, but since when have I been known for being 'wise'?"
"Hn, whatever."
I ignore his last comment and snuggle into his back, watching the trees pass by slowly.
"So how long until we go back to doing Koenma's dirtywork?" Hiei asks randomly.
"About a month," I answer. "He said we had some time to unwind. Things have been pretty quiet lately, so the Spirit Detective team isn't really needed right now."
"Hm, honestly, I think I'd rather be slashing through someone. No offense, but there isn't much to do at your place, and I don't deal with boredom very well," he states. I can't help but giggle, knowing he's not kidding AT ALL.
"I know, which is why I 'constantly feel the need to annoy you'," I say, mocking him with that last part. He lets go of my legs, making me squeak and hold onto him tighter. "Eep!" Almost instantly after, he grabs my legs again, smirking. I glare at him and pout, whacking his arm. He just snickers at me. I huff, "Rude." He shrugs. I sigh and continue, "Like I was saying, I annoy you so you won't be bored, because you get agitated when you're bored, meaning it doesn't take much to set you off when that happens. I'd really rather have you trying to hack ME to pieces instead of Yusuke or Kuwabara."
"Because I know how to calm you down afterwards."
I giggle again, knowing he won't argue. We go the rest of the way in silence, but it's a nice silence, really peaceful. We both thrive on whatever quiet or peace we can get, since there's rarely any back at my place, which is where the boys are staying over our little "vacation month".
"We're here, Kana."
I lift my head slightly, "Hm?" We're back at my house. "Oh. Damn, I was comfortable," I mutter jokingly, smiling. Hiei just "hn"s again and lets go of my legs as I release his neck. I move in front of him, walking backwards, "Thanks, Hiei."
I laugh quietly and walk inside, him trailing silently behind me. As soon as we walk in, Yusuke gapes at me as Hiei goes to "his" windowsill.
"I don't get it! Hiei chases you out of here with intent to kill, and you both come back like nothing happened! What's the deal with you, Kana!?" he cries.
I just laugh again, "No idea what you're talkin' about, Yusuke."
He growls, and I notice Hiei smirking from his perch at the window.
"I swear, Urameshi, it's all an act; they do it to cover up the fact that they're together. I think they go off and make-out when they run out like that," Kuwabara murmurs to Yusuke. I whack him on the head as I walk past. "Hey!"
"~You brought it on yourseee-eelf," I say in a singsong voice, then proceed to the kitchen. "Hey, Kurama," I greet him. He turns to me, his usual kind smile on his face.
"I see you're alright, Kana. That's a relief. I thought perhaps Hiei might lose his temper and hurt you this time."
I chuckle, "Nah, I'm fine, and Hiei's at his window. Thanks for bein' concerned, though." He nods, going back to whatever it is he's making. I peek over his shoulder, "Need any help?"
He shakes his head, "No, that's alright. Thank-you for offering, though."
I smile, "Sure thing." My cellphone rings, then. 'Grow Up? That's Botan's tone...' I go to the archway between the living room and kitchen and answer the phone, "Yeeeeees?"
"Kana? It's me, Botan. I just wanted to make sure we're still on for tonight." I smile again.
"Yep, and I already bought all the junk food and such, so don't worry about it."
"Alright, thanks. See you tonight, then!" is her cheery reply.
"'Kay, see ya." I hang up my phone and walk back into the living room, dropping myself on the couch.
"What was that all about?" Yusuke asks, referring to the phone conversation that had just ended. I look at him oddly.
"I told you yesterday, Yusuke; Botan's bringing Yukina, Keiko, and Shizuru here for a sleepover tonight." He just blinks. I sigh, "When I talk to you, do you actually listen, or does it just sound like ringing in your ears?" He shrugs in response. Typical. "This is why I like Kurama and Hiei better; when I talk to them, it's not like talking to a pile of bricks and one rock," I say, heading upstairs to my room. Honestly, this isn't anything new. Yusuke and Kuwabara barely EVER listen to me, unless I'm throwing insults at them or something.
I close my door and flop down on the bed face down. 'Mmm... sleepy... Insomnia sucks...' I hear my door open and close, then someone walks up to my bed and just stands there. I don't move, thinking maybe they'll just leave if I don't respond. My eye twitches when they poke the left side of my face. I open my eyes, "What, Hiei?"
He just kinda stares down at me, "What's got you in a bad mood?"
I sigh, "I'm not. Go away."
"You're lying."
I growl and turn onto my back, laying one arm over my eyes. "It doesn't matter. And I'm not lying, because I'm not in a bad mood." 'It's more like just annoyed...'
"Then why are you annoyed?" he asks.
I sigh again, "Hiei, we've talked about you doing that..."
"I don't care. Talk."
I laugh quietly, "Why do you care?"
He shrugs, "I don't, but you're clearly ticked off, and since you do such a good job of irritating me, I thought I'd return the favor."
I shrug this time, "Whatever. Good luck with that."
He sits on the bed, leaning against the footboard. "Do I have to ask again?"
"Seriously, Hiei, it's nothing. I'm just kinda sick of those two being the idiots they are 24/7."
He stares out the window, "You know they're morons. I don't understand why you get so mad about it."
"I don't. Just a little frustrated. That's why I told you it's no big deal; I'm mostly up here to be away from them and for the quiet. I was resting because I don't sleep. Insomnia's a bitch..." I mutter that last part.
Hiei arches one eyebrow at me, "You're an insomniac?"
I nod, "Haven't slept in almost six years." He still stares at me strangely. I ignore it and close my eyes again.
Hiei shifts from what I can hear. I open my eyes again and find him hovering over me, just staring. "What are you doing?" He doesn't answer, just reaches up and touches my left ear. I go rigid automatically.
"Have you always had pointed ears?" he asks.
I shake my head, "I usually cover them up, so other people don't see them." Hiei grasps the tip of my ear. I subconsciously gasp, a shiver running up my spine. He looks back at me and tilts his head. "They're sensetive... 'Specially at the tips..." I murmur, knowing I'm probably blushing. He nods, then starts tracing the shell of my ear with his fingertips. I sigh contently, my eyes clouding over a little.
Hiei chuckles, "You remind me of a cat sometimes, Kana."
"Hmmm..." I hum, mentally agreeing with him. My eyelids start to feel heavy.
"Go to sleep; six years is a long time to go without rest, even for a demon. It'll start to affect you soon."
By now, I'm so out of it that I don't argue. I let myself drift into an almost unfamiliar state of unconsciousness.

My eyes flutter open and take in the dim light filling my room. I look out my window and gasp, 'It's sundown already?' I think back a little and vaguely remember falling asleep, and... Hiei'd been tracing my ear. I feel my face heat up and shake my head. I smile softly and glance at the clock.
'6:21... Botan and the girls will be here soon.' I stand up and stretch, my joints popping into place. I walk out of my room and head downstairs, rubbing the sleep from my eyes as I go. When I reach the living room, Kurama's the only one there, reading one of his books. I glance around, "It's quiet... Where are the others? It's NEVER this peaceful when Yusuke and Kuwabara are here."
Kurama chuckles at that, "I agree, but they're here, alright. Hiei's outside, and Yusuke and Kuwabara are in the kitchen; I think they're playing cards at the table."
I just stare at him for a second. o_O That's. Amazing. "Hmm... weird," I mutter, combing my fingers through my long hair.
"That's the girls," I muse out loud, moving to open the door. When I do, I'm glomped by the grim reaper (I bet I'm the only person alive who can honestly say that).
"Hi, Kana," Keiko and Yukina greet in unison. I wave from my current place on the floor, Botan having knocked me down. Yeah, being, like, a foot shorter than everyone else sucks sometimes.
"Hey, Botan? You should probably let the poor girl go now; You're gonna suffocate her." Shizuru, I owe you one for that.
Botan lets go and I gasp for breath.
"Hey, Shizuru," I wheeze out.
She waves, "Hey."
I get up and glomp Yukina, at which she laughs and hugs me back.
"Hey girls, what's up?" Yusuke greets, walking in with Kuwabara. Everyone exchanges their "hello"s and I notice that someone's missing.
Completely unnoticed, I slip out the back door and into the backyard. Well, it's not really a yard; it's more like a forest behind my house. Anyway, I walk out onto the grass and look up. Sure enough, there's Hiei, asleep up on a branch, leaning against the trunk. I smile and start climbing up the branches. When I reach the one he's on, I have to bite my tongue to keep from giggling; he's so cute when he's asleep!
I brush some of his bangs from his face, and immediately after, he's got a grip on my wrist. His eyes open, not even in a glare, and meet mine.
I smile again, "Morning, Hiei. The girls are here."
He lets go of my wrist. "Hn."
I tilt my head, "Aren't you gonna come inside?"
"Because you'll miss everything if you don't," I reason. He shrugs and I sigh, "I thought this might happen, so I bought something for later on that might make you change your mind." Hiei looks at me curiously, making me laugh. "I got four different flavors of sweet snow."
His eyes light up briefly before he sighs in defeat, "Fine."
I glomp him, "Yay!" He shakes his head, mildly used to this. I let go and jump down, Hiei following close behind. I walk back inside and go up to my room, grab the chips and what-not that I'd hidden from Yusuke and Kuwabara, then skip back downstairs and dump everything on the coffee table.
The two aforementioned boys gape at it like fish, "How did we not find that!? We saw her come home with it and looked everywhere!"
I glare at Yusuke, "You went. In. My. Room?"
He stares up at me from the floor nervously, "Um... maybe?"
"Go in my room again and I'll gauge your eyes out with a spork," I mutter as the two wince, holding the new bumps on their heads. I sit on the arm of the couch, taking a deep breath in an attempt to calm down.
Hiei reaches up from next to me and grasps the tip of my ear.
Poof. Stress gone.
My head tilts to the side, and I faintly register everyone staring at me.
"What did you do to her? I've never seen her this calm before," Keiko comments. Hiei just shrugs, not answering as he releases my ear.
I turn and look at him, "Thanks." He nods. Botan literally jumps up from the couch with a wide smile on her face. 'I don't like that smile she's got...'

'Should'a known...' Botan had us all sitting in a circle, a bottle set in the middle. But, no, this isn't spin the bottle, really. It's actually 7 minutes in heaven; the bottle's just how we get our "closet-buddies".
Botan takes her seat between Keiko and Yusuke, "Okay, the only rules are that if it lands on yourself or someone of the same gender, you spin again. I'll spin the bottle to decide who goes first!" God, Botan, sometimes I don't get why we keep you around... She grabs the bottle and gives it a decent spin.
I choke back a laugh when the bottle slows to a stop on Kuwabara. Instead of getting all excited, he blushes faintly and hits Yusuke when he starts laughing. He reaches out and spins the bottle at a good speed. I watch the thing turn and pray that it lands on anyone but me. My prayers are, amazingly, answered when it slows down, stopping on none other than Yukina. I can't help but smile softly. 'Good for them; at least they get along... Wait a minute...' A thought hits me, then. 'Uh-oh...' I look across the circle at Hiei, and I can tell right away that he's not very happy.
Even from my place across from him, I can tell he's gritting his teeth and clutching the carpet tightly. As the door closes behind the two, I notice him about to make a mad dash for the closet.
I leap across the circle, "NOOOOO!!" and tackle him to the floor. He starts wrestling with me, trying to claw his way out from under me. The others just watch, obviously amused.
"Get off of me, Kana!"
"No! You can't interrupt their turn!"
"I don't give a damn, GET. OFF."
I shake my head and keep him pinned down, "Would you relax!? It's just a game! Calm. Down."
After a few minutes, Hiei stops struggling and glares daggers at me, a low growl emitting from the back of his throat.
"Are you calm now?" I ask like I'm talking to a little kid.
I sigh, "Good." I get off of him and glance at the clock. '5... 4... 3... 2... 1,' I open the closet door, and the two of them are standing there staring at the floor, their faces both practically GLOWING red. I just giggle and step aside so they can go back to the circle.
Even though he doesn't notice, Kuwabara earns a totally EVIL glare from Hiei. I bite the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing out loud as I take my seat next to Yukina again. I smirk and nudge her with my elbow. When she looks at me, I motion towards Kuwabara with my eyes. She blushes and nods with a small smile. Silently, I mouth, "Where?" She points to her lips discreetly.
"SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" I glomp her, knocking her to the floor. She laughs at me and sits back up, her smile (and mine) still in place.
~What was that about?~
I sigh. ~When will you learn to stay out of my head?~
~When I feel like it. Now answer.~
~I will hurt you, Kana.~
~I will kill you if you try, Hiei.~
I turn to Yukina, "Hmm?"
"Your turn," she says, pointing to the bottle.
I roll my eyes, 'This oughtta be good...' I grab the bottle and give it a good spin. I can only wish for it NOT to land on Yusuke, because Keiko would murder me, or Kuwabara, because Yukina would be upset, and then I'd feel horrible for, like, ever.

Wish granted.
'Oh man...'
The bottle's pointing straight at Hiei.
'Aaaaaaaand I'm dead.' Doing my best to ignore Yusuke and Kuwabara and their catcalls, I walk into the closet, my face burning. Hiei walks in behind me and the door is closed. I keep my eyes to the floor. Twenty silent seconds pass before I decide to break the awkward quiet. "I'm sorry about this, Hiei." I don't look up when he replies, either.
"Why are you sorry? You didn't make the bottle stop there."
I sigh, "No, but I did kinda force you to be here in the first place, so this is sorta my fault." I look up as I finish that sentence and see Hiei facing me.
"Technically, you didn't force me to do anything. I agreed because I knew I'd get something out of it in the end, and I was right."
I just send him a confused look, watching as he steps towards me.
His crimson eyes stare straight into mine as he stops in front of me. "I guess I was really only half-right, actually. Because now..." he pauses, reaching up and cupping my cheek. He leans really close to me, and I press my back to the wall, my breath catching in my throat. "...I get two things out of all this."
I blink once, and find that his lips are on mine. I can't think right for a minute, but once the initial shock wears off, I kiss back. His hand moves from my cheek to the back of my neck, while his other hand slips around the arch of my back, pulling me towards him. I rest my hands on his chest, pressing my body against his. When he pulls back, Hiei rests his forehead against mine. I try to get my breath back, when he softly brushes his fingertips over the tip of my ear.
"Mmm..." I close my eyes again, a kind of purring sound coming from my throat.
Hiei chuckles at me, "You even purr like a cat, Kana."
"TEN SECONDS!" Botan calls from outside.
He sighs, but leans over near my ear. "We'll talk later," he whispers, then pecks my cheek and steps back near the door. Right on cue, Yusuke pulls the door open.
He frowns at us, obviously disappointed. "You didn't do anything? Man, you guys are no fun."
Hiei steps out, "Hn."
I laugh and take my place next to Yukina again. She taps my shoulder, smiling. I giggle, already knowing what she wants to ask. I nod and place one finger over my lips. Her eyes light up, and she hugs me happily.
I look over at Hiei and am a little lost when I see him smirking. ~What are you smirking at?~
~I think I understand how you two communicate now.~
~Oh yeah?~
~Hn, that fool better learn to sleep with his eyes open.~
~Oh, leave him alone... Wow, I can't believe I just defended him.~
~Why shouldn't I kill him?~
I sigh very quietly. ~Because I know something you don't.~
Hiei quirks an eyebrow, obviously curious. I smirk and keep my spiritual awareness focused so he can't get into my head again.
I look up when I hear Kuwabara going into hysterics. Keiko and Yusuke are blushing insanely, and the bottle's pointing in Keiko's direction. 'How perfect is that?'

About four hours later, everyone decides it's time to start heading to bed. I bid my good-nights to everyone, save for one demon in black who seems to have disappeared, and climb the stairs to my room, ready for another sleepless night.
I lay down on my bed and close my eyes, only hearing a faint sliding sound and a "click" afterwards. I gasp as someone wraps their arms around me from behind.
"You should try locking your windows before you go to sleep."
'Hiei.' I lay my hands over his, "Why? It's not like I sleep at night." I bite back a small gasp as he starts kissing down my neck.
"Kana... Will you be mine?"
My ears twitch as a small smile comes to my face, "I always have been, since the day we met." I have to bite my tongue to keep from crying out, as Hiei sinks his teeth into my neck. When he releases it, he pulls me close to him and nuzzles my neck. I know that I've been marked, and I'm his from now on...
...And I wouldn't have it any other way.