When I wake up the next morning, two things come to my attention. The first is the fact that I'm WAKING UP.
'...When did I fall asleep?'
Seconds after, the next thing I notice is that my face is buried in the crook of Hiei's neck, his arms wrapped tightly around my waist. After a moment of thought, the night before comes back to me. I smile and snuggle into him. I feel him start stroking my back and sigh contently, "Morning."
He looks down at me, "You know, for an insomniac, you sleep like a rock."
I laugh, "Yes, I'm a disgrace to insomniacs everywhere."
He chuckles and leans his head down, kissing the top of my head. "Do you want to get up?"
I smile kinda childishly, "Depends; what time is it?"
He smirks and looks past me at the alarm clock, "11:46."
My eyes widen, "No way." I crane my neck to see the clock myself. 11:46. "How the hell did I sleep that long?" I know I haven't slept, like really slept, for a long time, but this? That's just NOT normal.
Hiei shrugs, "I take it you want to get up, then?"
I nod slightly as I look back at him again. "I have a question, though."
"Do we tell the others, or shall we let them figure it out?" I ask, grinning.
He rests his forehead on mine, "They can find out for themselves." Hiei seems to phase out then, staring straight into my eyes.
"What?" I ask, a light red on my face.
"Your eyes are... really bright when you wake up. The color I mean; it really stands out."
My blush darkens as I look away, turning my head downwards to the right. I instantly regret doing so when Hiei lightly bites my left ear. A shiver goes through my entire body, and I try to pull away, "Cut it out, Hiei."
He laughs at my reaction and pulls me against him, "Look at me then, Kana."
I do so and am slightly surprised when he meets my lips with his.
He pulls back shortly after, smirking. "Better."
I mock-glare at him, "Jerk."
He only smirks wider and pecks my cheek, "Your point?"
I giggle quietly, "I don't have one, but we should get up now; the others are probably already awake."
He nods and lets go of my waist.
In an attempt to catch him off-guard, I quickly lean up and lay a kiss on his lips. Right when he starts to respond, I pull away and stick my tongue out at him, then get up from the bed.
He glares at me, "Tease."
I just laugh and grab an outfit from my closet before skipping off to the bathroom for a shower.

I come out of the bathroom about twenty minutes later after blow-drying my hair. I wander downstairs and find Yukina on the couch.
"Good morning, Kana," she laughs.
"Morning!" I get off of her and walk calmly towards Hiei, who's sitting at the window, eyes closed. I poke his cheek, so he opens his eyes and looks at me. I smile, "Hellew."
Hiei grabs my hand and pulls me towards him. He sets me on the windowsill so my back is against his chest, me sitting between his legs.
I lean into him as he wraps his arms around my waist. I can faintly hear Yukina giggling as I look out the window. Someone else walks into the room, stopping about two steps in.
"Oh, that is absolutely adorable!"
I sigh, 'Botan.' "Guess they're gonna find out pretty fast," I murmur to Hiei.
"What're ya screamin' about, Botan?" That's definitely Kuwabara.

I giggle and lay my hands over Hiei's, my eyes never leaving the window. "Technically, you didn't, because you said we were keeping it a secret, which means you thought this was going on for a while, which it wasn't," I say as-a-matter-of-factly. He makes no comment after that, only grumbles incoherently.
"How long, then?" Botan asks, her cat-like curiosity kicking in.
"Mmmm... about twelve hours?" I estimate.
Hiei rests his chin on my shoulder, "Sounds about right."
I nuzzle his cheek lightly.
"Hey, if you two're gonna act all lovey-dovey, go do it somewhere where we don't have to watch," Kuwabara complains.
Hiei smirks at him, "Jealous?"
I laugh at that.
Kuwabara only growls and stalks off, probably to tell Yusuke or Kurama. Botan grabs Yukina's hand and drags her off somewhere.
I shake my head and laugh, not sure whether to worry or not.
Hiei tightens his hold on my waist, "Now that you can't go anywhere, what, exactly, do you know that I don't, Kana?"
I blink. "Umm... Pass?"
He chuckles, "Nice try. Tell me."
"Give me one reason why I should."
"It involves my sister."
"Psh, she doesn't know that, so that doesn't count," I reply.
"If you don't, I'll bite your ear again."
I stiffen. "You will not. And besides, that's a threat, not a reason, so that doesn't count either."
He sighs, "Since when are you so literal?"
"Since always."
"Because it annoys people, namely you," I answer cheerfully.
"Why can't you just tell me?" he asks, sounding defeated.
"Because I'd be betraying Yukina's trust. It's not for me to tell." 'Not to mention it could mean the end of Kuwabara's life...' I muse, making sure Hiei won't hear.
He sighs again, "My sister's lucky."
I look at him again, "Why's that?"
"She has you as a best friend. You're loyal, and you refuse to tell her secrets, even to her brother."
I shrug the shoulder that his head isn't resting on, "That's just how I am. It wouldn't be fair if I told you when she doesn't even know the two of you are related."
"I understand that, Kana, but who would I tell?"
I think about it for a second. "True..." I sigh and sit up slowly, turning to face him. "Alright, I'll tell you, but you're going to wish you hadn't asked."
Hiei eyes me strangely, "Why is that?"
"Because you're you. Just trust me."
He nods.
I grab his hands and weave my fingers around his. "She's not really sure, but... Yukina thinks she may actually be in love with Kuwabara," I explain hesitantly.
His grip on my hands tightens briefly, and I notice his eye twitch. "Why would she ever-" I quickly cut him off, placing two fingers over his lips.
"Don't judge, Hiei. It's not your decision to make, or mine," I chide, then move my hand back to his.
He sighs in frustration, "Why him?"
I shake my head, "I have no idea. But, then again, they say that's what love is sometimes; when you see something in the other person that no one else can or does."
He looks at me for a few seconds without saying anything.
"What?" I ask him, tilting my head.
Hiei lets go of my hands and slips his arm around my waist again, pulling me closer. He places me on his lap, my back against the window, and nuzzles the crook of my neck, "Nothing, I just didn't expect you to say something like that."
I grin, "I know, I'm just full of surprises."
He chuckles, "Don't I know it."
I wrap my arms around his shoulders, "For example..." I lean in and kiss him, knowing he's not expecting it. I feel him smirk against my lips as he starts to kiss back. Hiei's tongue slides over my lower lip, and I open my mouth slightly, giving him entrance. I have to suppress a moan when his tongue runs across mine. After another minute or two of this bliss, I pull back and sigh, "I know you're watching, Botan."
Hiei looks at me strangely, then looks to the archway to the kitchen. Sure enough, the grim reaper's standing there watching us.
She laughs nervously, "What in the world would give you that idea, Kana? Really, I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about."
I give her a look, and she waves before dashing off. I sigh once more and shake my head.
Hiei looks at me again, "How did you know she was there?"
I smirk at him, "I have very good ears, despite that they're sensitive."
He smirks back and leans up, nibbling the very tip of my left ear.
I bite back a small moan and weakly smack his arm, "Jerk."
He chuckles and moves back, "I swear I've heard that somewhere before."
I laugh and rest my hands on his chest, "Have you noticed that we've been interrupted every time we've tried to do anything?"
"I have, actually," he replies, a slight frown on his face. He then gets up from the windowsill and sets me on my feet. Hiei takes my hand and pulls me out the front door, then proceeds to tug me around the house to the back.
"Where are we going?" I ask.
He glances back at me, "Somewhere where we won't be interrupted."