"Mr. and Mrs. Bond, welcome to the Embassy Hotel. I hope you enjoy your stay." Mr. Bond looked a little like a mix between a young Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan. Mrs. Bond wore sunglasses obscuring her eyes and her blonde hair was thick and long. They politely paid the bellboy and locked the door.

"Mr. Bond?" 'Mrs. Bond' turned and looked at him. "Really?" She removed the blonde wig and glasses, revealing black hair and a eyepatch. 'Mr. Bond' shifted into a bald man, looking slightly annoyed.

"You have a better name to use, Renegade?"

"Plenty of them, 007." She stared at the bed. "Did you have to get the honeymoon suite? There's only one bed."

"What are you worried about? It's not like we'll get a chance to sleep on it." He slumped in the chair. "I can't believe Hades slipped off the map like that. All the cells are gone."

"I can't locate anyone, either." She scowled, laying on the loveseat. "Maybe this was a wild goose chase to start . . . but I know I read Tudor's mind right!"

"But what if your escape triggered them to change the locks on the doors, so to speak?"

"Point taken." Renegade sighed. "I'll try and contact 001 and Dreamer." She settled down and closed her eyes. A moment later she sat up, clutching her head.

"Renegade?" 007 was at her side in a moment. "What is it?" The door exploded. And quite a few robots started trooping in. 007 pulled her to the balcony, only to find iron blast doors in place.

"We're trapped!"

I know, I'm back, and I start with a cliffhanger.