If there was one thing that Rachel couldn't deny it was that he was attractive. Not like Finn was attractive, in a goofy, cute, innocent kind of way. No, Puck was attractive in that dangerous, sexy, confident way. He had an air about him that just oozed arrogance.

Rachel sighed, closed her locker that was decorated with a few pictures of Glee Club and a few motivational posters of her own making and began walking down the hall towards the music room.

Wasn't she supposed to like Finn? Two months into the school year and she had known nearly from day three that she had it bad for the quarterback. As if the kiss they shared wasn't enough there was that entire period of nine days where Finn had done everything perfect to get on her good side.

Dad had told her that this was just a schoolgirl crush but Rachel was more than just a schoolgirl with ambition and talent. She was a girl that got what she wanted. After the whole fiasco with the musical she was beginning to take into account what others wanted too, but in the end it was still all about her.

Taking a deep breath and smoothing down her sweater, she smiled winningly at the door before sashaying into the room like she owned the place. A few kids turned to look and Rachel went over to where Kurt and Mercedes were discussing the latest scarves. Rachel sat down and started to talk to Tina, waiting for the rest of the club to get there.

They slowly trickled in, Finn and Quinn, (who was starting to show, it was good she could wear looser clothing now) Mike, the two cheerios, Artie. Everyone was there except for Puck when the clock turned three thirty and Rachel was a little annoyed with herself for noticing it so intently.

Will suddenly walked in, dropping his bag on the piano and calling the Club over.

"Alright guys, I got something new for us today-"

"Mister S. I hope you mean new as in modern," Mercedes interrupted. "We have been singing oldies for ages. I want something I hear on the radio."

Will smiled and began to pass out the music sheets. "I got something."

"Yo-Yo-You're kidding, right?" Tina said, looking over her music. "Katy Perry is stupid Mister Shu."

Even Rachel was feeling a bit incredulous about this week's selection. She had listened to this song maybe twice and while she would admit to it's catchiness she didn't know how well Finn would be able to pull it off. She leaned over towards the boy to get a look at his sheet when the door suddenly slammed open.

"Sorry I'm late, I had some shit I needed to sort out."

Rachel shook her head, giving the disheveled looking Puck a critical once-over

"You still have lipstick on your cheek. Or are you taking tips from Kurt?" She asked

"Honey, I would never recommend that color."

The Club burst into laughter as Puck frowned and wiped off the makeup with the back of his hand. He mumbled some comment as he stepped forward to accept the sheet that Will was holding out for him.

"Hey Mister S," Puck said, looking through the sheets, "Why do I have so much?"

"You're going to be the lead this week. I've modified the song so it will be both you and Rachel singing pretty much the same amount."

Rachel and Puck looked at each other, then back at Will.

"Mister Shu, I don't think this is such a good idea," Rachel began as the others stepped back, Kurt and Mercedes already talking with Brittany and the other Cheerio about the choreography.

"This close to sectionals we need to stick to what we know, and I just think-"

"You don't think I can handle a lead?" Puck interjected, frowning and turning to face Rachel. "What does Finn have that I don't? I can sing pretty damn well too."

"Guys." Will shook his head. "Look, Finn has had his chance and we've switched leads up before, right? Don't worry about it, okay?" Will patted Rachel on the arm and turned to the rest of the group, beginning to direct them and set them in the places he imagined them.

"This doesn't change anything." Rachel muttered, looking over the music.

"Didn't say it would." Puck replied, flipping idly through the music. "This song looks gay."

"Be grateful that Mister Shu even gave you this part."

"I'm always up for a chance to get under your skin."

"That won't be happening this week."

"Why not? Happened pretty easy a few days ago."

Rachel stepped in front of Puck, glaring at him. What did she ever see in this mean, annoying, jerk? So yeah, for a few days they hooked up. Barely. Making out was the furthest they ever got but even Rachel would admit that she would be a liar if she said she didn't like it. Sure, the first couple of times they had kissed it was awkward.

He had just seemed so confident. Like he knew what he was doing. God, Finn had asked for her permission to so much as sit down next to her. Puck had told her what he had wanted and pretty much gotten it. It must be the confidence thing. They both had it going for them and Rachel could only assume that that was the sole reason she had ever been attracted to the boy.

That and his absolutely stunning body. And gorgeous eyes.

Oh dear god, she was losing it.

"What's wrong babe, worried your miss perfect image will get ruined if everyone knows your making your way through the boys in the Club?" Puck leaned down to whisper, just loud enough for Rachel to hear, turning so it looked like he was just asking about a part in their newest song.

"I don't think Artie'll mind if you come on to him, dunno how good he'd be for a Prince Charming though."

"You are absolutely despicable." Rachel muttered, glaring at the paper. She could do this! She wasn't about to let some stupid boy ruin a bit of her day and her next chance at being discovered! And certainly not Noah Puckerman!

"You two ready?" Will called over, making Rachel start a little.

"I think we got this Mister S." Puck said, smiling coyly and putting an arm around Rachel that she quickly shrugged off as she stepped forwards.

"Just a run through, right?" Rachel smiled, "Yeah. I think this is going to be pretty good."

They set up on opposite ends of the room and Rachel smiled brightly, catching Puck off guard as the piano started. Drums, then Artie on the bass.

"You", This was going to be easy.

"Change your mind," Rachel started out, by herself. She was the lead; she could do this by herself! Puck be damned!

"Like a girl changes clothes.

Yeah you, PMS

Like a bitch

I would know,"

She took a few steps forwards, daring him to do something.

"And you over think

Always speak

Cryptically" Is that the way she wanted to play this? Games were Puck's specialty.

"I should know -

That you're no good for meee-eee!" Her voice carried over as the girls and the boys split up for the chorus, singing back and forth and improvising a few of the movements.

There was no way on earth, Rachel thought, staring down Puck as he started the chorus, that she was going to let him beat her.