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The Saturday practice went as well as could be expected. Puck came over to Rachels house and they sang the piece in the basement turned studio downstairs. The door was constantly open and Puck (thoroughly annoyed at both himself and Rachel) had chosen to just suck it up and go through the song and try to satisfy Rachel in the quickest time possible. No innuendo intended.

Puck left almost immediately afterwards, leaving Rachel a little breathless, slightly confused and generally not completely pessimistic about the state of their song for next Wednesday.

Sectionals were arriving and Mister Shu had scheduled practices after football, so the Glee Club would have to go home for two hours and then head back to McKinley High for singing and dancing galore. Puck, Finn and the other football boys didn't have it so lucky. Sweaty, tired, wet from the showers, they weren't exactly full of energy for Glee.

Mister Shu had also dropped another bomb on the club. In addition to practicing for sectionals, namely the as of yet undetermined piece that Finn and Rachel would be singing, and the piece the Puck and Rachel would be singing there would be a third piece starring Quinn and Finn, with lead male backup sung by Puck and lead female backup sung by Rachel.

They started out Monday practice by going through Katy Perry's song, and they were just starting to get the choreography down. The chorus was challenging, because it was a girls versus boys back and forth dynamic, but they were still trying to emphasize Puck and Rachel's characters.

"Cause you're hot then you're cold"

"You're yes then you're no," Rachel sung, walking around Puck and eyeing him up and down, walking away as he started the next line, pulling her back into his arms as he dipped her low.

"You're in then you're out," She stood up straight and pushed the boy down, twisting to walk away as he picked himself up.

"You're up then you're down"

"You're wrong when it's right," Now he walked away, as she sang the second line from the opposite end of the room.

"It's black and it's white"

"We fight, we break up," He sang as they both turned around and walked towards each other.

"We kiss, we make up."

Now here came the awkward part. Rachel placed her hands on Pucks face and they leaned in close, Puck continuing to sing, the boys echoing his first words.

"You don't really want to stay, no," Really close now, as Puck had his hands on her waist and was twisting her around as they sunk towards the ground. The girls echoed Rachel now;

"But you don't really want to go-o." Suddenly they broke apart and stormed to the opposite ends of the stage, merging with the rest of the club for the choreography.

"You're hot then you're cold,

You're yes then you're no." The boys sang as the girls stood relatively still.

"You're in then you're out,

You're up then you're down!"

"Break!" Mister Shu called out, smiling as the cast collapsed on the floor or whatever chair was closest. The choreography for the support was intense, and if anything Puck and Rachel had it almost easy.

"Nice job guys." Will said, clapping slowly as Kurt grabbed onto Mercedes.

"Hydration! I need support!" He gasped.

"Go get some water, Finn, Quinn, let me give you two your piece." Will chuckled, waving them on.

As the Glee Club stumbled out of the room Finn led Quinn over to the piano where Mister Shuester was getting out their music. Quinn was in regular clothes and hadn't started to show at all, but she was still walking slowly.

"Mister S," Finn started, "I hope this next song doesn't have a lot of running around, I don't know how much more she can take."

"I'll be fine," Quinn said, not really trying to be mean (she didn't want to be babied!) but her words coming out a little more viciously than she had intended. Finn shot Will a look, who nodded.

"Don't worry, this is just a voice exercise. It doesn't need to be perfect but I think it'll help you two. No intense choreography required, alright?" Will assured them, passing out their sheet music. Quinn took one look at the first page and then glanced back up at the teacher, a skeptical look in her eyes.

"I've never heard this song before in my life."

"Yeah Mister S., I haven't even heard of this band."

Rachel had come in and walked over to where the two were standing. She peeked over Finns shoulder, not seeing the sideways look that she got from Quinn. Rachel frowned as well.

"Yeah, Mister Shu, who are these guys?"

Will smiled. "A nice little folk band I picked up along the way. I think it's a great opportunity, especially for you Quinn, the female lead sounds a little like you."

"Mister Shu, I don't think I can really sing this. I have a lot to work on and I dunno, I just think this is a bit too much pressure to-" Finn said, flipping through the work.

"Hey, let's switch parts-" Puck had come over, also looking over Finn's shoulder. "A lot of the notes I'm having trouble with in the Perry piece are in this one, at least it seems like it." He took the sheet music from Finn.

Will looked on interestedly, Rachel seemed proud, Finn relieved. Nobody seemed to notice that Quinn had an apprehensive expression on her face. This was not the song she wanted to be singing, and especially not with Puck.

"Well if neither of you two mind, you can switch. I would rather that Finn take this but I understand if you're feeling a little stressed."

Before he had finished speaking Finn had grabbed Pucks piece. "Done!"

Rachel smiled and Quinn frowned. The rest of the Glee Club came filtering in and took their pieces, standing in a line behind Quinn and Puck as they looked over their bits.

The music started and Quinn glanced nervously at Puck before she started to sing,

"Who shot that arrow in your throat?

Who missed the crimson apple?

It hung heavy on the tree above your head," Her voice rang out, clear as Rachel stepped in to support with the next two lines.

"This chaos, this calamity, this garden once was perfect

Give your immortality to me; I'll set you up against the stars."

"Gloria," Finn and Puck, singing in Harmony as Puck stepped forwards to take the lead.

"We lied, we can't go on

This is the time and this is the place to be alive." Oh dear lord. Will must be psychic. Everyone sang now, low so that Quinn's voice could be heard.

"Who shot that arrow in your throat?

Who missed the crimson apple?" She sang, the boys stepping forwards to take the next line,

"And there is discord in the garden tonight"

"The sea is wine red," The two girls voices went out together, the rest of the Club singing the next line;

"This is the death of beauty!"

"The doves have died" Rachel now,

"The lovers have lied" Quinn again, continuing on as the Girls hummed a melody to the next bridge.

"I cut the arrow from your neck,

Stretched you beneath the tree.

Among the roots and baby's breath,

I covered us with silver leaves." She sang, trying to hold back her tears. What was happening? Why was this happening to her? Why did it have to be like this?

"Gloria," Finn and the boys alone, as Puck began the next lines;

"We lied, we can't go on

This is the time and this is the place to be alive."

Everyone stepped forwards to sing the chorus, Mercedes' voice ringing out especially strong.

"The sea is wine red

This is the death of beauty

The doves have died

The lovers have lied"

Now just Puck and Quinn were singing, and even Rachel was surprised at how well the two sounded together,

"The sea is wine red,

This is the death of beauty.

The doves have died,

The lovers have lied."

The final chorus was alternating Quinn leading the boys afterwards and then Puck leading the girls.

"The sea is wine red," Quinn sang out, as the boys sang melody, "Glo-o-oria, we lied,"

"This is the death of beauty," Puck now, the girls following, "This is the time and place"

"The doves have died" Quinn again, then the boys; "Glo-o-oria, we lied,"

"This is the death of beauty," Puck finished, as the entire club sang aloud, hauntingly the last line;

"This is the time and place"

Quinn and Puck seemed frozen, but the rest of the Club was commenting on the song, talking out how the melodies were fantastic.

"Mister S, where did you get that song?" Mercedes asked,

"It's called 'Wine Red'." Will replied, and before Tina could ask, "Sung by The Hush Sound. Look them up."

Rachel went up to Puck to congradulate him and the boy shot a glance at Quinn before turning to talk to her. Finn walked over to Quinn,

"Hey, what's wrong."?

Quinn looked a little startled and then raised her eyes up from the ground. "I think we need to talk." She said softly, nearly whispering. Finn looked concerned but ignored it as Will told the club to get back into their places for the Katy Perry song.

They ran through Hot n' Cold one more time and after Will had dismissed them Quinn grabbed onto Finn tightly and dragged him through the halls quickly, leading him out to the parking lot and nearly shoving him into his car.

"Hey, where's the fire?" Finn said, smiling and frowning, slightly concerned.

"You're not the father."

There. It was out. Quinn gasped and covered her mouth. Had she meant that to be so sudden. It almost seemed cruel, the way she was dying to tell him the truth. Finn blinked, frowned and then turned forwards, clenching the steering wheel with both hands, utterly bewildered.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, but I just. I couldn't tell you I had . . ."

"You lied to me." It was a judgment, they way he uttered the words. It was an arrow in her heart, tearing out a bit of herself. Quinn didn't want to feel like this, she had never meant to hurt anyone. She had been hurt first, dammit! This was her fault, she knew, but this wasn't just her fault.

"Finn, I am so sorry," Quinn scooted closer to the boy, putting a hand on his arm that he quickly pushed away. He wasn't looking at her and Quinn's eyes started to fill up with tears. No. No! He couldn't do this to her now, she needed him more than ever.

"I wanted to tell you, I didn't want this to happen. I'm so sorry, Finn. Please-" She grabbed him again and this time he didn't move. "talk to me."

"Who's the father?"

Quinn hesitated, and at that moment the Glee club came out of the building in twos and threes. Finn glanced at Quinn and saw her watch as Puck walked out with Rachel.

"You slept with Puckerman?"

"No! I mean, I did, but it wasn't my fault! I was having a bad day and-"

"So you didn't talk to me?" Finn asked her harshly. "You didn't think maybe you should say something to your boyfriend, but instead thought that fucking one of his best friends was a good idea? Quinn, what the fuck?!"

He had raised his voice and a couple of the kids glanced over. Puck frowned, but kept walking. He put an arm around Rachel's shoulders, steering her towards his truck ("It's getting dark, let me take you home. . .").

"It wasn't like that-"

"Really Quinn?" Finn was so angry right now. So upset. He couldn't believe this was happening, and especially not to him. This was ridiculous. This was insane, this was absolutely insane. "So how was it? Was it fun? How would your parents react if you told them that you actually had sex rather than getting pregnant from a hot tub? Think that'll put their panties in a twist?"

A few of the Glee Clubbers were watching. Puck looked back and could only guess as to what was going on. Thank god he had gotten Rachel away from this.

"Finn– " Quinn was crying now. Why couldn't he just let her talk. She didn't even like Puck, why didn't he see that she hadn't told him the father because she really loved him?

Finn cut her off, "Get out of my car."

Quinn stared at him, eyes wide. "Please-"


She shut up quickly, a sob hitching in her throat, a dark red flush on Finns face. "I don't want to talk to you right now. Get out."

Quinn sniffled, nodded and opened her door, scattering Mercedes, Kurt and Tina towards Kurt's Suburban.

"Call me later?" She asked softly before she closed the door.

"Maybe." Finn spat, still not looking at her as she shut the car door and turned down the parking lot to find her own slick sports car. Getting into her car she watched as Finn drove away, her sobs still hitching in her throat.

How could she have done this?

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