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The Arrancar put their family name last

The Shingami put their family name first.

This is do to a difference of culture in that the Arrancar are based off of Spanish origins where the Shinigami are based off of Japanese origins. The children will have their family names places according to which race their respective fathers are.

You will notice how the various characters refer to each other will change as the story goes on. This is a result of how they view each other changing. How the characters are referred to will also change in the sentences to reflect the changing relationships.

Back ground: so you don't have to read through another version of how things are going to end in the current battle.

The battle at the fake Karakura Town was fought to a draw. Realizing he needed more powerful warriors to fight on par with the Gotei 13 and Ichigo's allies Aizen came up with a solution in a variant form of Ichigo.

If turning Hollow into Shinigami and Shinigami into Hollow didn't work then perhaps a hybrid of the two would, much like how he perceived Ichigo to be. He would simply crossbreed the two species.

Retreating with the surviving Espada and the prisoners Halibel grabbed at his orders, for indeed Hitsugaya's powers would be a good breeding asset and his Fukutaisou being one of the few women worthy of breeding, they returned to Hueco Mundo.

With the return of such a powerful force, those in Hueco Mundo that had managed to gather up left before they could be eliminated with the help of Nel, who fully healed by Inoue was able to open a garganta to return to the living world with most of those in Hueco Mundo.

Unfortunately the group with Byakuya: consisting of Rukia, Hanataro and Isane were unable to meet up with them. Likewise Unohana, who was on her way to meet up with Kenpachi and the others, was also left behind. She found the barely alive Grimmjow and began to heal his wounds, halfway done before her capture.

Not wanting to risk any more losses, Aizen had his Espada round up those unfortunate to be left behind as a group. Their Zanpakuto's removed and their reiatsu sealed, they were led to Aizen's throne room where they await to hear their fates…….

Chapter 1


Having been alone and with the least threatening presence, Unohana Retsu had been the last one left behind to be rounded up. The three Espada who had come to retrieve her had permitted her to finish healing Grimmjow before sealing her reiatsu and claiming her Zanpakuto.

Recognizing a fight that could not be won, she had gone quietly and without resistance, much to the surprise and relief of her captors. Entering the room she glanced at the others who apparently were to share her fate.

Kuchiki Byakuya, Matsumoto Rangiku, Kuchiki Rukia, Kotetsu Isane, Hitsugaya Toshiro and Hanataro Yamada.

The first four were kneeling side by side; wrist strapped behind their backs, collars on their necks and ropes binding the two separate items together. The last two were not far away, Toshiro laying on the ground similarly bound like the others but apparently unconscious and heavily wounded. Hanataro was the only one not restrained, or even sealed, and the glow surrounding him let her know he was doing his best to heal the wounds Toshiro had obtained.

"This is the last one, Aizen-sama." Halibel reported. "The rest have managed to escape."

"May I assist Hanataro-san with Hitsugaya-Taichous injuries?" Unohana requested softly with a small bow.

Aizen merely nodded his consent.

Her collar was removed and she walked softly over to her trembling subordinate, who seemed to relax a little with her comforting presence as she took over the healing of the young man. His wounds were deep, but healable.

There was an argument going on in the background, but she ignored it in favor of the task before her, at least until she caught the last part that cause even her to freeze and the room fell silent at the proclamation.

She turned to notice everyone, even Byakuya and the Espada, had looks of disbelief on their faces. Then the shouting began on an all new level, most of it coming from Rukia, Matsumoto and Grimmjow.

She herself could hardly believe what Aizan had declared. To 'breed' them like some sort of pet project. Would it even be possible? With the Hogyoku perhaps it could be. After all the Espada were technically half Shinigami.

She returned her attention to healing Toshiro, noticing her young subordinate was stunned into shock and unable to even move. She didn't blame him, he was hardly old enough to even start to think about women, let alone sex, the same for the young captain she was healing.

She understood now why Toshiro had been spared, his power was immense and would be a worthy asset to breed through. Aizen was a very patient man after all and would have no qualms about waiting until Toshiro was old enough.

Unohana gasped as the room fell silent as Aizen ended the debate with the crushing force of his reiatsu. Only because of dealing with the hot heads of the 11th division and its Taichou for many year enabled her to even maintain her position. A quick glance around showed the others on the floor gasping for air with the exception of Byakuya, who was able to maintain a somewhat upright position under the crushing force. The Espada looked uncomfortable but were also able to maintain their position. Poor Hanatoro was complete unconscious.

"Aizan-sama, may you please lower your reiatsu, it is hurting Hanatoro-san and Hitsugaya-Taichou?" She managed to request with her usual calm voice, despite the fact it was taking all of her effort to breath.

After a moment the pressure was released, most likely because it had achieved its purpose in silencing the room rather then because he was being nice.

"Thank you." She thanked softly anyway and returned to her task.

"If you are serious about this, Aizan-sama, then can I have her?" Stark asked, pointing at her.

He could already tell she would be the least trouble and that would be fine by him. He was not up to dealing with the fiery attitudes of the other women in the room. Hell, the only reason he would even agree to doing this was because it was a direct order.

All of this she was able to read in the 1st Espada's eyes as she looked at him while continuing with her task of healing Toshiro. He was laid back, almost sleeping on his feet as if the whole meeting bored him, but she could feel the hidden power behind him.

"Granted." Aizen smiled. "Now for the rest of you."

"I claim her." Grimmjow spoke up, pointing at Rukia before any more could be said.

A look of horror crossed the girls face, growing only when Aizen agreed. Hardly even waiting for the word of agreement to finish coming from Aizen's mouth, the 6th Espada grabbed her and left, dragging her kicking and screaming behind him without any difficulty.

"Halibel." Aizen looked at his 3rd Espada.

"Only one of the boys is even old enough." She commented coldly.

"Indeed. With such a powerful bloodline I expect strong results."

Halibel merely nodded before walking forward and grabbing Byakuya by the back of the collar, dragging him to his feet and pushing him out of the room. He steadied himself and walked firmly as befitting of a noble, regardless of his current situation.

Unlike his younger, adopted sister, he didn't make a scene or waste breath in arguing. She did catch him glancing down the hall his sister had disappeared down, but otherwise showed no other outwards sign of worry.

That just left the 2nd Espada and two unclaimed women. She knew how that was going to turn out, for Aizen was looking for power so she wasn't at all surprised when Matsumoto was assigned to the 2nd Espada. She was the most powerful female outside of herself or Soi Fon.

She pitied the young woman, for her partner was considerable older, appearing almost too old to even think about having sex. Matsumoto was indeed screaming even going so far as to send her pleading gaze to her old friend Gin as if that would help her fate.

The 2nd Espada seemed no more pleased then her, but didn't argue and with a single smack to the back of his assigned target head, knocked her out and tossed her to the larger one of his two surviving Fracción.

With that they walked out, leaving her with the other two members of her division and Toshiro.

"If Stark gets a pet, I want one too." Lilinette complained.

Aizen actually chuckled.

"You can have the boy." He offered.

Her eye lit up and fell on Toshiro.

"The other boy." Aizen clarified.

With a pout she looked at the unconscious Hanataro, who was just starting to stir. Unohana paid half attention again as Aizen gave his commands for the young Arrancar to make sure that Hanataro was well kept.

The poor youngster was trembling in terror at the prospect of being a slave to the violent girl. She spared a moment to give him a reassuring pat on his back, but it did little to stop the tears threatening to spill.

"Well what are you waiting for Dorei-chan, lets go." Lilinette commanded with a wide grin.

Only years of dealing with bullies gave him the fortitude to rise to his feet and walk up to the arrancar that would be his master until further notice.

"Stop slouching and lets go, Dorei-chan." She barked. "Seriously, you are as bad as Stark." She growled in exasperation.

"Sorry." He stuttered and followed her out.

That just left her own fukutaichou, who had remained more or less silent during the whole horror fest.

"Stark, why don't you take this one as well." Aizan smiled at him.

The 1st Espada looked less then thrilled at the prospect of caring for two women.

"We have lost our medics and I have a feeling we will have need of their healing power over the next little while."

So the Espada was not expected to do anything with Isane other then watch her, at least for now. That was at least one relief in this growing nightmare.

Toshiro stirred, drawing her attention to him, as well as the rest of the rooms. Now that he was out of danger she was dismissed and immediately resealed, but not restrained, before Toshiro could regain full awareness. Isane got to her feet and with a great amount of regret and apprehension they followed Stark out of the room.

He didn't even bother to look back at them as he led them down the maze of corridors, stopping outside a room and declaring it was where Isane would be staying. Unohana was pleased when the young woman didn't argue and simply walked into the plain room, the door being locked behind her after her restraints had been removed.

Once again they were walking down corridors until they came to what could only be Starks room. It was more or less bare with only the essentials. Without even a word he walked over to his bed and laid down. He promptly and apparently went to sleep.

It was later in the evening when Stark stirred from his slumber, Unohana had made herself comfortable on the couch, absently fiddling with the collar around her neck and determining that there would be no way for her to get it off.

She considered the situation they found themselves in. Escape would not be easy and she had a strong feeling that the chance of rescue was slim. Sadly, it would most likely be Kurosaki-san and not the Gotei 13 who would come for them.

The boy had fought all of Soul Society to rescue Rukia and she doubted a change in landscape would stop him a second time. But as powerful as the boy and his friends were, they were no match for Aizen and the top Espada.

Soul Society had probably already writing them off as dead, there would be no rescue coming and from what she had seen of the battle field and the bit of info she had gathered from Grimmjow while healing him, everyone was pretty banged up and it would be a long while before any of them could move efficiently, especially with three of the top 4th squad members now trapped here.

The door opened and she looked up to see who was coming. To her surprise a cart was pushed into the room, at its helm was Hanataro, who looked more or less exactly as she had last seen him.

Behind him came Lilinette scolding him the entire way. He was answering with meek "Yes Lilinette-sama's" to which she then barked at him to stop being so pathetic. Unohana couldn't help but smile slightly.

There was no malice in Lilinette's voice, just great joy and amusement at ordering Hanataro around. Unohana gave them a bow and a soft thank you to the pair. She was amused Lilinette actually blushed at receiving acknowledgement of her existence without having to do bodily harm to some one. The two left slightly less noisily then they arrived.

"Dinner?" She asked, looking at the cart.

"Yeah." Stark answered.

He didn't seem to be showing much motivation to move. She took the cover off and looked down to the plate of food and tea pot. The meal seemed to be for her only.

She ate slowly, watching Stark out of the corner of her eye. He rolled over and appeared to be napping yet again. Somehow she couldn't help but think of him as a house cat, sleeping all day and moving only when the sun shifted off of its spot on the couch.

It was about an hour after her meal, around when she figured evening would be, that he stirred and turned to look at her. There was a look of resignation in his eyes.

"I don't want to do this any more then you do I am sure, but an order is an order."

She sighed in agreement. While he appeared to be laid back and easy going she could tell that he would force her if she refused to comply. She knew he had the power to back it up, even had she not been sealed. Slowly she rose and walked towards him and the bed.

She took off her captain cloak, folding it neatly and placing it on the table beside the bed. She tried not to think about what she was doing, with what she would be doing it with. It wasn't too hard, her thoughts going out to the others.

To poor Rukia who was paired with a violent being, that she couldn't help but to compare to Kenpachi standing before a strong opponent, and had a grudge against her best friend.

To Matsumoto, paired with death itself and a man old enough to be her great grandfather, assuming he didn't get his Fracción involved or let them play with her as well. That thought was most definitely not pleasant.

Her thoughts were broken by Stark actually moving. Realizing she had stopped undressing with her distracted thoughts, she continued slowly and reluctantly, folding her cloths and putting them next to her cloak.

She could hear the sound of the bed moving and cloth rustling as Stark also undressed. Without turning to face him, and doing her best to not tremble in apprehension, she sat down on the edge and took her braid out, letting her hair loose so it wouldn't get in the way.

She heard him sigh behind her and then his hands were on her shoulders. She stiffened in shock at the touch and dropped her gaze down to her clasped hands. Her eyes drifted shut but she didn't resist as he gently maneuvered her to the center of the bed.

She dared to open her eyes to see him laying beside her, his chest bare but the blankets withholding any other view of him at the moment. She tried to force herself to relax. As a trained medic she was all too aware of the damages that could occur during unprepared sex.

He seemed in no rush to get into the act, and just leisurely ran his fingers up and down her side. In fact she was half sure he was dozing again. It helped her to relax and she silent thanked him for the consideration she doubted any of the others were receiving. She wasn't at all surprised when her body started to respond to his soft touches and was wise enough not to fight it.

His hand eventually drifted lower and she jerked a bit when his hand reached the more sensitive part of her lower anatomy. She couldn't remember the last time anyone had touched her down there. His hand didn't linger between her legs for long, just long enough to determine that she was wet enough not to hurt her when he entered her.

With another sigh he shifted her onto her back and moved on top of her. She obediently spread her legs so he could settle between them. She could not afford to be hurt, not when she would most likely be needed to put the others back together again. She was not counting on Isane not getting hurt, if not by one of lower ranked arrancar than by the traitors.

She was also luckier than Rukia in another aspect. She was not inexperienced like the younger woman, so when Stark started to slowly enter her, she just shifted until she was slightly more comfortable and forced herself to remain relaxed and calm.

It wasn't unpleasant per say, and if he had been someone she cared about it would not have been bad. The only thing really separating this from blatant rape was the fact she wasn't fighting back and he clearly didn't want to do this anymore then she did. In reality it technically was rape, for she had no desire to be here beneath him and he could stop. She wasn't foolish enough to fight against it and if he didn't do as Aizen commanded one of the others would, and they might not be so gentle.

He was not forceful, moving in and out of her at an even pace. There was no heavy breathing, no grunting, no kissing, just the steady motion of in and out. She had closed her eyes when he had mounted her, having no desire to look at the creature above her, who looked far too similar to a dear friend for comfort.

She did nothing to assist him in reaching his release, instead just remaining still beneath him despite the light desire welling up in her body, an expected reaction. Nature would be nature and as a trained medic she knew the body well and was not the least but surprised when her own body responded to the act being done to her.

Eventually she felt him stiffen and his fluid filled her. He made no groan of pleasure as he released. He rested briefly before slowly sliding out of her and falling to his side. She remained as she was, but opened her eyes once again.

"You can remain here, or sleep on the couch, your call." He offered tiredly.

Glancing at the small couch that would be most uncomfortable and safe in the knowledge he had no desire to touch her any further then what Aizen orders dictated, she settled for pulling the first layer of her uniform back on and settling down on the edge of the bed, ignoring the still naked Espada already asleep beside her.

He had moved to his edge of the bed, giving her a fair amount of space and she was rather surprised at the consideration. She would have thought it would have been difficult falling asleep next to the enemy, but after all the events of the day, from healing the injured to being captured to this, she was burnt and sleep ambushed her rather quickly.

The bed was rather soft and warm and that definitely helped to lull her down into dream land, where she surprisingly slept deeply and well.


Brown eyes opened as the breathing beside him evened out. He looked over at the peacefully sleeping woman beside him, honestly surprised she had decided to stay in the bed and had fallen asleep so quickly, granted they had all had a very long and tiring day.

He wasn't sure what to think about this latest scheme of Aizen's, but all he could do was obey, for to defy him would lead to death, or a fate worse than as he had been forced to witness many times over the years.

At least his prediction about her attitude had been accurate. She was not giving him any problems. None of the fighting or screaming that had been coming from the other two women.

She was huddled in half of her uniform, and before long she began to shiver as the sweat from their activity cooled down. Moving carefully so as not to stir her he adjusted the blankets to cover her.

She sighed and nestled into the warmth, but otherwise didn't stir anymore. He settled back down himself, curling into the familiar warmth that was his beloved bed and making sure to give her plenty of space. His bed was large enough to leave at least a foot between them and still give them an inch or two from their respective edges so they wouldn't have to touch as they slept.

Sleep claimed him quickly once he was settled back in, after all it had been a long day and it had been a very long time since he had to use his resurrection. He was burnt as much as the others were.

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