Chapter 12


"That's my Pantera. Keep the tip up Taka." Grimmjow called, watching as the two girls trained diligently.

Kinomi had made a full recovery from her injury and seemed to have forgotten some of the events that had happened that night, no doubt an act of her brain protecting itself. Rather she would remember or not only time would tell, as well as what effects the events of that night would have on her mind.

Stark had managed to distract their children until they fell asleep again and had forgotten about it come the next morning, or thought it had been a dream. Either way Taka hadn't asked about what had happened that night much to her relief.

Unohana had made sure to pay him back for a job well done as he had taken care of the three children solo for the three days it had taken to make sure Kinomi was recovering nicely and that none of the damage she had taken would regress. What more he had done it without a single complaint or sign of irritation.

Yes, he had been well paid indeed. The memory still made her insides tingle a bit and a small smile to make its way onto her face.

The two girls were just starting a new round when it suddenly hit them. Unahana was so shocked it took her a moment to recognize what she was feeling and identify it. She wasn't the only one who jumped as the reiatsu rolled over them.

All eyes jumped to the West. Leon and Rinascita started to scream as the unfamiliar and powerful reiatsu clashed against their infant ones before Unohana was able to shield her daughter with her own and Ggio did the same for his son.

"What was that, Grimm-Sensei?" Taka asked confused.

"Otousan?" Kinomi asked worried, her gaze also locked to the West.

"Is that…?" Rangiku couldn't finish the sentence as she tried to coo Leon to silence.

Unohana was having the same problems with Rina, the little girl wailing.

The sound of an explosion reached their ears a few seconds later. With out a moments hesitation Grimmjow removed the reiatsu restraining collars from Rangiku and Isane, the only two still kept sealed. With a rush of Sonido and Shunpo they gathered the children up and moved.

"What is going on?" Reina commanded.

"An attack, Reina-sama." Ggio answered, holding her carefully as they raced away from the murderous reiatsu behind them.

"Or a rescue." Rukia countered.

After almost six years of being slaves here, of the relationships that had formed, suddenly everything became grey yet again. There was no mistaking some of the reiatsu that clashed against theirs.

"Ichigo." Rukia whispered, eyes gazing to where she could feel his reiatsu, mixed feelings flashing through her eyes.

They continued their run, heading as far away from the fighting as they could, Aizen's wishes be damned. It felt a like a jolt down their spines when Grimmjow and Ggio realized they were more concerned about getting the children out of the war zone than they were about getting into a fight.

They came to the final wall and Grimmjow blasted it with a cero, making the way clear until they were outside.

"I'll be right back." He promised, passing Kinomi to Rukia before disappearing in a flash of Sonido.

"Otousan, 'tera." Kinomi cried out, reaching for where Grimmjow had just been.

Even Taka and Kinomi started to complain about having a hard time breathing when the washes of reiatsu slammed against them from the battles taking place.

Without hesitation Unohana suggested they get as far away from Las Noches as they could before they got caught up in any fighting or before the children got injured, as their young bodies were no match for the shear amount of reiatsu being unleashed.

They were a fair distance away when they felt Grimmjow returning, and not alone. Byakuya was with him, and in his arms little Barbo. As quickly as they noticed that they also noticed Senbonzakura was at his side and that Grimmjow had the rest of their Zanpakuto's.

It had been so long since many of them had held them they openly wept as the almost forgotten voices flooded their heads. Even Rangiku cried and hugged her blade, telling Haineko she would never call her names again.

"I need to return before Aizen notices anything." Grimmjow declared.

"Be careful, Otooji. Take care of him 'tera." Kinomi said, wiping her budding tears away and trying to look tuff.

"Of course 'tera will keep me safe." He flashed her one of his confident grins. "If I see Ichigo I'll let him know where you are." He turned forward, drawing his Zanpakuto. "Kishire, Pantera." He declared.

The children stared at him in sudden, silent shock and awe as he changed before their eyes in a burst of power.

"Otooji." Kinomi shouted as he disappeared. "Come back safe, Otooji." She screamed.

"We should get as far away as we can. I do not wish to have to fight Toshiro should Aizen-sama notice we are missing and send him after us." Unohana pointed out, then turned to look at the two remaining arrancar.

"Stark will want to make sure you and the children are safe." Lilinette answered her unasked question.

"My mission is to protect Reina-sama." Ggio answered.

With that they headed away from the palace and the overwhelming levels of reiatsu that was clashing, some of it familiar like the bloodthirsty feel of Kenpachi's, and some of it unknown and strange feeling that they would later learn belonged to the Vizard.

It was about an hour later when they felt a reiatsu racing towards them and they came to a full stop. Rukia was the first to race towards it, tears in her eyes.


"Ichigo." She shouted in joy as she was suddenly swept off of her feet.

He was in his Bankai form and his golden eyes indicated he was accessing his hollow power, though she wondered where the mask was. No wonder he had caught up to them so quickly.

He hugged her tightly, and she returned it with one arm, the other holding onto Kinomi. After a moment Ichigo seemed to notice the bundle in her arms.

"This is…?" He looked at the child in confusion.

"Kurosaki Pantera Kinomi." Kinomo introduce herself shyly.

Ichigo almost fainted, his eyes going back to Rukia in pure shock.

"Kinomi-chan, meet your Otousan." Rukia introduced slowly, not sure how this was going to play out.

"Did Otooji find you Otousan?" Kinomi asked shyly.

"Otooji?" Ichigo's eyes instantly went to Byakuya.

Rukia shock her head. "She means Grimmjow." She corrected hesitantly.

"Grimmjow?" He asked in disbelief. "Yeah he did but… Otooji?"

"Long story." She interrupted. "We need to get out of here."

"Damn it Ichigo, you run too fast."

"Nel?" Rukia looked at the former Espada in surprise as the woman caught up to them.

"Hiya, Rukia." Nel waved wildly. "Oh, wow, is that yours?" Nel asked, pointing at Kinomi.

"Yes." Rukia answered.

"Wow, you go Ichigo, one round was all it took you." Nel laughed, slapping him on the back, causing him to stumble. "And who are all these people?"

Ichigo only now seemed to notice the rest of the strange group, and more importantly the terrified children with them.

"Nel, can you get us out of here?" He asked seriously.

"Yeah. One sec." She agreed.

The black void of a Garganta opened before them. Ichigo picked Rukia and his child up bridal style and stepped through the black tear. The others followed, some of them quickly and in relief, others after a moments hesitation.

Down below was Urahara's shop and they wasted no time in entering the shop and heading down into the basement. Ichigo made sure they were safe before promising to be back and leaving with Nel, no doubt to finish the battle.

It had been so long they had completely forgotten what their plans had been should they ever make it free. There was more to it than that too. What would Soul Society think and do about the children?

Kinomi and Akata had no fear, they were more or less pure Shingami, but the others? Other than Galgo it was clear what their heritage was. It was a fear they all held, and along side it was what would happen to the arrancar who had helped them escape?

Seeing Nel alongside Ichigo was a good sign. All they could do now was wait and see how this battle was going to end and what fate would await them.

But more then anything, Rukia feared what Ichigo would say or do when he found out she was with child, and this time it wasn't his.


"You named MY daughter after YOUR Zanpakuto." Ichigo challenged as they rested together against a pillar in the aftermath of the battle that signified the end of the war.

Aizen had not only made a lot of arrancar, but had bound a few of the Shinigami slaves he had acquired. Pinning down Toshiro had not been fun and somehow they had gotten that pleasure.

As much as he hated to admit it, hell they both hated to admit it, but it had taken both Ichigo and Grimmjow to pin the boy down and not kill him or die in the process while Shinji and whoever else was with him dealt with Aizen.

"Had to make Aizen think she was mine somehow, Shinigami." Grimmjow bit back. "And like hell I was giving your brat my name."

"I would be forced to kill you if you did."

"You still owe me one hell of a duel."

"Maybe tomorrow."

They sat in silence, watching as the members of the fourth and Orihime helped the wounded under the direction of some Shinigami Ichigo didn't recognize. They had not come out unscratched and there were some losses, though none that were close to him and as such didn't hurt him as much.

Truthfully other then Shinji and the Vizard the only people he know on the field today were the other taichou, some of fukutaichou and his human friends. As far as he knew they were all alive. Beating up, but alive.

"They are safe." Grimmjow suddenly declared.

"Huh?" Ichigo turned to face him, only then noticing the presence of another figure he didn't recognize, though it was clear he was an arrancar.

"All of them?" The unknown man asked.

"Yeah." Grimmjow answered.

"What do they plan on doing now?"

"You mean with us?"

A nod from the strange man.

"No clue." Grimmjow shrugged.

"Who are you?" Ichigo asked, looking at the figure wearily, but if Grimmjow seemed un-threatened then he felt he should as well.

"Stark." Was the mans answer.

Ichigo just shrugged, not recognizing the name. Then he suddenly sat bolt upright.

"Wait, I remember you. You grabbed Orihime after Kenpachi beat Nnoitra."

"As per Aizen's orders." He answered.

"Whatever." Ichigo just shrugged again and leaned against the pillar once more.

He had fought against half of the Gotei 13 and now called them friend. Nel was clearly a good person and as far as he knew Stark had no 'crimes' against him so for now he would give him the benefit of the doubt as he had Nel and her brothers.

They all stood up and straitened when they noticed the remaining captains, and some who had been promoted in the last five years, coming towards them.

In the lead was Yamamoto, Kyouraku of the 8th to his left and Ukitake of the 13th to his right. Then there was Soi Fon of the 2nd, Ikkaku, now of the 3rd, Renji now of the 6th, Komamura of the 7th, Yumichicka, now of the 9th, Kenpachi of the 11th with Yachiro hanging off of his shoulders as usual, although she was starting to get a bit big for it, and Kurotsuchi of the 12th.

"Kurosaki Ichigo." Yamamoto greeted.

"Yo." He greeted warily.

Most of their eyes were on the two arrancar behind him, but for now they seemed willing to let things rest. Ichigo guessed it had more to do with exhaustion than anything else.

"I heard from the others you know the location of several of the missing prisoners."

"Yeah. Grimmjow told me where they were after he helped them get out of the way." He answered.

Yamamoto looked briefly at the two Espada.

"You will tell me where they are."

"One thing first." Ichigo held up his hand. "What do you plan on doing with the children?" He demanded coldly.

"The children?" Most of them actually looked surprised, including Yamamoto.

"Yeah. There were what, six of them?" He looked back at Grimmjow.

"Learn to count. Nine." He corrected. "Born anyway." He added under his breath.

"What do you mean, born?" Ichigo rounded on him.

"At least one of them is knocked up again." He answered with a shrug. "You took too long busting in here, Shinigami."

"I would greatly love to see these children. Part Shinigami, part arrancar, intriguing." Kurotsuchi commented with a wide grin.

"Like hell." Grimmjow snarled, grabbing his blade, but not drawing.

"Tell me what you are going to do about them and I may or may not tell you where they are." Ichigo answered.

"You would with hold information from us?" Yamamoto challenged.

"You forget, I don't answer to you." He pointed out. "And one of those kids is mine."

"We can not hold the children responsible for being." Ukitake pointed out. "Any more then we can hold the Vizard for becoming what they are."

"Such an interesting time we live in, eh?" Kyouraku commented.

"Let the brats live." Kenpachi snorted.

"I wish to study them." Kurotsuchi added.

"Like hell." Ichigo and Grimmjow objected at the same time and Stark just narrowed his eyes dangerously.

"I think enough blood has been shed." Komamura put in his vote.

"I stand with Kenpachi-taichou." Ikkaku shrugged.

"As do I." Yumichika added.

Silence as they waited for Yamamoto to reach a decision. Central 46 had yet to be fully re-formed so his decision on these matters were final.

"Very well. They will be brought back to Soul Society with their parents." He declared.

"Both parents?" Inchigo asked.

Yamamoto and the others now looked fully at the two Espada.

"And you are?"

"Stark." He answered. "My Fracción Lilinette is with them now."

"Some of the children are yours?" Yamamoto asked.

"Three of them are mine, one is Lilinettes."

"Which three and who is the mother?"

"Kyuusoku Galgo, Volatil Taka and Rinascita. Their mother is Unohana." He answered without hesitation.

"And Lilinette?"

"Yamada Azucena, the father is Yamada Hanataro."

The brought no few raised eyebrows from those that knew the boy.

"And you?" Yamamoto turned to Grimmjow.

"Ah…" He actually looked embarrassed and Ichigo felt a twinge of apprehension at Grimmjow's sudden silence. "I lay claim to none of them." He finally declared. "But I will kill anyone who wishes to harm them." He added in a snarl, his eyes clearly on Kurotsuchi.

Ichigo waited for what the old man would declare, as what words were spoken next could mean the difference between another battle or peace.

"You care for your offspring?" Ukitake asked in the heavy silence.

"I would kill any who wish them, or their mother, harm." Stark answered.

"As would I." Grimmjow added coldly. "Even though I don't lay claim to any of them." He was quick to add.

Now Ichigo was definitely suspicious as to why Grimmjow was so determined to make it clear he had no claim on them. Rukia had said Kinomi was his and the child definitely had his eyes and other features.

"Very well. You may enter Soul Society to be with your children provided you submit to having your reiatsu sealed and remain under constant surveillance." Yamamoto declared.

"That is fine." Stark agreed without hesitation.

Yamamoto looked at Grimmjow.

"What the hell makes you think I would want to go to there." Grimmjow growled and tossed his head. "I am out of here. Remember, you owe me a fight, Shinigami."

"I think I owe you a few. You know where to find me, Otooji."

Grimmjow paused in his retreat to growl back at him, before disappearing in a bang of Sonido. Once Ichigo found out his girlfriend was banged up with his child, he was sure the Shinigami would give him one hell of a fight.


They looked up at the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs, praying it was indeed their allies returning and not Aizen coming to reclaim them. Rukia let out the breath she hadn't realized she had been holding when Ichigo came down the stairs.

She rushed to him and leaped into his arms, sobbing in relief he was alright, beating up and slightly frost bitten, but alive and here before her. The tears kept coming and she couldn't stop crying.

Ichigo just held her, his arms like a fortress around her, protecting her. After a moment she felt small hands on her back and looked at Kinomi. Kinomi was staring up at her father in awe.

"Otousan?" Kinomi whispered in slight confusion.

She saw a strange look enter Ichigo's eyes as he slowly nodded his head, kneeling down so they were level with the five year old.

"I heard about you. From Grimm-ji and Okaasan." Kinomi said hesitantly.

There was a look in her daughters eyes Rukia had never seen and it took her a moment to realize it was fear. Kinomi was afraid. Kinomi was very rarely afraid. Rukia could count the number of times she had seen Kinomi afraid on one hand. Why was she afraid?

"I would like to know more about you." Ichigo smiled softly at her and pulled her into his embrace.

"Me too." Kinomi smiled, and just like that the fear was gone.

At once Rukia understood what it had been. It had been the fear of rejection, of being denied. Kinomi had grown up hearing tales about her father and how great he was. The fear of being rejected by what to her had to be a legend had no doubt been overwhelming. To her it was as if the king of the kingdom she had only dreamed about had agreed to let her live in his palace.

"Marry me?" Ichigo suddenly asked her.

She froze, and he felt it, a look of worry crossing his face as she felt tears come again.

"Kinomi, can you go make sure Taka-chan is doing okay." Rukia requested.

Kinomi looked over to where Taka was standing with her mother, siblings, her father, and two people in long cloaks Kinomi didn't recognize; one of them in white with long white hair and the other in pink with a strange hat.

She looked hesitantly back at her mother before wandering off towards her friend and the strange new people. The one with long white hair noticed her approaching and offered her a warm smile that instantly washed all her worries away and she ran the last few steps.

Now more or less alone Rukia turned to look deeply into Ichigo's eyes, reading the love, worry, confusion, and a million other emotions that were in them.


He frowned when Rukia sent their daughter away and knew instinctively that what he was about to hear was not going to be a good thing.

"I want to say yes Ichigo, I love you, but…. things happened there. Things I didn't want to but they did. I had to, I had to keep our daughter safe. Grimmjow made sure of that and…." She was crying again.

He pulled her tight against his chest and let her sob. He felt fear spike into his heart, a million scenarios running through his head about what sort of torture she had been put through.

Rukia was strong, strong enough to sacrifice her own life to save his. Strong enough to walk to her own execution with her head held high. What could possibly have her in this bad of a fit?

"Tell me." He whispered.

Two words. She whispered them softly and he froze upon hearing them. Suddenly Grimmjow's insistence as to denouncing his claim on any of the children made more sense.

He felt his emotions range from rage to grief and back again. He forced himself to wrestle through them, but more importantly he held onto Rukia tightly so she wouldn't have a chance to escape.

If it hadn't been for Grimmjow than Kinomi would not have been born and there was no telling what sort of fate Rukia would have suffered during her time in Hueco Mundo. That was what all his whirling thoughts kept coming back to.

His rage was not at her but at himself for letting her go back six years ago. He was mad it took Urahara and Kurotsuchi so long to break the barrier. He was infuriated that Urahara had disappeared and they had lost the chance to go in before they had been locked out. He was beating himself up for letting Ishida drag his half dead corpse through Nel's garganta without everyone accounted for, despite the fact Ulquiorra had left him pretty busted up.

But above all, he was not mad at her. How could he be? It wasn't her fault. She had come clean right out the gate. Taking a shuddering breath, he spoke those four words again.

Sobbing, she said yes.

Nodding, he gave her a strong squeeze before loosening his grip and kissing her, somehow feeling as if he was unworthy of her love for leaving her to such a fate.

Before they moved over to reclaim Kinomi, who was watching Ukitake and Shunsui seal Stark's power with the curiosity of any child, a single thought entered his mind he couldn't help but to have.

He now had a very valid excuse to pound the former Espada known as Grimmjow into the ground every chance he got and since he didn't like fighting for nothing it worked out perfectly. The next time the two met bones would be broken and blood would definitely fly.

His gaze wandered over his daughter, HIS DAUGHTER. He couldn't get over the fact he was a father. Him. That small girl over there was his. He helped to make her. She was his.

His brain remained on repeat after that.


"Hello, Kinomi-chan." Unohana greeted her warmly as she arrived.

"Hello, Unohana-san." Kinomi greeted warmly, her gaze still on the two strange men.

"This is Ukitake-taichou and Kyouraku-taichou." Unohana introduced the two strange men.

She bowed to them politely.

"Now now, Retsu-chan, Shunsui is fine." He offered with a smile.

"Is Grimm-ji okay?" She asked hesitantly, looking up at Stark, who was sitting on a boulder with one of his arms held out while Ukitake was chanting something softly.

"He is fine." He answered with a soft smile.

She felt a wave of relief wash over her. Her last fear alleviated she turned her attention to what was going on. Ukitake was holding a rather elaborate bracelet and was spouting what sounded like nonsense.

He stopped and Shunsui picked up the chant, taking the bracelet from his companions hand.

"Hello." Ukitake greeted her now that she was done. "You must be Rukia's daughter." He smiled warmly.

Kinomi instantly liked him. She didn't know why, but she did. He seemed so nice and friendly.

"What are you doing?" She asked curiously.

"Well you see, in order for Taka-chans Otousan to come live with us we need to seal his reiatsu." He explained.

"Why?" Kinomi and Taka asked confused at the same time.

"Because some people would be scared of him if he wasn't." Ukitake explained patiently.

"That's silly." Kinomi shrugged. "Why would people be scared of Stark-san? All he does is sleep all the time."

That brought a laugh out of Ukitake and Shunsui almost lost his place in the sealing chant holding back a laugh of his own. Stark sighed.

Shunsui finished his part of the chant and the bracelet he was holding suddenly flashed and latched onto Stark's wrist. He suddenly felt different to Kinomi. She couldn't explain it but he suddenly felt less there. It was weird.

Around the same time Soi Fon and Yourichi finished sealing Lilinette and Yumichika and Komamaru sealed Ggio. Their presence also changed. It was around then Kinomi realized there were a lot of people she didn't know down here, as well as several more children she had never seen before.

"Who are they?" Kinomi asked, pointing to another group of women and children, all of them younger then her.

"Other victims." Unohana sighed wistfully.

"We are done with the sealing. Will you begin checking the others now?" Ukitake asked.

"Yes." Unohana sighed sadly. "Thank you, Shunsui, Jyuushiro." She smiled at them before handing Rinascita to Stark. "Taka-chan, Glago-kun, stay with your Otousan." She ordered before wandering off to the cluster of women and children.

"Yes, Okaasan." They both responded.

Turning back to her own parents Kinomi noticed they seemed to be done with whatever it was they had been doing. Hesitating briefly, she slowly walked back up to them. She was still a bit nervous around her father. After all she didn't know him, just what she had been told.

He smiled at her and she felt herself skip the last few steps before being swept up in his arms.

"Otousan?" She asked hesitantly.


"Can you… I mean… I like it when…" She was nervous, unsure how he would take her request.

"What is it?" He asked softly.

"Can you use Sonido. I like traveling fast." She whispered.

"No." She felt her heart start to break before the wind went whipping past her at extreme speeds, causing her to yelp in shock before it turned to a yell of glee. "But I can do Shunpo."

"Again. Please." She begged.

With a matching grin he launched into another Shunpo.


All of the women who had been imprisoned were tested and Isane did come up positive but they would have to wait until the child was born before they could even begin to determine who the father was as she had many partners sent to her by Aizen.

A month after the rescue they were finally cleared to return to Soul Society. Living in make shift shelters under Urahara's shop had become old real fast, even if the kids loved it, although Kinomi was having a hard time sleeping the first few nights since she didn't have 'tera.


The children looked around Soul Society with open curiosity, a sea of curious Shinigami looking back as they walked down the street of the first division towards Sokyoku Hill. Ichigo was holding his daughter and Rukia was pleased he seemed so quickly to adapt to being a father and that Kinomi and Ichigo accepted each other so readily.

She wasn't sure who was getting the most stares, the children or the three Arrancar with them, each of them holding a child in their arms. Yamamoto was waiting for them up at the top of Sokyoku Hill where a platform had been set up. It was really the only place large enough to support such a huge gathering.

As they crested the hill and approached the platform the children got very nervous, clutching onto their parents. Taka and Kinomi insisted on walking, even if they were terrified. The first held tightly onto her mothers hand while the second clutched Ichigo's.

Rukia didn't envy her brother. Byakuya had to retake his clan back and when he did the Heir was going to be a half breed. It was going to be an ugly battle and she did not envy him, but she did offer to support him in any way she could.

They reached the platform and paused at the bottom, waiting for Yamamoto to get the assembly together and summon them up. With a bang of his staff disguise Zanpakuto, silence fell over the Shinigami assembled.

The front row held the taichou and their assistants, with the Vizard and Urahara beside them. They had all been pardoned after Aizen's history had come forward. With Central 46 gone Yamamoto was able to fix a lot of wrongs that had been done. It seemed a lot of change was coming to Soul Society.

Rukia only paid half attention as Yamamoto started the large meeting, declaring Toshiro, Byakuya and Unohana fit to retake their divisions and shifting Renji over to the 5th. Something about the three arrancar being granted amnesty and how their reiatsu would be sealed at all times unless in the presence of two or more taichou classed shinigami; Unohana would not count giving her relationship with Stark, a relationship they had decided to continue, as did Lilinette/Hanatato and Ggio/Matsumoto.

And then it came to the part that really mattered, the introduction of the children. She was worried about what would happen, but understood the reason Yamamoto had for doing this.

They would be displayed to all of the Shinigami and their eyes would see nothing but slightly frightened children, quelling the demons their minds had conjured. It wouldn't stop every last one of them from hating them for what they were, but it would cut the number down by a very large amount. It was hard to hate something so innocent after all.

"First, I would like to introduce Kurosaki Pantera Kinomi, daughter of Kurosaki Ichigo and Kurosaki Rukia."

Rukia watched with pride as Kinomi walked onto the stage by herself, head held high and bowed to the crowd.

"My Otousan is the strongest in the whole world, though Otooji doesn't agree." She said proudly, causing everyone to laugh, one group knowing who she was really talking about, the rest thinking she was talking about Byakuya.

Smiling full of pride for herself, she returned to the arms of her grinning father and dared Taka to 'beat that.'

"Next, the twins of Unohana Retsu-taichou and Stark, Kyuusoku Galgo and Volatil Taka."

The twins walked onto the stage, Galgo trying to seem board even though it was clear he was nervous as all hell and Taka standing tall, determined to be better then her rival.

"Yo." Galgo offered a wave.

"I can beat Pantera-chan in a duel." Taka declared proudly.

"Not as often as I beat you." Kinomi shouted over.

"We are tied." Taka shouted back.

"Are not."

"Are to."

"Are not, I have one extra duel on you." Kinomi held up one finger.

Kenpachi and the 11th division, both current and former, started to laugh at the spunk the two kids were showing, as was a good portion of the rest of the crowd as the two twins were ushered off the stage.

"Next, Kotetsu Akataiyou, Son of Kotetsu Isane-fukutaichou and Aizen Sosuke."

They had decided to drop Aizen's family name, for there was too much resentment attached to it. Akata didn't seem to care one way or another. He simply walked onto the stage, bowed, and returned to his mother. Looks of pity followed the boy, and she was relieved to see them, as had been the plan when announcing who his father had been.

"Reina Ruizenban, daughter of Matsumoto Rangiku-fukutaichou and Barragan Ruizenban."

Reina walked onto the stage, stopped at the centre, bowed formally and left again, all with the dignity expected of a noble. They had left her family name at her insistences as well as introducing her father.

"Kuchiki Barbo Halibel, son of Kuchiki Byakuya-taichou."

Barbo had requested to keep his mothers family name in his name somewhere out of respect for the woman who had born and raised him. He said if they didn't announce her that was fine, he understood she wasn't well liked. Since the arrancar put their family names at the end and the Shinigami at the beginning, it was easy to simply slap the Kuchiki name on the front and all was well.

He followed Reina's example, simply walking up, bowing and leaving, returning to his fathers side with all the dignity of a noble, something he had learned more from Reina but had also learned from his father during their time underground.

"Yamada Azucena, daughter of Yamada Hanataro and Lilinette."

Hanataro walked onto the stage and proudly presented his daughter. She coed and waved and a course of 'awes' went through the crowd. She giggled and another course of awes quickly followed the first.

"Leon Vega, son of Matsumoto Rangiku-fukutaichou and Ggio Vega."

Unlike the others there was no hiding Leon's heritage, so Ggio opted to present his son while Rangiku watched over Reina. The crowd was silent as he showed his child off before leaving the stage.

All of the other children born under Aizen tyranny were introduced as well. There was a surprising number of them and some had yet to still even be born. Rinascita was not introduced for her own safety giving her ailing condition.

"That is all for now. These children were created by Aizen's experiments and are innocent of any crimes, merely the innocent bystanders caught in a mad dogs schemes. They WILL be raised as citizen of Soul Society and treated as such."

After the meeting they all retreated to the Kuchiki manor where they were guaranteed relative peace from prying eyes. It didn't take much work for Byakuya to reclaim his title, no one was foolish enough to mess with him in the mood he was in.

He even offered for Rangiku and Ggio to stay with him until the heat settled down since she didn't have much of a place to stay in. Unohana was fine with returning to her own estate, Stark, Lilinette, Hanataro and the children in tow.

Rukia would be returning to the real world with Ichigo to continue her duties as a Shinigami permanently placed there.

Taka and Kinomi burst into tears at that proclamation until Ichigo promised they would visit regularly. With that final little tea party they went their separate ways to start the next stage of their lives.


Rukia gave birth to a boy delivered by Isshin, making him the only child not delivered by Hanataro. Black hair and vivid blue eyes greeted them. He showed his hollow heritage in the form of what could only be described as a row of five fangs lining across his forehead.

Nel had agreed to go to Hueco Mundo and hunt Grimmjow down to let him know his son had been born. Said Espada arrived shortly after receiving the message.

"Colmillo Zangetsu Jeagerjaques." Ichigo declared as he handed Grimmjow his son, Rukia still recovering from the long labor.

"Hell no." Grimmjow protested.

"Hell yes. You got to name my daughter and since she has to have YOUR Zanpakuto in her name then it's only fitting your son had MINE." He stated firmly.

"I like it." Kinomi declared, 'tera clutched in her arms as she had demanded it the moment she caught sight of Grimmjow shortly after glomping him and loudly calling his name in glee.

Rukia was surprised to notice that the blue ribbon Kinomi had used to strap 'tera to her back when she got to drag the blade around was still wrapped around the sheath.

"Well, if you like it, Pantera-chan." He smiled down at her.

Ichigo's brow twitched but he let it slid. After all he had been calling her that for about five years or so. He would just make sure to call Colmillo Zangetsu every chance he got. It was only fair after all.

Shortly after Zan was born Rukia and Ichigo were married, having a small ceremony in the living realm with nothing but close friends and family in attendance. Kinomi complained about the dress. Seriously how was one suppose to fight in the darn thing?

Her mother assured her she wasn't suppose to fight in it and she looked very pretty, which was the intent. Both of her parents seemed nervous for some reason she couldn't fathom but shrugged off.

"Adults are weird, aren't they Zan-kun?" She asked her little brother.

Zan just blinked at her. Kinomi sighed. Well he was still a baby and couldn't even speak yet, let alone crawl. Her mother assured her that would come with time and Kinomi could hardly wait. She had so many things to teach him.


Kinomi watched with great glee as her Otooji and Otousan went for the long ago promised round four. She got the honor of holding onto 'tera's sheath as they dueled.

They were once again under the candy man, as she knew him as, house. Some of her Otousan's human friends were also there to watch the match. She leaned forward in excitement, wishing Taka-chan could be here to see this.

"Bankai." Her father called, power rushing about him as his Zanpakuto and clothing changed. A moment latter his eyes went black and gold and his power doubled again, a strange mask appeared over his face.

"Kishire, Pantera."

She squealed in excitement as her Otooji changed before her after calling part of her name. He was so cool looking with the ears and the tail and the long hair. Not that her Otousan wasn't cool looking to, but he didn't have kitty ears.

That was about all she was able to see. With a flash of Shunpo and bang of Sonido they both disappeared and her young eyes wasn't able to follow the movements very well, but follow she did.

Through some unspoken agreement they kept the blood to a minimal, either that or they had both evolved to the point where it wasn't easy to get past the others guard so easily. Knowing they had an audience they both let loss with all their abilities.

Kinomi gapped at the power of her Otousan's Getsuga Tensho and cheered in delight at the pretty colors of her Otooji's Desgarrón. She clapped in excitement and boasted to her mother how she was going to be strong like that one day.

The fight ended almost an hour later when they had both burned their reiatsu to the point they were ready to pass out. Panting, Ichigo dropped his Bankai and Grimmjow reformed his Zanpakuto, dropping his Resurrección. Both were smiling in satisfaction at the exertion.

"You got better, Shinigami."

"You too, Espada." Ichigo countered.

"Otousan, Otooji, that was so awesome." Kinomi cried as she raced towards them, jumping into her Otousan's arms.

"Hay, you use to jump into mine." Grimmjow protested.

"You got Zan-kun now." She countered.

Ichigo chuckled at his daughters nick name for her half brother, noting Grimmjow's twitch of annoyance.

"I guess that's true, Pantera-chan." He offered with a smirk, accepting his son as Rukia handed him over.

Kinomi giggled as they were enveloped in a golden shield as Hime-chan began to heal the wounds the two men had sustained. She loved the fairies, but was far more excited about getting a Zanpakuto of her own when she was big enough.

"I am going to be the strongest when I grow up." Kinomi declared firmly. "Taka-chan wont beat me."br /

"Like father like daughter." Orihime chuckled sweetly.

Kinomi beamed at the compliment. Jumping down from her fathers arms she drew her Bokken.

"My turn, my turn." She chirped.

"I don't know if I could handle taking someone as strong as you after sparing with Grimmjow." Ichigo protested in fake wariness.

She turned her expectant gaze to the former Espada and now King of Las Nochas. Rumour had it Nel was living with him now and had helped him claim the title, but that was just rumour. Right?

"Never back down from a challenge, no matter what shape your body is in. You are getting weak, Shinigami." Grimmjow taunted.


"God mother of." Grimmjow cursed as Kinomi's Bokken connected with his shin shortly before she snatched 'tera from his hand and bolted, sheathing the blade as she ran.

"Tag." She shouted, disappearing in a small flash of early stage Shunpo.

"I am weak? You just lost your blade to a child." Ichigo laughed at the scowling Espada.

"Oi, watch your brother." Rukia scolded, accepting her son back so Grimmjow could chase after Kinomi, using but a fraction of his real speed as she ran and tried to dodge him, working up reflexes and speed in the process.

Eventually he 'tagged' her, reclaiming his Zanpakuto in the process. Ichigo joined in at that point, letting his daughter tag him and then they both chased after the arrancar. Rukia watched them play in pleased amusement. No doubt about it, Kinomi would really be something when the girl was old enough to enter the academy.

Rukia balanced Zan easily in her arms as the boy yawned before falling asleep. She had almost expected Grimmjow to want more time with his son, but he had shrugged off her offer of time share.

"Hueco Mundo is no place to raise a child, more so now with the constant power struggle Aizen's defeat has created." He had answered. "Nel and I see battle almost daily as everyone vies for the positions the vacuum in power created."

The funny thing was Rukia couldn't tell who was more proud of Kinomi; Ichigo or Grimmjow. Finally, she decided to settle for herself. Yep, she was more proud then either man. That's the way it would stay.

Well, that be the end of part 1

I decided not to bore everyone with a large battle since the people involved in the fighting really were not the main chars anyway. Any fight scenes would be long, convoluted, and much better animated than written anyway. Fight scenes are a pain in the aft to write.

I am pleased I corrupted the world into some rather unique pairings that I honestly hadn't even thought of until I started to write this and made them believable.

Now, Part 2, Known as Trial of Fire, takes over from Kinomi's point of view when she is 12(at least 80-90% of the story is told from her POV) and follows the children as they grow up and deal with the discrimination of their heritage and attacks leveled at them. I think it goes without saying due to their ages there is little to no sex in the second part, it's all pure comedy and action.

The second half of part two has them returning to Hueco Mundo as young adults to do very important things that are a secret for now and is where all the main fighting is and even some torture. Mmmmm torture. Ahem, anyway, it is over 240 pages spread out over 27 chapters.

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