Alucard arrived, startling Seras and making her drop the priest onto the ground. He looked up, growling. "LEAVE!" he order, fangs bared. Seras jumped, and ran out. A few quick steps, and he fell to his knees, pulling the barely conscious priest up, carefully pulling off the silver cross around his neck. The Iscariot was muttering prayers under his breath. He bit into his wrist, and held the appendage over the priests lips. The priest tried to turn, but didn't succeed. He unwillingly latched onto the vampires wrist, his body reacting without his minds approval.

Alucard pulled the agents wrist up, and bit into it, releasing the venom that was needed to turn the other into a true vampire into the other blood stream, before pulling back.

Alucard sat there for almost twenty minutes, letting the man in his arms drink slowly, until he had had his fill. The blonde fell back, his eyes closing as he succumbed to darkness, but not before Alucard saw the priest emerald green eyes starting to bleed to crimson.

He was still for a minute, waiting to see if the other was going to wake up, before he picked him up easily, and carried him over to the bed, laying the man down, carefully removing his glasses, and setting them on the side table.

Anderson would wake up stronger than Seras had, because the blonde had fed from him while turning. And Seras still refused to drink from him. He had a sneaking suspicion that she would probably never become anything other than his servant vampire, even if he had flirted with the idea of taking the police girl as a permanent companion, a mate.

That thought had him looking down at the blonde. He frowned lightly for a second, almost dismissing his next thought just out of sheer context, before actually contemplating the idea. He could take the Iscariot as his mate. He had been around long enough that he could really give a rats ass if his mate was female or male. His only obstacle would be the priest himself. He didn't know if the other truly believed as most Catholics did – that Homosexuality was wrong.

Alucard smirked to himself. He was certain he could change the mans ways, given enough time and… persuasion. He did pout slightly at the realization that Alucard would not be so blindly obedient as police girl, as the Iscariot had drank from him while the venom was turning him. He would wake up as an almost true vampire, not just as a servant vampire. Until the man fed from a living human, and accepted that he would be a vampire, he couldn't fully become a vampire.

Alucard fully intended to use that to his advantage, and bring the agent around to his side of things. He looked at the mans cross, and picked it up by the string. He could have it dipped in Gold, and then the priest could still wear it. It might help the other feel more comfortable. He could also set up a small Sanctuary for the catholic to pray in. He knew the blonde had no family, and no emotional ties to anyone, other than the Vatican that he served, so the similarity would probably help him to acclimate to his

He looked at his newest childe, and saw that the others breathing was shallow, and fairly far apart. The other was already in Sleep, even though it was only four in the morning. He stood up, and slowly removed all the religious seals, carefully setting the blades on the table for him to dispose of. He grabbed the blades, and the cross, and headed out the door, deciding not to close the coffin top on the bed. He exited, and closed the door, laying a layer of shadow over it, so the other couldn't leave, should he be late in coming back.

He turned away, and left on his adventure to coat the cross for his newest childe.