Piper Halliwell sat in her living room, fidgeting with her hands and pacing, trying to find a way to tell her whitelighter husband something ridiculously important. Not telling was beginning to become excruciatingly painful. She'd almost let it slip three different times, but she didn't. Nope, this would be the one time where she got to tell her husband before Phoebe found out and no one was going to take that away from her. Not the Elders. Not vampirism. Absolutely nothing at all. This was her chance. She heard the familiar jingle of her husband's orbs before he appeared in front of her with an apprehensive look. Piper knew that look.

She sighed, her confident smile dissipating quickly. "What now?"

"Baby, please, don't be mad, but there is a coven of Earth- born vampires in a town called Forks, Washington and they'll be battling a huge clan of newborns and they definitely need some Charmed help. You'll tell Phoebe and Paige? I'll meet you there. I'll drop Wyatt and Chris off at your dad's," he gave her a small kiss on the cheek and orbed out before she had the chance to respond.

With another, heavier sigh of defeat, she called her sisters. "Phoebe! Paige!" The youngest Charmed One orbed in with her older sister, "we have innocents. Forks, Washington, Earth- born vampires, fighting lots of newborns, need to get there, now."

"Okay," Paige said slowly, grabbing Piper's hand and orbing out and into the middle of the Cullen's living room. The sister's dropped hands.

"Who are you?" A smooth, caressing voice questioned with no hostility in his tone.

"We are your saviors, kind sir," Paige replied, annoying chipper for Piper's current state of distress, granted she had no clue, "we're here to help you with some newborns or something."

"How do we know you can be trusted?" A musical voice interrogated, staring daggers at Piper's back.

The witch/vampire turned on him and flipped her long, coffee brown hair over her shoulder, now meaning to be seductive in any way, but that was how it seemed. Her eyes flashed for a second before they focused on the source of the first voice. A wave of uncertainty overwhelmed her being, but all she could do was laugh. "Hell no, not even… oh, hell to the no. I'm not… just, hell no. Leo!" Her voice was higher pitched than usual, but she felt higher strung than usual. Her husband appeared in front of her in less than two seconds with both of their kids on either hip.

"Piper, what's wrong? What happened?" He asked frantically worried. Her frozen heart melted, but she tried her hardest not to smile at him.

"Are you sure we're the only ones that can help them?" She wondered softly, not wanting to wake the younger of her two sons, who wake up anyway. He looked around tiredly, but when his eyes fell on his mother he giggled excitedly and held his tiny arms out to her. She hugged him to her chest and he snuggled against her.

"Positive," he told her puzzled.

She sighed for the third time that afternoon. She made her decision. She was going to tell him now. No, she can't. Not in front of all these strangers. She sighed again. "Fine, names would be nice."

"Oh, I'm Carlisle Cullen," the gorgeous man with shock blonde hair introduced himself with a small smile, shaking Piper's free hand. He looked down at their hands and back up to her face.

"I'm Edward Cullen," the bronze haired boy in front of her whispered.

"I'm Emmett Cullen," the handsome, burly one with the cute dimpled smile waved from his spot underneath a breathtakingly beautiful blonde girl.

"I'm Jasper Hale," the adorable one with the honey blonde hair said quietly.

"I'm Esme Cullen, Carlisle's wife," the short woman with the caramel colored hair shook Piper's hand as well.

"I'm Bella Cullen, Edward's wife," the girl with moderately, long brown hair smiled shyly.

"I'm Alice Cullen, Jasper's wife," the pixie with the short, black, spiked hair beamed at them.

"I'm Renesmee Carlie Cullen, but you can call me Nessie, I'm Bella and Edward's daughter," the little girl on the floor grinned up at Piper and Phoebe.

"And I'm Rosalie Hale, I just live here," the blonde girl told them in a bored tone.

"Babe!" Emmett exclaimed softly, offended.

"Oh, right, I'm with Emmett," she added dryly.

"She's my wife," Emmett corrected, looking mostly at Piper.

"Don't worry, she's cute, but I'm taken," Piper responded sweetly and Emmett and Leo raised amused eyebrows at her, while Rosalie looked anyplace, but at Piper.

"So, what are your names?" Carlisle wondered, still gazing at Piper, confused.

"Paige," Paige

"Phoebe," Phoebe

"Leo," Leo

"Wyatt," four-year-old Wyatt

"Chwis," two-year-old Chris

"Piper," Piper seemed to say her name as though she were thinking of telling them something different.

"Piper. That's and interesting name," Esme thought out loud.

"So is Esme," Piper and Paige chorused.

"Do you know how many newborns there are?" Leo asked, getting into whitelighter mode.

"Around thirty two, they killed their creator to start a rebellion and they've decide to wreak havoc across the country, starting here," Piper answered, before any of the Cullens or Hales could. They stared at her in amazement.

"How did you know that?" Edward demanded fascinated.

"I have the annoying ability of knowing everything possible about a situation that I'm in whether I want to or not," Piper explicated pleasantly, "and no, Emmett, I'm not a freaky mind reader, too, but there are six different inappropriate things that I can share with the room about what you and Rosalie did last night and how you got her to scream so much louder than usual."

"Whoa, this chick is weird," Emmett commented, shifting in his seat, under his wife's butt.

"This chick is monumentally irritated, so if we could just get on with this whole charade. We should have about six hours to prepare before they come, right Phoebe?" Piper checked in with her sister.

"Well, technically five hours and fifty two minutes…" trailed Phoebe after receiving a menacing death glare from her older sister.

"Six hours?!?!?!?" The Cullen/Hale family shouted even Jasper and Esme.

"What, you want longer than that?" Paige questioned, appalled, "the clock is ticking. This will be a piece of cake. You really don't even need to show up."

"Are you kidding me?!" Bella shrieked.

"Am I laughing?" Paige inquired lamely.

"Anyway, you can watch Wyatt and Chris while we go and fight," suggested Phoebe, nonchalantly.

"No, Chwis wan go, too," little Chris whined in Piper's arms.

"Oh, sweetie, Mommy's sorry, but you can't. You have to stay with Mommy's friends because it's very, very dangerous," Piper told him.

"What Mommy do?" He question, looking up at her with his big, green, innocent eyes. She felt a tug in her heart. After all these years she still hated leaving her kids to go fight evil.

"Mommy's gonna go fight really, really, bad people so she come home play cars with you and Wyatt," she expounded in terms her baby could understand.

"Okay," he smiled and gave her a wet kiss on the cheek.

"So, what do we do, just wait?" Emmett wondered curiously.

"I suppose. Leo, can I talk to you?" Piper requested and her whitelighter nodded. She tried to hand Chris over to Phoebe, while he gave Wyatt to Paige, but he latched onto her.

"No, Chwis come, too," he protested and she smiled as she pulled Leo outside.

"Sweetheart, what is it?" His eyebrows furrowed in concerned and she felt her knees go weak. How was it that he still had that effect on her after all these years?

For the first time today, Piper drew in a breath. "The thing is, honey… I'm, uh… there's… I'm pregnant," she whispered it, and she felt a huge weight lift from her shoulders, but it was soon replaced by fear that crept into her being and invaded like a bad virus and Leo's long silence wasn't helping either. She felt ice cold tears spring to her eyes and she called to her in a vulnerable tone as Chris orbed out of her arms, "Leo?"

"Oh, babe, I'm so sorry. I spaced out for a little. Are you sure you're pregnant?" His hand flew to her flat tummy.

"Absolutely, I went to Ava. I didn't trust a normal doctor. She says I'm only seven weeks, but she's there. Our little girl is inside me, now," Piper explicated softly, and Leo wrapped his arms around her in a secure hug, "so, you're happy about this?"

"Piper, I couldn't be happier, but why did you have to tell me here?" He asked her with genuine curiosity in his voice.

"Well, I found out last week and I felt like I was going to burst not telling anyone and I knew I needed to and I wanted to be the one to tell you, not Phoebe. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me," Piper laughed her silvery laugh at Leo's surprised gasp.

"I'm honored," he grinned as they walked back inside.

"Hey, you two, what happened? Chris orbed in here with the goofiest grin on his face," smiled Phoebe and Leo planted a hot, juicy kiss on his wife right then and there, her hands threaded through his hair and his travelled down her sides, "hey, there are minors in the room."

"Haha, my Auntie Rosalie and Uncle Emmett do that all the time," Nessie giggled, causing her aunt and uncle to become completely captivated by the floor.

"Okay," Piper said in a daze, "well, I'm pregnant… again," she announced and Rosalie let out a deafening scream into Emmett's shoulder.