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"Really. Ore-sama must protest."

"Stop. Now."

"Remove Yourself At Once."

"What are you doing?" Atobe removed his gaze from Jirou to focus on Shishido. His glare made the boy take a step back.

"What Ore-sama is doing does not concern you."

"Umm…Just saying it looks kind of strange," Shishido said as he walked away. Atobe's gaze followed him before he continued looking at Jirou.


"Practice has started."

"STOP STARING AT ORE-SAMA!" Atobe yelled at the regulars who stood staring at him. They quickly averted their gazes and returned to practicing. Once more Atobe looked at Jirou, a frown on his face.

"Wake up now."

If anything Jirou only curled up tighter, a sigh escaping his lips. Atobe's frown grew harsher.

"Ore-sama demands that you wake up now."

Atobe couldn't believe this; it was ridiculous that one of his players would purposefully ignore him.

"Maybe if you actually woke him up you would get a response," Yuushi pointed out. Atobe turned his glare to the third year. "Or not…" Atobe glared at him until he left. He once again looked at Jirou.

"This is getting ridiculous," Mukahi muttered under his breath. "Why won't the idiot just wake up Jirou?" His teammates simply looked at him. "What?"

Hiyoshi rolled his eyes, "Give me one reason why Atobe would even think about waking Jirou up."

"Because he's bothering Atobe."

"No. Guess again."

"But if he isn't bothering Atobe why is he making a big deal about it?" Mukahi complained looking at the topic of their conversation.

"It's Atobe," the others chorused, grinning at their confused teammate.

"That doesn't make any sense," Mukahi said, a very unhappy expression on his face, "If it isn't bothering him he shouldn't be complaining."

"Once again, this is Atobe we are talking about," Choutarou pointed out.

"Twenty laps!" Atobe's voice rang out, "If you are not going to practice then don't even come. Ore-sama does not appreciate the wasting of Ore-sama's time." The regulars started running. Most of them complaining quietly.

"How come we have to run?" Shishido complained. "What about Jirou? He's just laying there fast asleep. Atobe isn't even practicing." The regulars looked at Atobe, grins spreading across their faces.

"He does look a little occupied though," Oshitari pointed out. The others nodded in agreement. Yes Atobe did look occupied, it was hard not to with Jirou sprawled across your lap fast asleep.

"Wake up now Jirou."

"Either wake up or no more sweets."

"Kei-kun that's just mean," Jirou said as he yawned and rubbed his eyes, "I was having a good dream to." Atobe just looked at him.

"Ore-sama does not care."

"Well Ore-sama is a meanie," Jirou said with a pout on his face.

"Ore-sama could never be called a demeaning term such as meanie, it would be uncivilized."

"You're being a meanie Kei-kun!" Jirou yelled into Atobe's face. Atobe looked up at the sky.

"Ore-sama apologizes."

Jirou shook his head, "Not good enough Kei-kun."

Atobe glanced around and cleared his throat, "I am sorry Jirou." Jirou smiled.

"Much better," he said as he placed a kiss on Atobe's cheek and promptly fell back asleep.

"Jirou, not in public!" Getting no response Atobe looked down at his boyfriend and sighed as he noticed the boy was fast asleep. "Fine, I guess you can sleep there."

As Atobe looked out over the tennis courts full of practicing teenagers and nosy regulars running laps he stroked Jirou's hair. Jirou's only response was to curl up even more on Atobe's lap and allow a self-satisfied grin to show.

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