Raven sat on her bed in thought. She had just read a letter from her guardian, Azar. She wasn't sure what it was about but it was clear why it was sent. Raven's 18th birthday was a few days away.

It wasn't a letter of birthday greetings but a list of instructions for a spell. A spell to release her emotions.

She could hardly believe it. After years forced emotional suppression, here was the answer on a piece of parchment in her gentle grip.

She was excited by the letter. It held the key to everything she ever wanted in life. The ability to feel.

But there was a snag and it was major. She couldn't perform the spell on her own and to top it all off this person had to fit a list of criteria, some parts being very vague and open to interpretation.

One line frightened her and gave her a biggest problem: it will be dangerous for you and the one who assists you. A dangerous spell was one thing but to choose someone to go though hell and god knows what is a different kettle of fish.

She had to ask one of her friends. They had gone through worse but that did little to ease her troubled mind.