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Beastboy breathed deeply as he woke from his slumber. He stretched his arms and feeling no pain from his injuries. He felt refreshed and free from the prison of broken bones and bruises. He partially opens his eyes and looked to his left to see Raven, still in her trance. "Ten more minutes wouldn't hurt.", he said to himself before closing his eyes again to drift off under the starry sky.

'Starry sky?', he thought, 'Since when did Raven have a sky light in her room?'. He opened his eyes to confirm, he was sleeping under a star filled sky. He sat up to see he and Raven had been sleeping on a lump of rock. "Oh crap!". He saw a large stone arch in front of him that he had seen a few times before. "Okay don't panic", he ordered to himself, "Just stay cool, relaxed and run away from any blackbirds with alligator teeth!". It was very quiet, the loudest sound being Raven gently breathing and no birds chirping 'turnback'.

Beastboy put two and something else together: he was sitting in Ravens mind. The silence was horrifying, if not creepier and scarier than the psycho Crows that usually hung around.

"Raven!", he nudged her arm with no response. "Raven!", he nudged her again with more force.

"I told you not to wake me!", she groaned a reminder without opening her eyes.

"I know, Rae, but we've got a problem!", problem being an understatement. "We're not in Kansas any more!".

Raven opened her eyes to see for herself. "Yes, we're in nevermore now go back to...?", half asleep, she realised what she said and bolted upright. "Why are we here?", she asked.

"Good question.", Beastboy agreed.

"And where is my mirror?", she cast a bagger throwing stare at Beastboy.

"Don't look at me!", how would he know where her mirror was? "I just woke up and we were here!", he said dumbfounded.

"The only way anyone can come here is through my meditation mirror, so where is it?", she pointed out and insinuated.

"In your room, top middle drawer of the your dresser!", came a voice from behind, "And your not really here!".

Raven and Beastboy turned round to see Ravens knowledge leaning on a rock a few feet away with half read book in her hand. "Sorry about ditching you the other day, Beastboy. I would have stayed a little longer but I really had no say in the matter!", she apologised to Beastboy for leaving him with Raven's attitude problem.

" worries!", he replied, not really sure what to say.

"And your most likely wondering why your both here?", Knowledge placed a page marker in her book and got to her feet.

"Well I don't think we're here for the field trip!", Raven deadpanned expression defaulted across her face and Beastboy agreed with his own unamused gaze.

"Your here because of a hiccup in the spell!", this got the pairs attention. "The spell had a small oversight. Azar didn't factor in Beastboy passing out or being beaten unconscious."

"I personally don't know how it would have made any difference to the outcome.", Raven reviewed the letter from Azar from memory. "The spell was performed with Beastboy being in communication with my emotional counterparts as instructed".

"You missed out the word constant before communication!", Knowledge added, "With Beastboy in an unconscious state, communication cannot be established. You might as well have had a sack of onions doing Beastboys role!".

"Did you have pick onions?", Beastboy detested the statement... and onions.

"You still haven't answered my question: How did we get here?", Raven reminded her counterpart, not in the mood for chit chat.

"Well your here out of default because we need Beastboy. The telepathic link you need for healing is how we got Beastboy here.", Knowledge informed. "In short: Your sharing a dream with Beastboy in your mind!", she put it as simply as she could. "With both of you here, the spell can be completed.", Knowledge with excitement in her voice.

"It can?", Raven and Beastboy in unison, not entirely convinced either.

"You. All you have to do, Beastboy is to go through the spell again with the emotions who didn't have their allotted time with you. Namely Rage, Wisdom, Bravery and Timid.", Knowledge spelled it all out.

"Hold it!", Beastboy butted in, "I am not being left alone with the psycho again!", meaning Rage.

"Don't worry, we have planned for that so you'll be perfectly safe. You have my word.", Knowledge promised with a scouts honour salute.

"Sorry, not good enough, I want it in writing!", Beastboy demanded.

Raven tapped Beastboys shoulder, "Could I speak to you for a minute?", she asked, "In private!", said added, loud enough for Knowledge to take a hint. She dragged Beastboy short distance before speaking, "What are you doing?".

"Sorry Raven, but going through the spell again this soon is where I draw the line!", he put his foot down.

"I thought you were going to help me through the spell again in a few days anyway?", she was somewhat bemused. It was as if he was going back on his word.

"Yeah, I said that and I am going to help you but I need time to prepare.", the argument was sound. "I would have had some time to catch up on kungfu moves or at least have some body armour fitted.", Raven thought he was being sarcastic or was he really that scared?

"Beastboy, I'll be here at all times and make your safety my primary objective. I can keep any emotion in line and keep them at my beck and call.", she reassured. Keeping her emotions in check is what she does best and does a good job doing it... most of the time.

"Your not going to convince me, Raven!", he stood his ground.

"I'll play video games with you, help you build a motorcycle, do your chores for a year...", Raven listed.

"No, no and no! I am not going through...",

"...a day and a night with my emotions to cater every desire!", she played the unmentionable card: Sex! "You can have time with my Lust, Desire, Happiness, as many as you wish!".

Beastboy looked at her in shocked silence before staring her down in angered disappointment. "What kind of guy do you take me for?", he asked sternly. Raven hesitated and chose not to answer, "Do you really think I would say yes to you selling your body?".

"I was hoping you would!", a voice came from behind. Beastboy turned to see two more of Ravens emotions standing by a tree, rather annoyed, one in a black satin dress and the other in a PVC cat suit holding a whip. Possibly Ravens lust and desire?

"No, you wouldn't. I know your better than that". She wasn't even sure why she mentioned such forms of bribery. "I'm just desperate for this to happen. Its everything I've always wanted and more. The universe will open up to me in ways I have only seen in my imagination.".

"You'll have to wait for a few days more, Raven, sorry!", he put bluntly before walking away from the small group.

Raven watched as he walked towards the stone archway. She had never seen him like that before. His eager and selfless attitude was what set him apart from most people but perhaps taking his outlook on life for granted was too much for him to bare.

Beastboy stopped in front of the archway. "What am I doing?", he asked himself. "This is a dream! I can't get hurt and I don't need to rest cause I'm already asleep.", he realised the thresholds of the space around him, there weren't any.

Raven and Knowledge listened in. "He's wrong you know, but you don't have to tell him.", Knowledge whispered into Ravens ear.

"Temped but how bad can it get?", Raven whispered back.

"At its worst: irreparable brain damage, loss of memory, multiple personalities.."

"Stop, I get the point!", she ordered back.

"I know but we only have to worry about Rage. He'll be fine with the others. With you here, she won't try anything in the knowledge that you are just a few feet away!". Knowledge explained.

Raven agreed. She wouldn't try anything. Even emotions have emotional limitations.

Beastboy approached just as they finished their little natter. "Okay Raven, I'll do it!", he said humbly, "And I'm sorry for acting selfish."

"You don't need to be sorry", Knowledge spoke up, "Selfish, come on out!", she ordered in a raised voice.

"Why should I?", a voice bellowed out from behind another nearby rock.

"Another one?", Beastboy enquired about the emotion.

"Yes, one more of many. There are hundreds of my emotional counterparts here", Raven answered.

"1643 at the last head count!", Knowledge clarified as she read from a small notebook. " But what you may not know is that you feel the emotional presence of the emotion closest to you, for example:", Knowledge dragged him by the collar into a quick kiss. Raven just stood a few feet away, embarrassed and annoyed.

Knowledge finished the quick peck, "Now, what is the square root of 5,961,487?", She quickly asked.

"2441.645653619545!", Beastboy immediately answered with hesitation. He also instantly freaked out, "How the fuck did I know that?".

"Its a mind trick!", Raven answered his question. "Its what my emotions do for fun".

"So, mind control?", Beastboy simplified it for his own benefit.

"These droids do not concern you!".

"These droids do not...stop that!", Beastboy snapped at Knowledge. Still doing the mind trick. She just lightly chuckled.

"Back to the agenda at hand!", Raven motioned to her counterpart.

"Preparations have already been completed and the emotions in question are waiting. I have cordoned off a small section of mind so Beastboy can see each of them individually. I have also assigned Determination and Discipline to guard Rage!", she read from her notebook. "I'll go on ahead.", With that, she picked up a small satchel of books and made her way to a portal, disappearing as she walked through.

"Does she always do things that quick?", Beastboy asked Raven of Knowledges' speedy exit.

"Pretty much!", Raven answered his question. She has to be quick with things as she practically governs Ravens mind.

But Raven had a nagging question of her own. "Beastboy, why did you change your mind so quickly? One minute, you refused to help me here and now but then decided on going through with it. I haven't pressured you into it have I?", she asked.

"The way I figure it, I could have waited a few days. It would have helped, a lot, but I figured you couldn't wait and have the idea of meeting the bitch queen from hell,", meaning Rage again, "rattling in head for the next few days, its best to get it over with!". He wasn't in the mood for waiting either. "And I admit I was acting like a jackass!".

"Face rather than wait for the inevitable. I not sure whether to see that as brave or foolhardy?", the answer to her question was answered but was felt to figure out a few minor details, I.e. Beastboys logic. "I will also admit that I've been somewhat self centered throughout this whole episode!", she said with a heavy heart.

"Well you do have a reason to be selfish and impatient and its a damn good one at that.", Beastboy made light of it: she had been waiting for this her whole life, "I know from personal experience that you have the patience of a saint!".

She wanted to smile from that little statement. Beastboy does have the uncanny ability to see situations from the perspective of others and she wondered why she didn't notice it before? Another confirmation of the reason why she chose him. She regained her composure, "So, shall we finish what we started?".

"I'd rather think of it as: We're here, we're live and we're going for the full monty!", he proudly stated before he stepped through the portal.

Raven watch as he walked through, "I hope hr knows what 'the fill monty' means?", she let out a faint giggle before walk through the portal herself.