The Moon Child

(Disclaimer: Ikigami manga belongs solely to Mase Motoro, but Sasuke Mura and the other unknown characters I am writing about belong to me. The story is just based on the plot line of the manga. If this disclaimer is wrong, then please do not sue me.)

KChanDreams: I found the plot line interesting and just decided to post it up. Tell me what you guys think.


I remember when I was six, my parents who I loved more than candy took me to the greatest theme park around. My father allowed me to ride on his shoulder as we watched the afternoon parade. My mother waited for me at the end of the fun house beanstalk and gave me a big hug. The best part was when they rode the carousal with me five times and bought me my favorite strawberry ice cream with rainbow sprinkles on top in a huge bowl. I was so happy.

When night fell my parents brought me to a hill that seemed to reach toward the sky. I could see the bright full moon and all the constellations from the Big Dipper to Sirius. I pointed the constellation Sirius and the moon to my parents and told them that it was me. They both laughed and agreed.

My mother suddenly kneeled in front of me and said, "Sasuke, mommy and daddy want you to be a good girl and live out your dreams. Always believe in yourself."

I nodded and said, "I'll be a good girl as long as I live." Tears started to fall from my mother's eyes as she looked at me. She embraced me as the tears fell and whispered, "I love you." I was really confused as I hugged my mother back. I looked at father and saw that he was crying too with a smile upon his lips.


My father placed his hand on my head and said, "Be a good girl for mommy and daddy, Sasuke. Don't lose yourself." I blinked in confusion. I placed a hand on my father's big hand on my head. My father's hand was shaking.

"Daddy loves you too," I heard him say." My father's hand stopped shaking after a second and the sobs of my mother fell silent.

"Mommy, daddy?"

My mother felt heavier and my father fell to the ground with me still holding his hand. I looked down at my father with wide eyes.


I waited for a response, but none came. I then shook my mother and asked, "What's wrong with daddy?" My mother remained silent. I suddenly realized that her breathing had stopped. I pulled away from her slowly. She fell to the ground motionless. I gasped in surprise and looked back at my father.

My father was as still as a rock. I fell to my knees and called to them repeatedly, but no answer came. I was young and didn't understand that they had died according to law.