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Chapter 18: Test

News of the captured Moon Child traveled all around Japan. Momiji slammed the newspaper against the wall of his shop and screamed, "Who turned her in?" Nanato was just as uneasy as Momiji, while he twisted thread between his fingers.

Ryoga was in his mansion tearing up the newspaper to shred with his animal friends around him. He scattered the pieces on the floor and hugged one of the kittens crying.

Goemon stared at the paper with wide eyes. Ichigo was crying asking her father repeatedly what was going to happen to Sasuke with her mother holding her.

Natsumi, who had returned from her tour, was shocked to hear the news. Kimi looked at her sister and asked, "Are they really going to kill her?" Natsumi crumpled the paper in her hands with her body shaking.

"She went against the law, so they will, but she doesn't deserve to die," cried Natsumi. Kimi rubbed Natsumi's back in comfort.

Usagi was with her friend, Allan, crying when she heard the news. Allan comforted her wondering how Sasuke was caught.

Neo on the other hand was with Jiro, who had decided to skip school when he heard the news, crying her eyes out. She looked at Jiro and asked, "Isn't there anything we can do to save her?" Jiro shook his head.

"She knew this would happen when she was caught, so there's…"

Jiro couldn't help crying as he held Neo.

Yoshiro, Tamaki, and Mrs. Ohtori sat in their house in silence. Tamaki broke the silence and asked, "So when can we go to her funeral?" Yoshiro looked down sadly and said, "I don't know, but they didn't even announce her death yet, so let's hope that she is still alive." Mrs. Ohtori and Tamaki nodded.

Keida stood outside the Ikigami industry gates with Riri behind him.

"If we wait here, we will see mom again," whispered Keida. Riri looked down at his son wondering if his words were true.

Sakuya in the mean time was in his office clearing up the clutter. Haruka looked at Sakuya and said, "Congratulations once again for capturing the famed Moon Child." Sakuya nodded.

"Who would have thought that it was Sasuke Mura?"

Haruka smiled and Sakuya and asked, "How did you figure out it was her all along?"

"Well my men tailed her and she knew most of the Ikigami survivors and not to mention her healing sewing that makes it seem there was no surgery. What really tipped me off was when one of the students at the medical institution said it was her."

"So a confession from a witness?"

Sakuya nodded. He stared at the paper with a picture of Sasuke Mura and said, "She should be dead by now."

Sakuya's phone suddenly rang. He picked up the phone and said, "What is it now?"

"Sakuya sir, Sasuke Mura is still alive."

Sakuya gasped and yelled, "How is that possible? You put the Nano pill in her didn't you?"

"We did, but she won't die."

Sakuya slammed the phone down surprising Haruka.

"What's wrong?"

Sakuya glared at Haruka and said, "Sasuke Mura is still alive." Haruka was shocked. Sakuya gathered his things and said, "I'll be right back." Haruka walked after Sakuya and said, "Let me come with you." Sakuya shoved Haruka away causing her to fall over.

"I'll go alone!"

Sakuya slammed his door shut leaving Haruka on the ground crying.

Sakuya went to the bottom floor and looked at the doctors. He dumped his bag down and asked, "Where is she?" Sakuya pushed the doctors aside and saw Sasuke sitting on the chair tied up. He glared at them and demanded why she was still alive.

"We don't know. We injected her with the pill, but nothing happens."

Sakuya growled and grabbed a syringe of the Nano Pill. He stormed into the room alarming Sasuke. He grabbed her arm and stuck the needle in roughly causing Sasuke to cringe. He pushed the liquid with the Nano pill into her. He yanked the needle out and stared at Sasuke. Sasuke began to cough making Sakuya confused. Sasuke coughed roughly until a small object came from her mouth. It landed on the ground and then vanished into dust. Sakuya stared at Sasuke in shock.

"What is this?"

Sasuke glared at Sakuya and said, "I remember now. When I was seven, I was given the immunization in elementary school. After the principal said that one of us would die when we became adults and to live our lives to the fullest, I went to the bathroom feeling sick. I coughed out a pill that vanished into dust." Sasuke smirked.

"My body since I was a kid rejected the Nano pill."

Sakuya's hand was shaking as he dropped the empty syringe.

"That can't be!"

Sakuya grabbed another syringe with the Nano pill from the table and injected it into her again. Sasuke coughed violently. Sakuya covered her mouth trying to stop her coughs. He felt something land in his hand and pulled his hand away. In the palm of his hand was an almost microscopic pill. The pill vanished into dust in his hand. Sakuya rubbed his hand against his clothes and stared at Sasuke, who was smirking.

"So killing you with the Nano pill is impossible, isn't it?"

Sasuke nodded and said, "Unless you can come up with a new way to kill me, but that will have to go through to the government because death of a Nano pill is my only sentence for going against the Ikigami law." Sakuya clenched his hand knowing that Sasuke was right.

Sakuya suddenly smirked and leaned toward her. He placed his hand on her exposed leg and said, "Well how about until that time, I enjoy myself. You do look pretty sexy in that Lolita dress of yours."

Sakuya kissed Sasuke on the lips hard. Sasuke twitched and then swung her leg up hitting him between the legs. Sakuya pulled away staggering and gripping between his legs. Sasuke spat out in disgust and said, "Good thing my legs weren't tied."

Sakuya glared at her as the doctors ran in asking if he was OK. Sakuya shoved them away. He staggered toward the door and then looked back at Sasuke.

"You just wait right there, until I figure something out."

With that, Sakuya was out of the room with Sasuke still glaring in his direction.

Sakuya sat in a chair cringing. One of the doctors asked if he was all right. Sakuya glared at him and yelled, "Does it look like I am all right?" Sakuya cringed as the pain radiated.

"That bitch kicked with all her strength," muttered Sakuya. The doctors looked at one another and then looked back at Sakuya.

"We didn't tell you this, but her strength seems to be beyond a normal human's strength."

Sakuya eyes widen and asked, "What did you say?"

"Well when she was taken in, the handcuffs on her were broken by the chain. Out of curiosity, we tested her strength by having her squeeze a strength bar and…"

"And what?"

"…she shattered it. A normal human's strength can't do that."

"That's why we had her tied up with lead rope."

Sakuya stared into the room that held Sasuke, who had a look of hate. Sakuya cringed as he tried to control the pain.

"Are you saying that she's not a normal human?" asked Sakuya. The doctors nodded. One of the doctors looked toward Sasuke and said, "To be honest I am curious on how she did the surgery and the medicine that she created is absolutely brilliant."

"What medicine?" asked Sakuya in an angry tone. One of the doctors showed a syringe with a clear liquid in it.

"This medicine was found in her bag. We tested it out on some rats and it knocks them out completely. This could make a person millions if it is introduced. We also believe that this is what she was using in order to do the surgery on the survivors."

Sakuya stared at the medicine and then back toward Sasuke.

"So she created an unknown drug, has super strength, a body that rejects the pill, and sewing skills that erase any trace of surgery. She has too many gifts if you ask me."

"It really seems a shame to kill her," said one of the doctors. The others nodded in agreement. Sakuya looked back at Sasuke and smirked.

"I have an idea."

Sakuya looked back at the doctors and said, "Call the government officials and tell them to come to the Industry. I need to make a proposal." The doctors nodded and ran off.

When the doctors were gone, Sakuya approached the window of the room Sasuke was in still staggering. He placed a hand to the window smirking.

"You really are a beast Sasuke Mura and I will be the one to tame you."

Three days passed since the failed attempt to inject her with the pill. Sasuke sat against the wall of her room with crossed arms. She was surprised that she was given a room, but chose not to say anything about it. The room had no phones, so she had no way to contact her friends.

Sasuke remembered Riri and looked down at her hand, which was bare. When she was taken in, they took her engagement ring. Sasuke felt a tear escape from her eye. Sasuke wiped it away. Sasuke then sat on the floor refusing to go on the bed.

"I miss you Riri."

Sasuke felt a pain in her heart thinking of Riri. The door suddenly opened alarming Sasuke. Haruka walked into the room with a hateful look.

"Who are you?" asked Sasuke not recognizing her. Haruka shut the door behind her.

"My name is Haruka Aoi. Are you the one named Sasuke Mura?"

Sasuke nodded. Haruka approached Sasuke making Sasuke confused. Haruka touched Sasuke's cheek with a crazed smile.

"You look so young, is that why Sakuya refuses to touch me now?"

Haruka then gripped Sasuke's neck causing Sasuke to gasp. Haruka clenched Sasuke's throat with both hands pinning Sasuke against the wall.

"Why did you have to appear, monster?" demanded Haruka. Sasuke gasped for air. She then gripped Haruka's hand trying to pry her off, but then her eyes widen as he Soul's Eye activated. Sasuke loosened her grip and looked at Haruka seriously.

"Don't overexert yourself or the baby you carry will die," gasped Sasuke. Haruka gasped in surprise. She loosened her grip on Sasuke's throat allowing Sasuke to fall to the ground coughing. Haruka stared down at Sasuke in disbelief.

"How do you know?"

Sasuke looked at Haruka and said, "Because of my gift." Haruka shook her hand and ran out of the room screaming that Sasuke was a monster.

Sasuke noticed that Haruka left the door open, but decided not to leave. Sasuke just hugged her legs to her chest against the wall.

Two men suddenly ran in asking what happened. Sasuke sighed and said, "The door was loose, so it swung open. You need to get it fixed." The men nodded and closed the door making sure that it was locked. Sasuke knew that she lost her chance to escape, but she didn't want to become a runaway.

After a few hours, the door opened again revealing two Ikigami employees in suits.

"Please follow us, Mura-San."

Sasuke nodded and followed them out of the room. The men tied her hands behind her back and led her down the hall. Sasuke examined her surroundings and then looked at the men.

"Where are we going?"

The men remained silent. They soon reached the end of the hall and shoved her through the open doors at the end. Sasuke stumbled, but stayed on her feet. Sasuke was instantly surrounded by light causing her to shut her eyes for a moment.

"Welcome Sasuke Mura."

Sasuke looked up at the sound of Sakuya's voice. Sakuya among other men on a balcony was smirking down at her.

"What is this Mizuno-San?" demanded Sasuke. Sakuya waved his finger at her.

"Don't be like that, Mura-San, or should I call you Moon Child. Which is more appropriate?" asked Sakuya in a mocking tone. Sasuke glared at him.

Sakuya motioned to the other men and said, "These gentlemen here are part of the Government that you so kindly went against. They want you dead for your defiance, but they were also curious on how you saved people from the Nano pill and about your so called gifts." Sakuya smirked at her and said, "So I made a proposal."

"What proposal?" demanded Sasuke. Sakuya chuckled and began to explain.

"You will be put through tests. The object of the test is to see your gifts, but here's the good part, if you pass the tests you will be cleared of your crimes."

"What if I fail?" asked Sasuke glaring at Sakuya.

"If you fail then you will be given a different sentence for your crimes and that miracle knock out drug you made will be ours."

Sasuke clenched her hand. Sakuya smirked at her and asked, "So what will you do, Moon Child?" Sasuke looked up at Sakuya and said, "I'll do it, but if I win, I want the Ikigami law to be abolished." The government officials were shocked by her proposal. Sasuke smirked at them.

"Come on now. You gentlemen are the greatest force here in Japan. I bet you can abolish the Ikigami law."

The officials began to talk wondering what to do. They then looked at Sakuya and whispered something to him. Sakuya smirked back at Sasuke and said, "All right. If you miraculous succeed then the Ikigami Law will be no more." Sasuke nodded.

Sasuke removed her hands from the bindings no problem surprising all the people in the room. Sasuke rubbed her wrists and said, "Let's begin." Sakuya snapped out of his shock and nodded.

The door opened revealing many men and women in their twenties. They walked into the room completely confused. They stood in front of Sasuke who was looking at them seriously. Sakuya held his hand to them.

"We pulled these people from the street promising them one thousand dollars for their service. Three of them have the Nano Pill in their hearts."

Sasuke's eyes widen in surprise. The people in the room were equally shocked.

"Is that true?"

"Three of us are going to receive an Ikigami?"

Sakuya chuckled and said, "Your test here is to figure out who will receive an Ikigami and how long they have to live. It is to show us how you have been finding the Ikigami holders. You have an hour, good luck."

The clock started as Sasuke stared at the frightened people determined to pass the test.

Meanwhile, Shiro was walking down the sidewalk in a quick haste. He suddenly spotted Erin ahead of him and called out to her. Erin looked at Shiro with wide eyes.


Shiro stopped in front of her and asked, "Are you headed to the Ikigami Industry too?" Erin frowned and said, "Why would I?" Shiro was shocked by her words.

"Sasuke is your friend. Aren't you even a bit worried about her?"

Erin shook her head and glared at Shiro.

"Even when she is about to die, you still think about her. Why do you love her?" demanded Erin. Shiro clenched his hand.

"I love her, but I can never be with her. That's why she's a friend," said Shiro.


Shiro jumped at Erin's sudden yell. Erin clenched her hand and screamed, "You were going to marry her, weren't you? So don't talk bull shit!" Shiro slapped Erin across the face losing his patience.

"I wasn't going to marry her. She was going to marry Riri Kinomoto."

Erin placed a hand to her red cheek and muttered, "Riri Kinomoto?" Shiro nodded.

"Sasuke never had the chance to tell you because you kept running away. She wanted to tell you and ask you to be her maid of honor. She even had a special dress made for you."

Erin placed a hand to her mouth in shock. She sank to her knees and slowly began to cry.

"What have I done?"

Shiro looked at Erin in confusion. Erin looked at Shiro with tears in her hands and said, "How could I turn my own best friend in?" Shiro's eyes widen. He knelt down and gripped Erin's shoulders.

"Was it you? Did you turn her in to the Ikigami Industry?"

Erin nodded as she burst into tears. She cried against Shiro's chest apologizing repeatedly. Shiro gripped Erin's shoulders and whispered, "I want to kill you for what you did, but then Sasuke will be sad." Shiro pushed Erin away and walked pass her. He looked back at her and yelled, "If you care about Sasuke then go to the Ikigami Industry!" With that he was gone leaving Erin crying on the ground.

Sasuke walked through the crowd of people touching each of them that caused them to flinch. When Sasuke touched them, her Soul's Eye activated. Sasuke sighed when she touched the last person and looked up at Sakuya and the Government officials.

"Do you need more time?" asked Sakuya. Sasuke shook her head. Sasuke pulled three people from the crowd: a woman with black curls, a man in a business suit, and a male baker. Sasuke held her hand to them.

"These three people will receive an Ikigami," announced Sasuke causing the three people to gasp in surprise.

Sakuya crossed his arms and asked, "So how long do they have to live?" Sasuke pointed at each of them.

"The woman will die in three hours; the man in the suit will die in five hours; and the baker will die in two hours."

Sakuya clapped and said, "You are correct, Moon Child." In the screens behind Sakuya, three enlarged Ikigami cards were shown.

The first Ikigami had the woman's picture with her name, Sakura Kouji, and her time of death. The second had the business man's name, Kuno Taka, and his time of death. The last Ikigami had the baker's name, Suzuki Miyashita, and his time of death. Sasuke's conclusions were all correct. Sakura, Kuno, and Suzuki were shocked that they were the ones chosen by the Ikigami.

Sakuya continued to clap for her and said, "You passed the first test, but there is more to come." Sasuke looked at the three shocked individuals and asked, "Does the next tests have something to do with them?" Sakuya nodded.

Sakuya then made a gesture with his hand. Behind the crowd was a loud bang, forcing them to move out of the way. When the crowd dispersed, Sasuke saw a pile of objects that looked more like trash. Sakuya pointed at the objects.

"We took away your medical supplies, so you have to use those. We have a feeling that you didn't use proper medical supplies on your first surgery, so we want to see what you did without the proper tools. You have an hour to find your tools. Just to let you know, there is no blade or thread, so good luck finding your materials."

Sasuke glared up at Sakuya knowing that he wanted her to fail at this task. Sasuke groaned and walked to the objects. As she searched through the supplies, the crowd without the Ikigami watched her.

"There is no way for her to do surgery with that junk."

"Those people are as good as dead."

Sakura, Kuno, and Suzuki were worried as they looked at Sasuke wondering if she would really do surgery on them. Sasuke searched through the objects.

I need a blade, clamps, needle, and thread.

Sasuke saw a pair of broken glasses without any lenses and picked them up. She then saw a lighter and picked it up. She sniffed it and was relieved when she caught the scent of gas. She placed it next to the broken glasses making the others confused.

"What is she going to do with those?"

Sasuke pulled out a broken umbrella and a hole puncher and placed it on the side. She then pulled out a bent safety pin and placed it with her other chosen objects. Sasuke pushed the chosen objects away from the other objects and sighed. Sasuke placed her hand in her hair and yanked out ten strands causing her to cringe in pain. Sasuke placed it on the ground.

Sasuke began to tear off the fabric from the umbrella making Sakuya confused.

"What is she doing?"

Sasuke removed the last of the fabric and began to bend the umbrella's remaining pieces. Sasuke bent the umbrellas pieces until they formed three outstretched legs on each side like a rib cage. Sasuke then grabbed the hole puncher and broke it half surprising everyone in the room. Sasuke bent the ends of the umbrella legs and hooked the hole puncher halves on it. Sasuke broke the handle of the umbrella and moved the remaining pieces of the umbrella with the hold puncher ends on it.

"That looks like a clamp," said one of the government officials in shock.

"You're right. She made clamps that are used for heart surgery using only an umbrella and a broken hole puncher."

Sasuke placed the homemade clamps on the side and picked up the glasses and lighter. Sasuke broke off the plastic temple and placed the remaining pieces on the side. Sasuke flicked the lighter on creating a small flame. Sasuke moved the end of the temple back and forth along the small flame. The plastic became soft as the flame moved along it. Sasuke removed the flame and gripped the hot plastic with her bare fingers causing her to cringe. She smoothed it out with her fingers until it was thin almost like paper. Sasuke removed her fingers that were red in pain and blew on the deformed temple. Sasuke examined it and then used it to cut through the thin fabric of the abandoned umbrella.

"She created a scalpel."

Sasuke placed the scalpel down and picked up the safety pin. She broke the pin leaving only the needle part. She bent the end with her burned fingers creating an eye hole. Afterwards, she grabbed the strands of her pulled hair and looped it into the eye hole. When she was done, she sighed and said, "I have my tools."

Everyone in the room was shocked by her actions. What shocked them even more was that her fingers seemed to be healing at a rapid pace. Sakuya shook his head and clapped.

"Spectacular performance, Moon Child, but now for the final test."

Sakuya pointed at Sakura, Kuno, and Suzuki.

"Your final test is to use those tools and save them from the Ikigami. You don't have much time, so you better hurry."

Sasuke nodded and approached them. Sasuke suddenly realized something and looked up at Sakuya. Sakuya chuckled and said, "I forgot to tell you, but you are not allowed to use your special drug, so how will you put them to sleep to do the surgery?"

Sasuke groaned and looked at the scared individuals.

"Can you really save us?" asked Sakura shaking. Sasuke thought awhile. Sasuke then smiled and nodded. She approached Sakura and said, "Trust me." Sakura nodded still shaking. Sasuke rushed at Sakura and punched her in the stomach knocking the air out of her. Sakura flinched and then passed out. Sasuke laid her down and looked at Kuno and Suzuki who flinched.

"Sorry about this."

Sasuke rushed at them. She punched Kuno and kicked Suzuki in the stomach at the same time causing them to pass out. Sasuke sighed and prepared herself for the surgery, while the others were shocked.

"Did she seriously knock them out?"

"No pain, no gain."

Sakuya tried to prevent himself from laughing at the scene.

Sasuke approached Suzuki first for he was to die earlier than the other two. She opened his shirt revealing his chest and placed her hand firmly on his chest activating her Soul's Eye. Sasuke took in a deep breath with the homemade scalpel in her hand and said, "One hour." Sasuke sliced through his chest beginning the surgery. As she did the surgery, a feeling of peace filled the room.

Sakuya stared at Sasuke feeling the peace in the air. If he didn't know better, he would have thought that he was at a holy shrine.

Sasuke removed the Nano pill from Suzuki's pulmonary artery and immediately sewed up the artery before it could bleed amazing the others. Sasuke tossed the pill to the side and began to sew up Suzuki. She removed the clamps that kept his chest open and sewed up his chest at an incredible speed. When the surgery was done, the stitches vanished.

Sasuke pressed Suzuki's chest and listened to the beating of his heart.

"There is no sign of bacteria in his system and the beating of his heart is normal. The surgery was a success."

After saying that, she made her way to Sakura making sure to wipe any trace of Suzuki's blood off her tools. Sasuke did the same surgery on Sakura and Kuno with the others watching in amazement.

"So the Moon Child did the surgery on her own?"

"How is that possible?"

Sakuya smirked as he watched Sasuke do her miracle surgery.

You truly are a monster, Sasuke.

Sasuke sewed up Kuno and made her analysis on his condition and announced that his surgery was a success as well. Sasuke looked up at Sakuya with the three people on the ground.

"The surgeries are complete," announced Sasuke. Sasuke picked up the extracted pills and tossed them into the air as they turned to dust.

Sakuya smirked at Sasuke and asked, "Are they really saved?" Sasuke nodded and said, "You can scan them to see that they are alive and well." Sakuya chuckled.

"Very nice, but tell us how you were able to do the heart surgery without any machines?"

Sasuke held up her hand as she began to explain.

"Ever since my parents died, I have been able to see inside a person by just touching them. I can tell if they have bacteria in them, if the body is functioning properly, and if there is anything in them that doesn't belong in them like the Nano pill. I call it Soul's Eye. I also have absolute pitch, so I can hear the beating of the heart. My greater hearing also allows me to know when the Nano pill is ready to burst."

Sasuke clenched her hand and announced, "This is the power of the Moon Child."

Sakuya applauded her and said, "You really are amazing, Moon Child." Sasuke pointed at him and said, "I passed the test so keep your promise. Abolish the Ikigami System." Sakuya smirked.

"I don't remember making such a promise."

At his words, policemen with the Ikigami symbol on their uniforms surrounded Sasuke. Sasuke glared up at Sakuya screaming, "Liar!" Sakuya chuckled.

"Think about it. In here the Ikigami Law rules, so you have no rights."

The other government officials nodded in agreement. Sasuke was shaking in her anger. Sakuya crossed his arms and said, "We clear your name of your past crimes, but you are now dead in the records." Sasuke was shocked. Sakuya continued.

"You will be kept here as a guinea pig, so we can see how your Soul's Eye works and to see about your other gifts. It isn't all bad. The others agreed that you will be staying with me through this time."

Sakuya smirked at Sasuke and said, "In other words, you are finally mine, Moon Child." Sasuke glared at Sakuya. Sakuya gestured to the policemen to take her away.

Before the policemen could grab her, a woman in the crowd leapt out and kicked one of the policemen in the face sending him to the ground.

"What in the world?"

The woman stood up straight and smiled at Sasuke.

"Hey Sasuke," greeted the woman in a surprisingly boyish voice. Sasuke gasped and said, "Tamaki?" The woman removed her wig revealing it to be none other than Tamaki. Tamaki chuckled.

"I knew you would recognize me," said Tamaki. Sasuke smiled and hugged Tamaki.

Sakuya glared at Tamaki demanding how he got in there. Tamaki smirked at Sakuya with Sasuke in his arms.

"You offered me a thousand dollars to participate in this didn't you?"

Sakuya growled and screamed, "Well you are trespassing. Get out!" Tamaki shook his head and hugged Sasuke.

"Not without my sister."

Sasuke felt like crying at his words. Sakuya growled and ordered the policemen to take Tamaki away.

Before the policemen could act, the doors to the room burst open revealing a flood of citizens. They pushed the policemen away from Tamaki and Sasuke and stood their ground. Sasuke stared at them and gasped in surprise. All the citizens were people she saved.

"How did you all get in?" asked Sasuke in disbelief. Yoshiro smiled at her.

"Kou-San knew how to pick lock during his younger days, so he able to open the doors for us. I disabled the alarms and Megumi-San used his animals to chase away the guards. It was all team work."

Sasuke felt close to tears looking at all of them. Sakuya was shaking in anger and demanded them to leave. Momiji glared up at Sakuya and yelled, "We are not leaving without Sasuke!" The others nodded in agreement.

"She's not going anywhere."

Keida glared up at Sakuya and screamed, "But you promised to clear her name!" Sakuya shook his head.

"There was no such promise."

"Yes there was. You all agreed that if she passed all the tests you would clear her name and abolish the Ikigami system."

"I already said that there was no such promise."

Riri shook his head as he joined his son's side. He looked up at Sakuya and said, "You did make the promise and we have the proof." Riri looked at Tamaki, who showed his bracelet, with a smirk.

"Tamaki recorded every word you said through that bracelet and it was transmitted to Natsumi's ring recorder for us to hear as well."

Natsumi, who was standing next to Kimi, showed her ring replaying Sakuya's words of the promise. Sakuya growled and said, "The recording doesn't prove that I said it." Riri smirked and held his hand toward one of the cameras.

"Yoshiro is a genius with computers and hacked into your cameras from the outside, so we can match your words with the recorded image."

Sakuya was shocked. Usagi emerged from the crowd with a law book in her hand and Allan next to her.

"According to law and my dear American friend here, if you don't release Sasuke because of your promise, then all ties to America will be broken," pointed out Usagi.

Allan nodded and added, "It is a custom to give citizens their rights and America looks for that in every country, so it is best to release Sasuke and to abolish the Ikigami system like you promised."

Kaoru added to the argument by mentioning the downfalls of breaking ties with an abundant country. Neo with Jiro next to her smiled and said, "It will be bad if they learn that you were going to imprison such a great surgeon from every country." Jiro nodded in agreement.

Sakuya stared at them in disbelief. All the citizens looked at Sakuya with determined eyes.

"We will protect the Moon Child till the end."

Sakuya was about to speak, but fell silent when he noticed the crowd that he promised a thousand dollars joining the others. They stood firm in front of Sasuke with defiant eyes, while others helped Sakura, Suzuki, and Kuno to their feet. As Sakuya stared at them he realized that the rumored Ikigami resistance had appeared.

One of the Government officials stood up and said, "We understand what you are saying, so Sasuke is free to go." All of them cheered, while Sakuya stared at the official in shock.

"What are you saying?"

The official looked at Sakuya and said, "We can't afford to have any problems with the surrounding countries and look at them. They are willing to fight the system till the end." Sakuya was shaking as he looked down in defeat.

The official looked back down at the citizens and said, "All in favor of having the Ikigami System abolished." All the officials raised their hand. Sasuke was surprised, while the others began to cheer.

"The Ikigami system is gone."

"We really did it."

Sasuke smiled brightly as she began to cry tears of joy. Sasuke looked toward Riri, who was running to her. Sasuke embraced him and pulled him into a deep kiss. Riri kissed her back happily. Sasuke pulled away and said, "I missed you." Riri nodded as he hugged her.

Sasuke was about to kiss Riri again, but stopped when she saw Erin approaching her with Shiro behind her.

"Erin-Chan," cheered Sasuke. Sasuke was about to hug her, but stopped when Erin bowed down to her saying, "I'm so sorry." Sasuke looked at Erin in confusion.

"I was the one who turned you in. I was jealous and stupid, but I want us to be friends again, so please forgive me," begged Erin. Sasuke smiled and hugged her friend.

"I forgive you and try to look on the bright side. You're good at that," said Sasuke. Erin smiled and hugged Sasuke back crying tears of joy. Sasuke looked at Shiro, who smiled at her, and then walked to the others.

Sakuya ran out of the room filled with frustration. He had lost to the Moon Child and he knew it. As Sakuya walked down the hallway with the feeling of defeat, Haruka watched him with a hand over her stomach.

We'll get through this Sakuya.

Sasuke and the others soon left through the gates of the Ikigami Industry. Sasuke looked at Tamaki, who was still dressed as a girl, and asked, "So did Momiji make the dress for you?" Tamaki blushed and nodded.

Momiji giggled and said, "It was actually a combined effort of Nanato and me." Momiji smirked at Tamaki and said, "You should visit the shop more often." Tamaki groaned telling Momiji to be quiet.

Sasuke giggled and then looked at Riri. Sasuke sighed and admitted that her ring was taken. Riri smiled and said, "Don't worry about it. The ring for our wedding is much better." Sasuke blushed.

Momiji smirked and said, "Speaking of weddings." Momiji pulled out a pure white dress with a veil covered in lilies with Nanato on the other end surprising Sasuke.

"We finished the lovely item, so I think you two should get married all ready."

Sasuke was blushing. Sasuke looked at Riri, who smiled and said, "Why not?" Sasuke burst into a bright smile and kissed Riri. Riri kissed her back. Keida kicked his father's leg forcing him to pull away.

"Save the kissing for the wedding," stated Keida. Sasuke and Riri both laughed.

Sasuke and Riri got married that day with all the people watching them. It was the happiest day Sasuke ever experienced as she kissed Riri in the small church. The Ikigami System was no more and she continued to remove the Ikigami pills from the remaining citizens. It was a time of happiness.

It was the time of the Moon Child.

The End