Author Commentary: Hey everyone. I'm here with a new story. These are gonna be a series of inter-related one-shots focused on different Hetalia pairs and their offspring. For the most part, I don't do pairing requests, but I'm open to any other ideas you guys wanna toss at me. So here we go!

Pair: Germany x Italy

Rating: T

Warnings: Yaoi, Mpreg, human names

Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia, but I do live in Canada (fuckyeah!), who happens to be one of my favorite characters (and the best country ever).

Ludwig walked into a quiet home, which was unusual. Usually the house was filled with at least some form of noise at this time of the day. The German looked at his watch, checking to make sure it wasn't time for siesta. Five in the evening, well past the time the other occupants of the house should have woken up. Frowning, Ludwig walked into the large house, checking each room for two, gravity-defying curls of hair. When he couldn't locate any signs of life on the first floor, he climbed the stairs to the second.

Walking past the guest room, he saw what was probably the remnants of a three o'clock siesta, but no siesta-ing Italians. Moving on to the master bedroom, he found no sign of life. Upon entering the smaller bedroom down the hall (he kept the study locked, and the storage rooms were also off limits), he heard giggling coming from the closet, followed by muffled shushes.

"So they were playing." Ludwig thought, grinning a little, "Oh my," he said loudly, "Where ever could they be?" he strode over the bed, "Could they be hiding in the covers?" He pulled the covers from the bed, "No . . . maybe they're under the bed?" Ludwig got down on his knees and checked under the bed, "Nope, not here either." He got up, striding over to the closet, "Now where on earth could they be?" he paused, listening to the stifled giggles, "I know, they must be . . . in the closet!"

Ludwig threw open the closet and was greeted by squeals of laughter and outstretched arms, asking for embrace.

"You found us Vati!" the little girl cried, wrapping her thin arms around her fathers neck, "Mama said that you would, and he was right!"

"Your Vati always finds me, doesn't he Zaffie?" Feliciano said, tickling the little girl under her arms.

Zaffie let out peals of laughter, "Si! Vati always finds Mama!"

Ludwig lifted Zaffie up and out of the closet, "Goodness you two, hiding on me like that. I was worried." he berated. Feliciano and Zaffie pouted.

"Ve~, we were only playing." Feliciano said. He stood up on tip-toe and planted a kiss on Ludwig's cheek (which Ludwig had to lean down a little for), "Why don't I go get dinner started?"

"I want pasta!" Zaffie shouted, leaning down for her own kiss, which the Italian man gave to her.

"You two always want pasta." Ludwig said, smiling. The two flashed their trademark angels' smiles and let out another string of giggles. Feliciano squeezed Ludwig's hand and headed down into the kitchen. Zaffie turned to her father.

"Vati! Vati! While Mama cooks dinner, will you read me a story?" she asked. Ludwig had originally planned to get some of his own reading done, but if there was one person who could melt the former fascist nations' heart (excluding the copper haired man that was downstairs in the kitchen), it was the little angel currently settled in his arms.

"All right, but just a short one, then we wash for dinner." he said, taking the small five-year-old into the sitting room. Setting her down, she immediately went to the larger shelf full of children's books.

"Let's read this one Vati." she said, pulling out a brightly coloured book. She toddled back over to her father and crawled into his lap.

"The Paper bag Princess? Haven't you heard this one a dozen times?" Ludwig asked, reading the title of the book.

"But this one is my favorite." Zaffie said, turning her sky blue eyes upward to stare into an identical pair of eyes, "The princess is so strong."

"Ja, she is strong." Ludwig said, patting the blond hair on top of the little girls head.

Zaffie pushed the book into her fathers hands, "Let's read before Mama finishes dinner."

Ludwig read the story, all the while Zaffie sat in his lap, reading the words as her father said them aloud. The house was now alive with the sounds of life. Feliciano clattering about in the kitchen, Ludwig's gruff voice reading from a child's book, and Zaffie's giggles as the story progressed.

"Dinner's ready!" Feliciano called from the kitchen, "Go wash up and I'll set in on the table."

Zaffie launched herself out of her fathers arms and ran to the bathroom to wash. Ludwig stood and walked to the kitchen (Zaffie couldn't use the kitchen sink because it was too high and there was no stool). Ludwig watched Feliciano scurry about the kitchen, running plates and cutlery into the dining room. He smiled at the sight. Having the ever positive Italian in his life was probably the best thing that could have ever happened to him. Granted, they could have met under better circumstances (war wasn't the best way to hook up), but they did all right. Feliciano finished setting the table and turned toward the sink, spotting Ludwig in the process.

"Ve~ Ludwig, we should wash up." Feliciano said.

"Right." Ludwig said, coming out of his momentary stupor. He stood beside the copper haired male at the sink and thought, "If anyone could make me act this way, it's these two."

Author Commentary: Ahg, I don't like the ending. Maybe I'll do more of these three later. If you're wondering why I made Germany a little OOC, I imagine that parenthood would soften him up.