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It was an interesting sight to see, all of the Nation families arriving at the meeting hall. Everyone was either fighting, eerily quiet but looking like they were up to something, or not really caring about what was going on.

As always, the Beilschmidt-Vargas family arrived first (mostly because of Ludwig and Zaffie, who were impeccable with punctuality). Zaffie was looking like she was about to smack Vespaciano upside the head, for he was almost falling asleep as he was walking. Ludwig would have shook him awake himself, but Feliciano was whining about getting up early as well, so he was preoccupied.

Next was the recently expanded Kirkland-Bonnefoy family, consisting of Arthur, Francis, Jeanne, Benjamin, and twins Mary-Anne and Joseph. Being so early in the morning, Mary-Anne and Joseph were cranky and crying, something that had been bothering their parents if the tired and ragged looking Frenchman and Brit were anything to go by. Jeanne was just looking like she couldn't wait to see the other boys (or girls, depending on who was around) and 'talk' to them. Benjamin just looked embarrassed to be associated with these people, as evidenced by the fact that he was a few steps away from them.

After the French-British family had settled, the next family arrived. The Honda-Karpusi family often jumped between being quiet and noisy, and today they were noisy. Theodore and Kimiko were arguing loudly, mostly about how biting was not allowed on planes (Theodore had obviously been playing 'I'm not touching you' with her). Shiori rolled her eyes and fell into step with her parents, a nice, slow pace. Kimiko and Theodore finished arguing and were now plotting who was to be their 'victim' for the day, and what they were going to do to said victim.

Not long after, the Wang-Braginski clan showed up, the quadruplets doing impressive cartwheels into the room. Anastasia and Yao were yelling at them to be careful while Ivan was just smiling and Dimitri was looking on with mild amusement. Zian (or Huan) crashed into a table and was now attempting to pick himself up like he hadn't just smashed his knee off hard wood. Yao was now flitting around Zian/Huan like the worried mother he was while Anastasia was berating him for acting like an idiot. Ivan patted him on the head and his brothers (aside from Dimitri) all crowded around him and a group hug. Ivan, seeing the opportunity to get his family to stop bickering for a little while (and let his ears stop ringing), gathered the four identical boys, his only daughter, his older son, and the love of his life into arms for a massive group hug. Oddly enough, it worked.

A few minutes after that, the Beilschmidt-Williams, Edelstein-Zwingli and Beilschmidt-Williams-Edelstein-Zwingli (try saying that five times fast) families rushed in. They were quite possibly the loudest, most mismatched, and most uncoordinated family out of all the Nation families. Gilbert and Roderich were bickering loudly, Matthew and Vash were attempting to have a nice conversation while keeping an eye on their husbands and their children/grandchildren, Dominick and Frederick were walking hand in hand and shooting each other quick, loving glances, Emmalina and Alison were chatting amiably and trying to run off to play, though Frederick had a good grip on Emmalina and Tiffany was holding Alison's hand so she couldn't get into trouble, all the while wishing she could have stayed home and painted.

The next family to arrive was the Fernandez Carriedo-Vargas family, two of whom looked oblivious while the other two just looked grumpy. Antonio was smiling like always, just as Lovino was looking angry as always. Nicolas was looking torn between making a scene and hauling his darling little sister over his should and dressing her in less revealing clothing. Not that Maria was wearing anything all that bad, just a swoop neck sweater and skinny jeans, Nicolas just had a little sister/big brother complex, making him want to protect his sweet, innocent, baby sister from anything and everything. Not a winning combination when little Maria was naturally magnetic to those around her and had a tendency not to notice when someone was coming onto her.

Shortly after, the Oxenstierna-Vainamoinen family arrived. Laila, who was now nearly the same height as her father, nearly shadowed the tiny Mikael, who nervously trotted along beside Peter, who was more his pace than the giant that was his sister. Laila looked back at her older and younger siblings and slowed her steps to match theirs. Mikael smiled up at her, a sweet smile reminiscent of their mother, which didn't look at all out of place on the face that belonged to Berwald, just as Tino's face looked fine on the silent and slightly intimidating Laila. Peter smiled at his two younger siblings and wrapped his arm around Laila's waist and his other arm around Mikael's shoulders. Tino giggled as he watched them and smiled up at Berwald, who wrapped an arm around Tino's small shoulders and smiled (read; attempted to, but came off as too creepy to be a proper 'smile') down at him.

Bounding in shortly after was the Im-Hong Kong family. Hyun-ae was leading her two brothers in a race, followed by Woon-suk and an irritable Hyong-soo in the back. Yong-soo was cheering his little girl on while Hong Kong was wondering where he went wrong (that was probably the day he met the eager young Korean). Hyun-ae reached her seat and slammed her skinny butt down in it, cheering for herself. Woon-suk rolled his eyes, but Hyong-soo pouted. Yong-soo laughed and patted his little girl on the head, congratulating her on winning the 'race'. Hong Kong rolled his eyes and sat down beside his grumbling sons.

Gliding in after then was the Łukasiewicz-Lorinaitis family, three of whom were obviously dressed up. Feliks was dressed in a new, military-styled, outfit with a few tweaks here and there, Florentyna was dressed in a tight blue sweater and a chocolate coloured flowing skirt, Erek was wearing a light gray sweater-vest over a pink button up and black skinny jeans with a beaded chain clipped to the belt loops, and Toris was wearing the standard suit and tie for the meeting, though his family had obviously cornered him and given him the 'classy-disheveled' look, so his tie was loose and the top few buttons on his shirt were undone, along with all of the buttons on his jacket. His white shirt was also untucked and his hair was slightly mussed. Overall, it was a good look on him, seeing as Feliks was looking like he could take Toris into the bathroom and have them both come out mussed. Toris smiled at his family, oblivious to the hungry looks the Polish cross dresser. Florentyna rolled her eyes at her father and Erek smiled nervously, wondering if he should warn his father.

After the Lithuanian-Polish family took their seats, the Turkish-Egyptian family arrived. Sadiq was chattering away to his daughter and husband, not really caring that Gupta didn't seem to be paying attention and Habibah was only mildly listening. Every so often, Habibah would say something to her father, letting him know that she was indeed listening. As they sat down, Habibah tripped on her long skirt and fell over, resulting in both of her parents rushing forward to help her. She assured the both of them she was fine and that they didn't need to fuss, but Sadiq was stubborn in checking her over for any injuries. Ah the over protectiveness of the Adnan-Muhammad Hassan parents for their sweet, luckless little girl.

The next family to walk in was the Danish-Norwegian family, with Denmark holding onto both Olav's and Radulf's hand as they walked in. He had to bend down awkwardly to hang onto them, seeing as they were still so small and he was so tall. Norway walked along beside them, smirking a little at his husband, who glared back at him. Olav and Radulf both grinned at each other, then suddenly ran forward, jerking Denmark over and tipping onto his face. Olav and Radulf giggled at their prank, even Norway cracked a smile. Denmark picked himself up and grinned. He leaned down and scooped the twins up in his arms and spun them around, making them dizzy. The two boys laughed until they couldn't breath and then Denmark set them down. Both parents chuckled as the two boy attempted to walk straight and ended up tripping over themselves.

Finally, the last family arrived. The Von Bock-Galante family walked slowly into the meeting hall, Eduard and Lucas keeping their pace slow for the heavily pregnant Raivis, who looked around nervously, as if someone would suddenly rush up and scare him. Eduard wrapped a comforting arm around Raivis's tiny shoulders, trying to reassure him. Raivis managed a shaky smile for his son and husband, though he was still visibly shaking.

When all of the nations finally took their seats, the meeting began. The usual fights happened, the usual naps happened, and nothing got done as usual. It seemed that every family had to pick a fight with someone (or each other). Ironically, only the Kirkland-Bonnefoy family didn't cause a ruckus, but that could have been that both of the adults had fallen asleep halfway through the meeting. Both Zaffie and Ludwig had to yell at the people in the room to get the meeting started again. The younger children all managed to run off at the same time, resulting in a scramble to find them. Emmalina was revealed to be the culprit, but Gilbert only laughed and said 'that's my girl', annoying the other parents who didn't find it so funny. Luckily, Lukass had the sense not to run off and further stress his mother, who really didn't need it so close to his due date (poor Raivis probably would have gone into labour right there if his little boy went missing).

After the meeting was over, all of the families chatted for a while, then proceeded to head to their later arrangements. The Beilschmidt-Vargas, Fernandez Carriedo-Vargas, Beilschmidt-Williams, Edelstein-Zwingli and Beilschmidt-Williams-Edelstein-Zwingli families were all going out to dinner together before catching their flights home. The Kirkland-Bonnefoy's were staying the night in a hotel before heading home, too tired to do anything else. The Honda-Karpusi's, Wang-Braginski's, Im-Hong Kong's, Adnan-Muhammad Hassan's, and the single Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Belarus, Ukraine, and even Im Hyong-soo, were all going to have a small family reunion (though it wasn't exactly 'small'). The scandinavians chatted for a while before going their separate ways, the Oxenstierna-Vainamoinen's going to see the sights before going home, the Danish-Norwegian family going straight to their hotel, and Iceland going straight home. The Baltic plus Poland group said a quick hello to one another before the Von Bock-Galante family left to go to the doctor (and probably stay there until the baby was born). The Łukasiewicz-Lorinaitis family begged to stay for a while to explore the shopping before leaving for home, and Toris, being outnumbered, agreed, promptly getting dragged out by a troop of eager shop-a-holics.

Just another day for the Nation Families.

Author Commentary: It's finished now. Whew.