Wow it's been awhile, and it's good to be back!!! I came up with this idea while watching The End, and I just had to write this. I own nothing really except Katie (who is actually based off another one of my character in Your Point Is, but you don't need to read that to understand what's going on)

Enjoy some Supernatural goodness!!!

Katie never pictured herself here. Six years ago she was a bartender in a little Arizona town. She was hiding from her past, but also from the present. It wasn't like her to do as she was told, but when Dean told her to stay away she did.

Katie grew up a hunter at her father's side. She knew the Winchesters almost all her life, and after her father died, she lived with Bobby. Her life was a mess by the time she was in high school. But when Dean came to pick her up after John left him, she was all too willing to jump back in.

Hunting was all Katie knew and she was good at it. She traveled with the boys for two years before she couldn't handle it anymore. She had watched Sam die and stayed up with Dean as the loss of his brother broke him more than she'd ever seen before. She was there when Sam walked into Bobby's house hours later with a guilty looking Dean. Losing people was becoming too regular and she didn't want to see the men she loved die anymore, her father, John, Sam, and then eventually Dean.

To be completely honest, she bowed out when the angels came into the picture. Meeting Castiel for the first time was enough for her to know that being with the Winchester boys was too much for her. She was never the big picture kind of girl, she liked her simple hunting lifestyle too much to let it fall away when the angels said it was time for a more serious game plan. Thankfully Dean agreed and let her leave with little to no resistance.

Sometimes she laughed at how things felt so complicated then, but what she wouldn't give to go back. Anything is better than the life she was living now, in a little compound of terrified people and a fearless leader that she couldn't fully trust.

But the worst was watching her little four year old try to play in the dirt filled yard with whatever he could find to entertain himself with. Katie never would have let this happen if she'd known. In a heartbeat she would go back five years and change everything, just to make sure she wasn't standing on this dirty porch watching her little boy flinch every time he heard a gunshot come from the practice field.

They were living in a war, and some days she felt like it would just be easier to die than to continue on the way they were.