Author's Note: First off, I want to say thank you to all those who have reviewed, alerted and favorited. I am most completely humbled, and also blown away at the reception Silver Star has garnered. I opened my email tonight, and I couldn't believe how many alerts were in there! It was something that just grew in my mind, and it demanded that I write. I'm glad so many of you are as touched by it as a reader as I was to write it. Thank you, everyone. I'm tickled pink. (Or, red and blue with flames.)

I've had a couple requests for the name of the real poem I used in as the basis for Will's words in Silver Star. It's called The Final Inspection, and a quick Google should do the trick for you. I used ot have it here, but in light of the recent purge coupled with my uncertainty of that piece being part of public domain, I figured I'd better err on the side of caution and replace it. Instead, here's a letter from an eight year old Annabelle Lennox to the Autobots.

Disclaimer: Transformers in not mine, nor is The Final Inspection. I own simply the idea for this story, and a great deal of respect for our troops.

Dear Autobots,

I know I'm not supposed to know you guys are real, but shh! That can be our secret, okay? See, I knew there was something weird about my daddy's truck from the moment I was old enough to understand what a truck is. And I know for sure that the black truck my daddy always drives isn't a truck.

But it's okay. It's not a monster that's big and scary. Well, it is, but not to me. Ironhide is just a teddy bear anyway. (But I'm not sure I want him to know I said that, so no telling!)

I'm not afraid of him or his friends because I know they won't ever hurt me. They might be huge and made of metal and strong enough to squish me with their thumb, but they never have. They don't hurt people on purpose. They're here to protect us.

Kind of like my daddy.

He's a soldier. He keeps us safe. I can't tell anyone what he does because I don't really know, but I'm sure it's something important. All soldiers are important. All soldiers are special. All soldiers deserve our respect. And you guys? You help keep my daddy safe, so I guess that makes us friends. I think that's pretty cool

Annabelle Lennox