Sarah walked out into the park with only Justin beside her. He had become the one she clung to now that they shared the same blood. "So tell me, do you hate werewolves now?" Sarah stood there looking at him and smiled. "No, they just hate me. Vampires accept me for who I am as you well know." Justin looked down at his outfit. He was dressed as a warrior as well with a sword at his side and necklace around his neck. The necklace was different from Sarah's yet it's what drew them closer. "I know I've never gone back to being a full wolf. They would never accept me completely again." Sarah sat beside Justin on a swing set in the park. "I realize now what you gave up to protect me." Justin shook his head. "You gave up so much more. I simply lost my friends, but you lost your husband." Sarah looked down at her hand now only wearing one ring. "It feels empty. Fighting for Aro, for the Volturi gives me a sense of belonging again."

Justin smiled looking at her knowing she felt like she belonged. "Do you miss him then?" Sarah looked at Justin and nodded. "Yes, I gave up so much to be with him. He gave me what I truly am now. How could I not miss him?" Justin nodded looking up toward an entrance to the park. Sarah slowed her heartbeat to barely anything. "Wolves, there's three of them. They've probably already noticed our scent by now." Justin nodded simply sitting there. "Let them come if they want. We won't be the first to draw any blood." Sarah nodded waiting till she saw the three approach them. One stood out above the others and Sarah was instantly intrigued. They stopped just short of where Justin and Sarah sat watching them. It was obvious they were confused. Their trail of scent had led them to two vampires who still had heartbeats and warm skin. They seemed to weigh both sides before approaching them slowly as if they would be attacked so readily.

Ryan studied the two vampires caught off guard by their presence. Their behavior seemed all too human, yet he knew better. He had seen many vampires lure their prey in by their charms. Ryan studied the girl more than the male. She looked oddly familiar to him yet he'd never known a vampire. He told his two men to stay close by, but to stand back. He walked up to the two of them surprised by how they sat still. "I'm Ryan, are you aware vampires are no longer welcomed to hunt here?" Justin smiled slightly and shrugged. "We're not hunting here." Ryan crossed his arms looking directly at Sarah. "Then what are you doing here?" Sarah looked up at Ryan admiring his bravery hearing how calm his heartbeat was. He had no desire to change shape and challenge them. "We came here to make sure our own kind followed the rules we have in place. You're a block away from the Volturi after all." Ryan tilted his head unsure of why she was able to be so calm around three werewolves or, why she treated them so well.

"I'm fully aware that the Volturi is a block from here. However, are you aware my pack watches over this place?" Justin growled slightly annoyed by Ryan's attitude towards her. Ryan looked at Justin surprised to hear a growl come from him. "You two are werewolves?" Sarah put a hand on Justin's shoulder smiling. "We are both a mix of our kinds. We are unique that way. Werewolves forbid vampires from their land. We share the same blood as vampires as well so we can't be members of any pack." Ryan looked at Sarah again then realized why she looked so familiar. "You were part of Sam's pack weren't you?" Sarah looked down slightly causing Justin to growl again. Ryan eyed him strangely. "She was yes even married to him. He threw her out because she had to become part vampire. She was bitten and no cure could be found because the vampire was dead. Her only choice to live was to kill the only human part of her left." Ryan looked at Sarah and reached out to touch her. She pulled back barely feeling the tips of his fingers brush her skin.

The slightest touch from him felt warm and Sarah found herself welcoming it. Ryan ran his fingers around Sarah's necklace slowly. "You went from loving a wolf to protecting a vampire." Justin watched the two of them interact curious to see how Sarah reacted to Ryan's questions. Sarah looked at Ryan and nodded. "Yes, Aro has given me a new life again." Ryan let his hand run slowly down Sarah's neck finding the mark Aro had left her with. "The man that gives you a new life leaves a scar on you forever?" Sarah shivered slightly even with Ryan's warm touch. "The scar was set even before he bit me. Victoria left a mark it's what the venom does. He sucked the venom out and gave me a new life." Ryan remembered what it was like when he became a werewolf. He had felt the same way with his own life. "What made you marry Sam then if Aro cared for you so much?" Justin smiled wrapping an arm around her. "Sam loved her he was before Aro. Sam taught her who she was before she ever wanted to be a vampire."

Ryan looked back at one of the men with him and said softly. "Tell Sam I want him brought here." Sarah looked at Ryan shocked. "I never wish to see him again." Ryan didn't take back his order but merely looked at Justin. "She doesn't mean that does she?" Justin rubbed the back of his neck looking down. "She loves him and yet he left her. Would you want to see the person that did that to you?" Ryan laughed slightly looking at Sarah. "I suppose not. Maybe he'll take back what he said though. Perhaps, he'll want to see you." Sarah sat down again only to have Ryan stand her back up. "You know for a werewolf you look very charming in a vampire's outfit." Sarah blushed slightly, looking Ryan's outfit. "You know for a werewolf you dress a lot like a vampire." Justin laughed noticing the same thing and smiled. "You never can deny that the style fits wolves as well doesn't it?" Ryan smiled slightly nodding a bit surprised to enjoy the company of vampire.

Ryan turned suddenly aware that Sam had joined them and now stood there. Sarah stared at him unsure of what to say. Sam walked up to Ryan ignoring Sarah and shook Justin's hand. "Nice to see you again. I take it this is your new girlfriend?" Sam stood there suddenly still noticing Sarah caught off guard by how different she looked. "Sarah?" Sarah smiled slightly shaking Sam's hand again in a gesture that seemed heartfelt at least. "Hey Sam, nice to see you again." Sam smiled slightly looking at what Sarah was wearing. "I see the vampires have taken you in to their liking." Ryan smiled slightly watching them curious along with Jason. "Aro gave me them as a gift. He has given me the highest honor a vampire can possess." Sam bit back a growl thinking of Sarah becoming Aro's little pet. "He should be careful you never know what might happen." Sarah drew her sword pointing it at Sam without hesitation anger fueling her. "Is that a threat because I assure you it won't go unpunished?"

Justin grabbed a hold of Sarah's arm and caused her to relax. "He doesn't mean it, just relax." Sarah put her sword away and Sam finally spoke to her. "Look, I'm sorry it's just you seem to have moved on so quickly. I only assumed that Aro has taken you for a wife." Sarah stood there looking up at him in shock. Ryan and Justin looked at each other in shock as well. "Take me as a wife? Aro? He would never take me as a wife. I am to take over for him one day, but that is all." Justin cleared his throat looking at Sam. "I don't think she can trust anyone enough to love them again." Sam growled pinning Justin to the ground hearing his comment. Justin let himself be pinned down, but he growled loudly. "Don't ever say I hurt her! She hurt me when she walked away!" Ryan looked at Sam and growled loudly startling Sarah. "Get off of him now!"

Sam looked back at Ryan and pushed him away causing Sarah to draw her sword again. "Sam, if you don't get off him I will make you. Don't think I won't protect my own kind." Sam yielded hearing Sarah threatening him knowing it was very real. "That's right you love him now don't you! You'd do anything to protect your own kind!" Ryan growled loudly looking at Sam. "That's enough! You're acting like a wild dog! Is that what you came here to do?!" Sam looked down realizing Ryan's unhappiness with him and sighed. "Look, she can't simply pretend to be something she's not! She's not a werewolf anymore!" Ryan looked at Sarah and sighed. "Will you prove to me that he's wrong? Will you change form for us?" Sarah put her sword away and nodded. "Of course. If you really want me to I can." Justin grabbed a hold of her wrist to stop her for a moment. "Ryan, she's never changed form while she's been a vampire." Ryan looked at him confused. "Is it any different than before?"

Justin sighed while nodding. "Do you remember the first time you changed form?" Ryan nodded looking at Justin and Sarah. "It felt like I was being controlled from the inside out. I was just driven by these instincts I couldn't control." Justin nodded slowly. "Now imagine a vampire's hunger driving those instincts." Ryan looked at Sarah realizing what Justin meant. "She'd kill anything in her sight." Sarah blushes slightly. "Justin said as long as I don't change form I can learn to control it. If I learn to control it before it controls me, I won't have to worry." Ryan looked at her and smiled warmly at her. "You have the determination of a wolf. Have you been able to control it yet or not?" Sarah looked at Justin then at Ryan. I think I can control it pretty well by now." Ryan looked at her and smiled nodding. "Would you transform for us then?"

Sarah took a step back while nodding and Jason began to laugh. "No way am I letting you wear the sword while you do this." Sarah laughed handing him the sword knowing that now she had no weapon. Ryan watched as Sarah transformed so easily at her own will. She looked beautiful to him and Sam stood there shocked. Her fur was a silver color and her eyes changed into a deep black surrounded by crystal blue. Justin looked away from her knowing she would smell his desire for her. He didn't want to open that door while she was transformed. Sam looked at her and wished he had never banished her seeing how well she was in control. His fears had been for nothing and now he knew that. Sarah let out a loud growl suddenly and focused on Ryan. Justin looked at Ryan unsure of why she would growl at him. "What's that about?" Ryan shook his head then froze slightly. "I was just thinking how lucky you were to be her lover…" Justin tilted his head slightly looked at her. Could she be able to read their thoughts even if they weren't transformed now?