Chapter 15: Life!

Nina's Pov!

Rei has grown up so fast. He's now 3yrs and 3 months old. I'm with child agian. I still can't believe it and Zero's never here. I get so lonely without him. He tells me it's nothing but i still find it hard to believe.

Rokka's always around now. We're like best friends. With her and Itchi just living down the block it's really nice. I wonder what will happen with all our lives.

Sun and Forte are now even more happy. I keep thinking that they're like a fairytale couple. It's rather funny really. Sun always giggling and Forte always being a gentlemen. They are deffently like two peas in a pod.

Rei is a darling. He was able to walk on his first birthed and by his second he could say mummy and da. He wasn't able to say dad by then. I wonder my next child will be like. I just wonder. I wonder too if Rei and my unborn child will have magic? Hmmmmmmmm.

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