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A Soldier's Loyalty


Fate, a word so simple, and yet so mystifying to many. It is a word that has been conceived through centuries past, passing through the ages like a commonplace item. Fate was something that inescapable, for it is something that the ancient people believed to have shaped and directed them to their destiny. It is just as prevalent now, as it was 1,800 years ago in China, which the people know today as the era of the 'Three Kingdoms'.

Even now, the inheritance of that bloody era transcends through time, for the souls of the warriors are now trapped in beads known as 'magatama', and their bearers are widely known as 'Toushi', whose fate have been decided, doomed to repeat the fate of the souls that are trapped in their respective magatama. Is there really no way out of this cursed fate… no one to defy the fate that is already being written due to the possession of the 'magatama'? This is the story of one such person… his name is Ro'Ka Bun'ken.

It was just another day for students for Seito Gakuen, one of the Seven Schools in the Kanto region that held many 'Toushi' that vied for control over the Kanto region by winning the Big Fighter Tournament and gain control over the Gyokuji, which was currently in the possession of Rakuyo High School… home of one Toutaku Chuei… which was undisputedly the common enemy of all the other Great Schools.

We now see four girls that are walking towards the gate of their school, and almost everyone gave them respected looks and greetings. It was not strange, considering that one of them is the Leader of Seito's Toushi… even though she doesn't look like it.

Kan'U Un'chou, Ryuubi Gentoku, Chouhi Ekitoku, and finally Chou'un Shiryuu were very famous Toushi within Seito and Kan'u was regarded as one of the Top Five in the Kanto Region. Not to mention she is always never without her trust guandao , aptly named Blue Dragon, after the famous blade used by her historical namesake, would mean that she is not someone to be taken lightly at all.

Those who knew Kan'u often see her as someone that is strong and elegant, almost aloof and rarely see her smile… which is why even her friends and comrades were quite surprised to see a wistful, and almost cheerful smile on her face.

Ryuubi, though she was better known as a bookworm in Seito, was the first one to voice out the thoughts of everyone present. "Ano… Kan'U-san?"

Kan'U turned towards the person that she had become bodyguard on and smiled gently at her. "Yes? What is it, Ryuubi-sama?"

"You seem… quite happy today, Kan'U-san… is there something the matter?" Ryuubi asked rather inquisitively.

"Yes, Un'Chou-san…" Chou'un added her own words in, while maintaining her usual serene look. The silver haired maiden, who was one of Kan'U's good friends, found it rather intriguing to see that smile on her friend's face. "Were you thinking about the upcoming Big Fight Tournament that is coming up in a few weeks' time… or has something occurred that put you in such a good mood?"

Kan'u just smirked slightly at Chou'un and said. "Curious, aren't we, Shiryuu-san?" She then shrugged and said. "Well, I suppose it is no harm telling the three of you… two days ago, I received a letter from a childhood friend of mine, who had finished his formal training in China two months ago, and is coming here to Seito to study. His family, like ours are the descendants of Toushi… and if my history is correct… he is one of your most devoted officers, Ryuubi-sama."

A few raised eyebrows were present in the group over Kan'U's comment, and Ryuubi asked. "I see… who is it that you speak of, Kan'U-san?"

Kan'U just smiled slightly as she said. "His name is Ro'ka Bun'ken, or in Chinese would be Liao Hua Wen Qian… according to the letter he sent me, he has a mastery of third dan level Shorinji Kempo as well as a fourth dan master of Chinese weaponry, especially the Jian and saber. His Toushi ranking would currently be somewhere on a high C-Rank to a borderline low B-Rank… I suppose."

There was a low murmur heard from the students around them, as the news spread about a potential new powerful Toushi that was soon going to transfer into Seito, which sent a wave of cheer around the school.

Chouhi then said. "Are you sure he is that strong, Kan-san…?" There was a slight disbelief in her tone. "Sure, he might have some fancy skills learning all that stuff… but has he ever fought as a Toushi before? And how do you know his power level even before you met him? And aren't newcomers are usually classified as E-Rank Toushi at the start?"

Kan'u just smirked slightly and said. "That, Chouhi-san… is something that I know very well. We were close as childhood friends, though not in a romantic sort of way. He was one of the few boys at that time who wouldn't mind hanging out with a tough girl back then… and the fact that he and I are neighbors back then, as well as training partners, made me well aware of his power back then. Even before I became a Toushi, we often had spars quite often, before he left for China to seek formal training on his Art, and most of the time, we drew quite often, though I often would be able to square minimal wins against him."

She then looked thoughtful for a moment before smirking again. "If I recall correctly, our score between us is around 99 wins and 90 draws in my favor. Of course that was when we were still in grade school and junior high school."

There was another ripple of murmurs that went through the crowd at that particular revelation from one of their strongest toushi in their school. Chouhi still looked skeptical at what Kan'u had said, though there was a slight glint of respect in her eyes, which was almost unnoticeable by everyone. She was then about to comment, when she heard the sound of someone speaking, the tones indicating some degree of mirth and amusement.

"Really, Kan-san… I think you have got the facts a little bit mixed up, don't you think?"

Everyone present, including the toushi that was present turned their heads in the direction of the words. The speaker was a boy wearing a casual Chinese tang shirt which was light blue in color and a pair of dark blue jeans and a pair of sneakers. He was built quite leanly, almost like the mix of a gymnast and an athlete, with some hint of muscles on his body. He had light, sandy brown hair, and soft blue eyes which sparkled with mirth and mischief, a slight smirk on his face.

An ornate Chinese jian, complete with its scabbard was strapped on his back, and he walked with the grace of an experienced martial artist, which drew some attention from the female half of the school population. There was also a light blue colored magatama, which he wore on his right ear for all to see, signifying his status as a Toushi.

Kan'u just smirked back at her childhood friend and said. "Is that so, Ro-san? Do tell, which facts have I got mixed up in my statement? As I recall, I made no such mistakes when I made my statement."

Ro'ka just chuckled and said. "That so? Kan-san… as I recall, I did let you win in some of those spars that we took part when we were in junior high. And though we drew often… I have to admit that you were better than me in some matches."

Kan'u just laughed and said. "You are still just as stubborn as ever, aren't you, Bun'ken… just like when we were kids and in junior high."

Ro'ka just smirked in return and said. "Likewise, Un'chou-san… you are just as tough as usual, though I must say… you are very beautiful right now. A beautiful woman that can kick butt… now that is something that is wonderful, don't you think?"

Kan'u just raised an eyebrow at that statement, though there was a slight hint of a blush on her face, something that did not go unnoticed by those that were close to her. Each of them filed this piece of information in their own minds for further study.

"I see that you picked up something more than just the martial arts, old friend… you are not in the habit of using that silver tongue of yours to seduce girls, are you? I would hate to see my old friend to become another womanizer like that person in Nan'you Academy."

Ro'ka just shrugged and then said. "Whatever you say, Kan'u-san… though I might have a silver tongue, I am no womanizer… let's just leave it at that, shall we? Anyway, aren't you going to introduce me to your friends and more importantly, the 'Leader' of this school?"

Kan'U nodded and said. "Very well, I will accept that for now, Ro'ka… now, as you said, let me introduce to everyone." She then motioned for him to approach and then turned to her friends. "Everyone, this is Ro'ka Bun'ken… the childhood friend that I had mentioned about. Ro'ka, these are my friends."

She then gestured to each of the girls. "This is Chouhi Ekitoku, and Chou'un Shiryuu… and lastly..." She then gestured to Ryuubi and said. "This is Ryuubi Gentoku… the Leader of Seito Gakuen."

Ro'ka then bowed respectfully to each of the girls and said. "Pleased to meet you all… my name is Ro'ka Bun'ken… and it is an honor to serve under you, Ryuubi-sama.I hope to be of good service to you and Seito."

End of Prologue

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