How You Remind Me

By Captain Torres


B'Elanna Torres sighed tiredly, and looked at the empty Data PADD in her hand for what seemed like the millionth time. It glared back at her mockingly. She had been sitting on her couch, in the same position, for what seemed like hours, the blank piece of technology her only companion.

With a frustrated grunt, she heaved the PADD across the room, smiling triumphantly when she heard it shatter on the opposite wall. The smile quickly disappeared, and was replaced by a frown and a muttered Klingon curse, as she realized that it would probably come out of her rations.

Sighing again, she flopped violently back, her head connecting with the furniture with a muted thud. Instead of following her instinct and jerking forward to rub the sore area, she pressed back harder, pleased when it throbbed painfully. She deserved it. And more.

It was this day, two years ago, that she had screwed up. Two years ago that Kathryn- no, the Captain now- had left her. Even after all this time, she still had to swallow tears at the memory. Tears that left a raw, bitter taste in her throat. She'd give anything to take back what she had done…


AN: Tell me what ya think and if ya wanna see more, otherwise, I'm scrapping it. Thanks.