Chapter Three

Will You Be Here For Me Tomorrow

2 Years Ago

"Are you sure about this? I mean it, could all be in your mind B'Elanna." Harry reasoned, looking nervously from his friend to the Holodeck doors and back again, trying his best not to look as uneasy as he was.

"Will you relax, Starfleet? Look, I'm not actually going to do anything with Tom. Not only do I find the idea slightly repulsive, but, I do love her, no matter how angry I am." She paused, trying to contain her irritation at his doubt. "But, I mean, you have to admit, she and Seven are entirely too close lately. Tell the truth Harry, and I'll believe you. Am I seeing things, or is there… something, there?"

He sighed, not wanting to feed the half-Klingon's paranoia, but not wanting to lie. He did have to admit, if just to himself, that he had noticed something brewing between the Captain, and the blonde Astrometrics Officer. At first, he had thought that it was just the gratitude of a rescued woman, and the responsibilities of a mentor, but now he wasn't so sure…

"Look, I'll admit they're close. But-" he said quickly, cutting her off before she could say anything, "that doesn't mean there is something going on behind your back. I can't even believe that you would think that Captain Janeway would betray you like that." he admonished, shaking his head in minor disgust, at his friend's mistrust for their Commanding Officer. "She's your lover, for Christ sake!" he whispered harshly, quickly looking around again, to see if anyone had heard. No one had.

That got her attention. Her eyes flashed, and she regarded him with a fierce look. "And just how many people know that? Hmm?"


"None!" she interrupted, getting angrier by the second. She shifted in her seat, leaning closer across the table, so that her face was close to his, and he could see the pain and indignation in her chocolate brown eyes. "I can count how many on my hand. She won't show her so-called love for me in public, but, she's got no problem showing affection for Seven. It's not fair. I feel like someone's dirty little secret." she spat, trying to get her breathing under control. Harry was just glad that they were in Sandrine's, the dimness and background music covered their movements and conversation.

"B'Elanna, you should really be talking to her about this, not me. I think that she had no idea what this is doing to you, and that if you just gave her a chance, and explained it to her, she would see things your way." he replied sagely, thinking to himself that it was good advice. "And besides, I don't like the idea of you using Tom just to make the Captain jealous." he added, shaking his head again.

B'Elanna gave her younger crewmate an almost condescending smile; too lost in her own plans now. "Look, Harry, it's not really using him, so much as being a bit more friendly then usual. Once Kathryn sees me turning my affection elsewhere, she'll see that she's been neglecting me, and we'll work it out. Besides, I'm not going to be that obvious, and Tom won't complain, I'm sure."

"The least you could do is discuss this with Tom. You should really consider his feelings," the young Asian reasoned.

The Engineer had the good grace to look guilty. "I'm not sure he would agree if I told him. And, I really think this will work. He doesn't have to know. I don't want to hurt his feelings, but, I have to do this." she explained, sighing tiredly.

"Well, I just hope you know what you're doing." Harry said finally, standing and heading for the door. Torres just nodded at his back, sitting back and going over her plan one more time in her head.


"He was a good Officer, a good husband, and a good man. Not to mention, a fine pilot, and a hell of a friend. He will be sorely missed. I just hope that his sacrifice was not in vain." The Captain's words barely registered with B'Elanna, who had been in a daze since she had left Sickbay, almost 24 hours ago.

The world swirled about her in dizzying, nauseating colors, making her breath catch in her throat and her stomach clench. She still couldn't believe that he was dead.

They had argued that morning, and she had left their quarters angry. Their last words to each other had not been ones of love and trust, instead she had growled and cursed, and he had shouted and mocked. And now, she didn't have the opportunity to tell him how sorry she was, and just how much she loved him.

She was startled out of her misery by a small, but firm hand on her shoulder. "B'Elanna." Captain Janeway began, but she was cut off.

"I-I'm fine Captain, really. No-no need to w-worry." She tried to assure, but her voice weak and wavering.

"No B'Elanna," Janeway chided gently, rubbing the uniformed shoulder blade in slow, soothing circles. "You're not fine, and I don't expect you to be. You are going to take a vacation, starting today-" the redhead held up her hand to stall argument. "You're due soon. I was going to tell you to take time off anyway. You are off until at least a month after the birth, and not a day less. Understood?" The words were as firm as the touch.

The pain burst into B'Elanna's chest, shocking her enough to make her gasp. Even after all this time, she still felt the connection between them. She could almost taste the concern, the love that the other woman had for her. She could also feel that Kathryn wanted nothing more then to comfort a good friend at the moment. She was grateful, though oddly saddened. She was sure she couldn't handle it, at the moment, if the Captain should want anything more from her, but, she so desperately needed the bond that they had had. So much that her stomach clenched even tighter.

"What is it B'Elanna? I… I can sense that there's something you need. I don't know exactly how, but at the moment it doesn't matter. Please, tell me if there is anything I can do for you. Now, or anytime in the future. You know that I'm always here for you." Janeway sounded almost desperate.

"I know, Captain, I-"

This time, when her stomach clenched, she knew that it wasn't emotion. "I need you-" she was interrupted by another wave of pain. The Captain mistook it for a moment of indecision.

"Yes B'Elanna? What is it? You knew you can trust me." The Engineer nodded, taking deep breaths.

"I need you to get me to sickbay; I think I'm having my baby."

With a quick nod, Kathryn Janeway slipped an arm around Torres' waist, using the other hand to tap the communicator at her breast. "Janeway to Doctor."

"Yes Captain, go ahead."

"I'm on my way with B'Elanna. She's in labor. Be ready."


Taking the half-Klingon's arm she draped it over her shoulders, and with and surprising strength, she took most of the other woman's weight onto herself. "Don't worry B'Elanna, I've got you." She said, and moved them to the door, into the turbolift, and to the Doctor.

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