As promised, the sequel to Enchanting Melody. It ties in nicely with the first story if I do say so myself. Called Sustained Symphony. Now perhaps we'll figure out what exactly Alice's vision was about....

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brief timeline: maybe this would be in limbo between new moon and eclipse?

disc: twilight not mine.

It had been three months to the day. She flipped through her mental calendar. Sometimes, time was her enemy. In the back of her mind, every day, she had worried and waited for the moment her vision would come true. But perhaps things had changed, perhaps... She shook her head. Seeing the future was not always a gift.

A song floated up from the piano, the keys playing a beautiful, melancholy melody. Alice tread lightly down the stairs. She saw her brother pouring his soul into his music. It had taken him time to get over the loss of Bella. However, they were still friends, and it had given him time to work on his first passion- music.

"Edward, don't you think you could play something a little more upbeat?" Alice asked, feigning irritation at his dark style of music.

A wry smile touched his lips. "I could. If I felt like it." His hands floated over the keys, he changed the key to major, it was a romantic melody, one Alice recognized as the sole song she had composed.

She listened, gawking. "Where did you learn that?"

He chuckled. "I've heard you play from time to time. After a hunt, sometimes the family will stop by the woods and listen to you play."

Alice shook her head. "This might be a first, but that completely surprises me."

Edward smiled in triumph. "Ah, and now I have upped you in points. See how your ego takes that." His hands continued to move over the keys all the while.

Alice shook her head. "I'll be able to foresee it next time. I'll catch up soon enough." She smiled smugly, and tapped Edward in the arm. He nodded, a smirk still across his lips, and changed the melody from Alice's composition to Bella's song, a composition in three stages. The first sounded hopelessly romantic, reflecting his time with Bella; the second was bittersweet, it portrayed the drift between him and Bella; and the third, an inexplicable entwined melody and harmony, to encompass Alice and Bella's togetherness. It was his latest masterpiece, and Edward had poured all of his time and energy into it over the past few months.

Alice grinned as she gracefully left the room; pleased that Edward had chosen to play the third movement, knowing it relaxed her.

She sat in the driver's seat of her Porsche, revving the engine. It was going to be a good day, she told herself. Over the past three months it has become a mantra in her head, it was going to be a good day.


Bella tripped over herself, getting dressed for the day. She was anxious and had no idea why. She knew Alice was planning something special for their anniversary, she just didn't know what. She sighed, dropping something for the fifth time that morning.

Waiting for Alice always made her a bit anxious, more so impatient, but today the impatience was ten-fold.

She heard the Porsche in the driveway, and stumbled down the stairs, catching herself with the railing before tripping completely off the last step.

"I'll be back later tonight, dad." She called into the living room.

"Alright Bells, be safe." He called back. Thank god Charlie still thought Alice and her were just friends. He had no complaints when Alice started hanging around the house more than Edward. And Edward still came around occasionally, just enough for her dad not to suspect anything. Although, he wasn't too quick on picking things like that up to begin with.

She grabbed her jacket and headed out into the rain.


Bella shut the Porsche door behind her, pulling down the hood of her jacket. "Ugh rain." She complained, as Alice swung the car out of the driveway and sped down the road.

Alice laughed melodically. "And hello to you too."

Bella shrugged, her anxiety turning into masked irritation. "So, where are you taking me exactly? Nowhere outside I hope?"

Alice grinned. "Oh, I'm fine thank you."

Bella glanced out the window, not able to see much because of the sheeting rain and the speed of the car. "Har, har, I get the point. It's a secret."

"Didn't either of your parents ever teach you any manners? Honestly, that was a fine howdy do." Alice stared at the road, concentrating half-heartedly.

Bella laughed. "Howdy do? That's the only reason sometimes that I remember you've been around a while."

Alice was slightly offended. "Are you calling me old?'

Bella shook her head. "Of course not, your speech is just outdated sometimes." She reached her hand across the car to place it over the vampiress's, desensitized by the icy shock of her skin. "You know I'm only teasing."

Alice turned to smile at Bella sweetly. "Of course I do."

"Please watch the road. You know it freaks me out when you do that."

Bella entreated.

"Of course." Alice chuckled. "Of course."


The Porsche pulled to a stop just outside a clearing.

"So, where are we?" Bella asked, not feeling up for surprises today.

Alice just smiled, pressing a finger to her lips as if to shush Bella. She got out of the Porsche, and swiftly moved around the car to open the passengers' side door. Bella clumsily got out of the car; Alice gestured to follow, and Bella complied.

A light rain fell like mist over them. Alice led them down a hill, through sparse trees. The green ground and trees glistened with condensation. Bella stumbled and slid over the slick, moss-covered ground, cursing under her breath. Alice laughed quietly to herself, walking slow enough for Bella to keep up.

They reached the end of the hill where the trees cleared and the ground sloped into a bank that met a body of grey-tinged water. Only a beach in Forks could look completely grey, Bella thought. They had to be somewhere near La Push, far enough away from the treaty line that Jake wouldn't come looking for them.

There was a wooden gazebo on an outcropping of land, which was where Alice was headed. She walked up the stairs and went to lean against the railing. She turned to smile warmly at Bella.

Bella tried to glare at Alice, but couldn't bring herself to once she took in everything. The view off the railing itself was beautiful, but Bella hardly noticed. Alice leant, covered in the misty rain, her dark pants taut, her black shirt shimmering; Bella's eyes swept upward and caught Alice's loving golden gaze. Her breath was nearly taken away, forgetting all of her irritation from before.

Alice's bell-chiming laugh filled the gazebo and echoed slightly across the water. "You seem so calm all of a sudden."

Bella nodded, walking forward towards the vampiress. "I am." She slid her hand into Alice's; the icy touch was wonderfully familiar.

Alice took her hand away in one swift movement. "Ah, ah, ah." She said, as if she were scolding a child, an all-knowing grin spread across her lips.

Bella stood, confused, wondering what Alice's was plotting, and if she knew what her reaction to the surprise was going to be.

Fluidly, and far too fast for Bella to see, Alice pulled something small and silver from her pocket, gently taking hold of Bella's wrist and fastening it on before she could protest. Alice grinned, moving back against the railing.

Bella gasped, glancing down at the silver bracelet that the vampiress had just fastened around her wrist. There was an inscription on it; Bella spun it around to read it completely. "Permanent and unbreakable." Well, it was unique, just like Alice, certainly not a clich├ęd inscription. "Thank you, it's beautiful." Bella said sincerely.

Alice smiled. "I'm glad you like it." She stepped forward and kissed Bella on the cheek, then placing her icy hand on Bella's cheek. She slid her hand down Bella's arm, and held Bella's hand in hers, entwining their fingers. She watched Bella with anticipation. The human looked up at her and smiled, but it was brittle, like the wall of a theatre set. Alice noticed that the smile didn't quite reach her eyes.

Bella turned the bracelet around and around, running her finger over the inscription. Alice tried to turn her attention to the ocean, trying not to over think, perhaps Bella was just tired, it's not as if Alice's remembered the sensation of needing rest. Her hand gripped Bella's slightly tighter, trying to assure herself.

"I love you." Bella's warm lips pressed against Alice's suddenly. The vampiress kissed back. She stepped back suddenly, gasping, her face smooth as granite, and her eyes distant.

"Alice?" Bella asked, confused at first and then overcome with worry. "Alice?"

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