Warnings: fellatio, use of endearments, a little schmoop, pre-series/Stanford era, eventual bottom!Sam

Sam wasn't sure how he felt about going to the beach with Jessica and their friends. For one, he'd have to wear a bathing suit and he still didn't quite feel confident in his own skin. He felt awkward and gangly, even though he knew that his muscle mass finally caught up with his height. And another thing? Nowhere to conceal a weapon. He couldn't carry around a handgun or even his favorite knife while only wearing a pair of swim shorts.

It was too hot to get away with wearing a hoodie to the beach, so he knew there was nothing he could carry for protection should he and his friends run into something unseemly.

He could hear Dean's disapproving voice in the back of his head telling him it was stupid of him to get close to anyone, even stupider of him to go somewhere foreign unarmed and without any sort of reconnaissance beforehand.

Sam shook his head of his thoughts of Dean, of hunting, when Jessica gently shoved at his arm in an attempt to get him moving out of the car.

"It's kind of hard for us to get out when you're blocking the door, Sam," she laughed teasingly, smiling at Sam when he gathered himself and eased the driver's seat up and unfolded himself from the back seat, allowing her and Tiffany to climb out after him.

Sam smiled at his friends and told them to head down to the beach while he and the other guys got the beach blankets, towels, and volleyballs out from the trunk. He hung back as the other guys followed the girls down to the sand. He mentally cursed himself when he noticed Jason had a book bag on his back, sure that someone had packed it full of food for them. He only then realized he, too, could have brought a bag and stored at least a handgun in it.

He sighed and hefted the cooler higher against his side, grabbing the rest of the stuff from the small trunk before pushing it closed with his elbow.

He watched as the guys all ran into the water immediately after they'd dropped the supplies, rolling his eyes when Jason pushed Bryant into the chilly water. He absently watched the girls put on their sunscreen as he shook out the blankets and laid them out, putting some of the supplies on the corners of the blanket to keep it from flying away.

"Thanks, Sam," said Jessica, patting his forearm as she sat down next to him.

"No problem," he answered, offering Jessica a small smile when she asked him to rub some sunscreen into her shoulders. He saw the slight glint of want in Jessica's eyes and knew he would never be able to truly be what she wanted; a normal boyfriend who did normal things. Or, a boyfriend that actually liked women in that way.

He was pretty sure he was more inclined toward liking men. Especially after the weird stint with being infatuated with his big brother. He chalked that up to being in close proximity with his brother all the time, though; knew that he didn't want anything sexual to happen with Dean, that it was just all the new hormones and feelings raging through his growing body. He definitely couldn't deny that he was impressed by Dean's body, all that muscle fueling jerk-off fantasies full of hard lines and thick muscle above him and around him. Sure, he loved his big brother, but he would never be in love with Dean, that was just crazy talk.

He was stupid enough to tell Dean about it and his brother teased him relentlessly before telling him it was pretty normal. Even helped him out with finding some guys he could hang out with and talk to about, well, liking guys.

It was because of Dean that he got laid for the first time. Of course it would be with Dean's help, couldn't do anything right without big brother there to show him the ways. Sometimes Dean being his older brother wasn't as bad as he made it out to be.


"Hm?" he hummed, snatching his hand away from Jessica's back; sure he'd just been pressing his palm against her warm skin as he reminisced.

Jessica smiled coyly at him and turned around, kneeling as she leant closer to Sam. "Me and the girls are gonna play volleyball. You think you'd want to join?"

Sam took one look at the guys splashing around with each other in the ocean and then glanced back at the girls, Tiffany, Bethany, and Krissy already positioned on one side of the volleyball net. "Sure, I'm up for it."

Jessica beamed and stood up, offering Sam her hand and laughing as she helped Sam up. "Guess you didn't really need that, huh?"

"No harm in offering, though," answered Sam with a shrug, grabbing one of the volleyballs and following Jessica over to the court.

"Sam, you can be on my team; us against the three of them."

"Not fair!" shouted Bethany, "It should be the four of us against Sam! He's sure big enough to defend that whole side of the net."

Sam felt himself flush in embarrassment but he laughed along with the girls, anyway. He knew it was the right response. "Hey, that's fine by me," he said quietly, looking at Jessica with a quirked brow.

"No, that wouldn't be fair, Sam."

"Whatever!" called Tiffany, hands on her hips. "Can we just play some volleyball already?"

Sam shrugged and looked at Jessica again, small smile pulling at his mouth when she let out a put-upon sigh.

"Game on!" she called, nodding to Sam and smirking when Sam served the ball, their friends scrambling only for them all to miss the ball, gaining their team the first point.

They eventually switched sides, and Sam and Jess were ahead. He was surprised, though, when Krissy jumped up and served the ball. Of course, it went out of bounds she hit it so damned hard, but he didn't know that such a small woman could have so much pent-up power.

"Don't worry," he said to Jessica, "I'll get it." He winced when he heard a low curse of fuck and hurried over to the sound.

"Hey, god, I'm sorry, my friend's a little over-zeal--" he stopped short when he happened upon the innocent bystander that Krissy managed to pop in the head with the volleyball. "Oh god, I'm really sorry," he said, taking note of the little explosion of sunscreen on the guy's cut-off plaid shirt. He cut his gaze to the group of people the guy was with, one attractive red-head and two other couples. He didn't know why he didn't automatically assume that the guy Krissy'd hit and the single girl were together but he didn't really want to think about it.

"No harm done. Just messed up my 'do a little," said the guy, squishing the ends of his hair in an attempt to straighten out the one Mohawk that had been flattened by the volleyball. He looked down at his shirt, "Kinda looks like I jizzed on myself, too, but what're you gonna do?"

Sam swallowed hard when the guy looked up at him. The guy's eyes were outlined in thick black liner, his green eyes looked exotically illuminated the way they were practically glowing beneath his long lashes. His eyes flicked to the multitude of piercings on the man's face, the glinting hoop in his nose, the hoops in his ears, before he zeroed in on the stud beneath his lip. He slid his tongue over his own bottom lip, swallowing down the moan that wanted to break from his throat when he realized the guy's bottom lip was so plump it hung over the stud.

"You okay, man? Kind of look like someone knocked you on the block with a volleyball…"

Sam watched the guy's mouth move, enamored by the way the guy shaped his words.

"Dude, dude. Tish, I think this guy is off his rocker, help me out," said the guy, standing up and planting his hands on Sam's biceps.

"Priestly, I don't know what you think you're doing. Obviously this guy doesn't have his head on straight," complained Tish, though she helped Priestly settle the guy on their beach blanket next to him.

"Priestly?" asked Sam, stupid smile pulling at the corner of his mouth when he looked at Priestly again.

"His name's actually Bo--"

Priestly narrowed his eyes at Tish and elbowed her in the boob. "Yes, the name's Priestly. And I'm just gonna throw it out there that I think you have a pretty unfair advantage as I don't know who you are."

"Sam," he breathed, watching the way Priestly's eyes lit up when he said his name. "Winchester," he couldn't help but adding.

"Well, Sam Winchester, I'm gonna go ahead and release this P.O.W back to you," said Priestly, standing up when Sam did before handing the volleyball back to him.

"You, I mean, you guys are all welcome to join our game if you want to," said Sam, tossing the volleyball back and forth between his hands.

"Might take you up on that after I lather up again," said Priestly, looking over his shoulder at the exposed skin of his back, "I'm frecklin' up even more."

Sam nodded dumbly and noticed the freckles sprinkled across Priestly's cheekbones, hadn't even realized until Priestly said anything. "Might want to put a little more on your face, too," he muttered, absently thumbing beneath Priestly's eye, flushing when Priestly's eyebrows rose into his hairline. "Um…"

"Sam!" called Jessica, jogging over then. "Are you okay?" she asked, eying Priestly warily before stepping between Sam and the other man.

"Yeah, I was just--"

"Hey, sorry, I didn't mean to keep your boyfriend by getting knocked in the head."

"It's okay," said Jessica, fisting her hand in Sam's shirt and carefully tugging at him, "C'mon, Sam."

Sam nodded and offered Jessica a little nod. "See you guys later?"

"Maybe," answered Priestly with a shrug, watching as Sam and his girlfriend walked back over to the court.

"You gonna join him?" asked Tish with a wink, elbowing Priestly in the side.

"He's got a girlfriend, Tish."

"I don't know about that, sure as hell looked real interested in you, Bo."

Priestly huffed. "Probably just staring at all the artificial holes in my head. Guy like that's probably just one of the douchey assholes that you'd try and pick up; kind of guy that's huge but has no brain. No offense."

"I thought you liked huge?" teased Tish, echoing the jibe Priestly had aimed at her before

"Shut up, Platisha, and put some of this on my shoulders," said Priestly, changing the subject as he watched Sam serve the ball across the net.

"Sam, that freak is still watching you," said Bethany in irritation. It was really distracting keeping an eye out for Sam, didn't want any weird guys creeping on Sam and moving in on Jessica's territory.

"He's not a freak," answered Sam, serving the ball harder than necessary and scoring another point on the girls. Sure, Priestly might have more piercings than any of the girls he was with but he was definitely more normal than himself or his family. "He's just…expressive," he said, bumping the volleyball back over the net when Krissy actually managed to return his serve.

"He is kind of strange," said Jessica warily. "I'm not saying he's a bad guy," she explained when Sam turned a glare on her, "I'm just saying he's not really, you know, usual."

"Just because he doesn't look like any of the guys on campus doesn't mean he's not usual."

"Of course, Sam," said Jessica quietly, biting her bottom lip when Sam narrowed his eyes at her.

"What, I think he's attractive," said Tiffany, smirking when Priestly started walking toward them.

"Oh god, Jessica, let's go," said Bethany, going around the volleyball net and pulling at Jessica's top until she walked with her over to the water.

"I think you should keep playing, Sam," said Tiffany, smiling at Sam before following the rest of the girls into the ocean.

"H-hey, Priestly," stuttered Sam, ducking under the net and fumbling with the volleyball. "Guess your head's doing better, huh?"

"Bit. Sunscreen hasn't really been deterring the freckling, though," answered Priestly, turning toward Sam and flashing the newly developed freckles sprinkled across his upper-back.

"At least you don't look burned. Guess freckles aren't so bad compared to being a lobster."

"Would definitely have to re-dye if my skin was red, too," said Priestly, fingers playing over the tips of his mohawks.

"Probably," laughed Sam, flushing when Priestly grinned lop-sidedly at him.

"So, offer to join you still stand?"

"Couldn't sucker your friends into playing?"

Priestly looked back at his friends and co-workers. "Naw, they're all caught up with one another."

"What about her?"

"Tish? What about Tish?" asked Priestly, looking back at Tish, rolling his eyes as she adjusted her tits in her bikini top when a tanned shaggy-haired surfer type walked by their set-up.

"She's not caught up in you?"

"Oh, fuck no. We tried that and it really did not work."

"No? Why not?" asked Sam, smiling and serving when Priestly gestured for him to.

"Thought I was into her but I figured out I really dig dudes," said Priestly, grunting slightly when he returned Sam's serve.

Sam gasped and wasn't able to bump the ball back to Priestly, focused too intently on the fact that Priestly likes men.

"Heh," chuckled Priestly, rubbing at the tattoo on the side of his neck, "wasn't trying to cheat with that or anything, man. You asked, I told. Didn't think it would distract you so much."

"Didn't distract me," said Sam, tossing the ball under the net to Priestly so he could serve, "Just…thought you and that woman were together. She's gorgeous."

Priestly frowned, definitely thought Sam was into him especially because of the way Sam had been looking at him when he'd apologized.

"Her bod is bangin', but like I said, guys are really more my thing," replied Priestly with a little shrug, smirking at Sam and jokingly poking his tongue against the inside of his cheek.

"What about that cute blond you're with. You guys together?"


Priestly shrugged, couldn't be sure if the pretty blond girl was named Jessica or not. "Girl in the striped bikini?"

"That would be Jessica."

"Yeah, so you and Jessica dating?"

"Oh, no. I think she kind of wants to, though," sighed Sam, scooping up the volleyball when he failed to return Priestly's serve yet again.

"Take it you're not too keen on dating her, then," said Priestly, following Sam over to the kid's stuff, smiling and taking a soda when Sam offered him one. "Wanna go sit down?"

"Sure," replied Sam, following Priestly to one of the picnic tables nearby. He sat down on one side and smiled when Priestly sat down opposite him and cracked open his soda.

"So why don't you want to date Jessica? She sure is attractive," said Priestly, glancing at Jessica as one of Sam's guy friends wrapped their arms around Jessica's waist and pulled her under a wave.

"Um, kinda in the same boat as you, Priestly," muttered Sam, head dipping, bangs falling in front of his eyes when Priestly smiled at him.


"Uh-huh. My friends, they, um, don't really know about me yet."

"Don't really?"

"Not at all, then."

"I'm sure they won't take it badly if you tell them. I mean, you all are in college right?" When Sam nodded Priestly laughed, "Well shit, not like they're all not gonna experiment with the same sex at one point or another, right?"

"You don't know those guys, Priestly."

"Lemme guess, they're in a frat? Listen, Sam, knew some of the straightest frat guys when I was in school. Sucked cock like porn stars behind closed doors, though."

"I take it you're out of school, then?"

"Went for a semester and it wasn't really for me. Couldn't really hang around those Banana Republic wearing normals. I started working at Beach City Grill full-time and I've kind of just been hanging in there. Been thinking about going back, though. Definitely make enough in wages and tips to set-up some sort of monthly payment system."

"Beach City Grill? That's a--?"

"It's a sandwich shop. I work there with Tish, Jen, and Piper," said Priestly, gesturing over to his friends. "That there's Noah and Scott."

"I see. It's cool that you hang out with the people you work with."

"You don't?"

"No. Jess was pretty much the first friend I made at Stanford and I just hang out with her friends. I don't--" Sam laughed awkwardly, couldn't really tell Priestly that he didn't easily trust people.

"Trust people?"

"Yeah," breathed Sam, "people I've known haven't always been the most reliable. Nobody except my brother, really."

"That's shit, man, there's gotta be other people you can trust. But anyway, so you go to Stanford? Them's the big leagues, Sam."

"I guess."

"So, you a Junior?"

Sam laughed, "No way. I just started this semester," he said, furrowing his brow and biting his lip when Priestly's eyes widened. Wow, way to ruin any sort of chance you had, Winchester.

"Well y'look older," said Priestly, feeling a little dirty for perving on Sam when he was probably just barely eighteen.

"Sort of an effect of the lifestyle," muttered Sam; John wasn't even fifty yet, but on some days he looked particularly haggard and could probably pass off as sixty.

"Yeah, college can do that to you. That's why I work at BCG, so laid back I probably won't ever age," teased Priestly, grinning when Sam blushed.

Sam didn't know how long he'd talked to Priestly. It had to have been long enough for Priestly's friends to want to leave.

"Hey, Bo, we're gonna head back. Trucker's probably swamped with customers," said Tish, smiling at their friends as Jen and Piper walked by with their beaus.

"Yeah, right. He's probably eating lentil soup across the street with Zo."

"Probably. We're still gonna head back, though."

"Alrighty," Priestly looked at Sam and smiled before he looked back to Tish, "I think I'm gonna hang around a little while longer. See you guys tomorrow?"

"You mean you're gonna make it so I'm not the only one gettin' laid at the shop?" laughed Tish, patting Priestly on the head before saying 'goodbye' and catching up with the others.

Sam swallowed hard, heart skipping a beat in his chest, groin throbbing in agreement to what Tish had suggested. "Is that uh, why you're, um--"

"What? You think—no, Sam. Platisha just likes to rag on me because she's the only one that's been getting any. I mean, that we all know about; Jen and Piper don't really give details. But Tish? Kind of gets around. But I mean, if you want to, I wouldn't be completely adverse to the idea…"

"You wouldn't?"

"Gotta admit you're hot, Sam, and you definitely aren't the kind of person I'd initially thought you were. I always tell the girls not to just look at the wrapper and I still do the same kind of shit."

"Don't even worry about it. I, uh, wouldn't exactly mind getting with you either…"

"Yeah?" asked Priestly, leaning further over the picnic table and looking intently at Sam.

Sam caught his lip between his teeth and then let it go, flush blossoming over his cheeks as he said, "Yeah."

"Want to go to mine?"

Sam smiled and whispered, "Yeah."

Jessica frowned. "But Sam, you've known this guy for a couple of hours at most. Do you really think it's smart to just go off with him? What if he's some sort of sociopath?"

"Jessica, he was here with other people. Perfectly normal in his interactions with them. I'm pretty sure he's not a sociopath."

"But he's a freak, Sam," said Bethany, and Sam really wanted to punch the petite brunette in the head.

"He's standing right there, Beth," hissed Sam, hated so much the fact that they couldn't see Priestly as a person and not just the accessories in his face. "You guys can all stick around but I'm going to go hang out with him, okay? I'll have my phone with me, Jessica, so if you're really worried just shoot me a message, alright?"

"Okay, Sam, if you're sure…"

"I am," said Sam, pulling Jessica into his arms and briefly squeezing her before smiling and turning back toward Priestly. "I'll let you guys know when I get back to the dorm, okay?"

"You better," said Jessica quietly, watching as Sam walked over to the parking lot with the mohawked man.

"I'm sorry my friends think you're crazy, man."

"No worries. Comes with the appearance, I guess. Even though most crazies are older, successful white guys, not the punks in their mid-twenties who work at sandwich shops."

"For what it's worth, I don't think you're crazy," said Sam quietly, blushing when Priestly smirked at him.

"I would hope you wouldn't go home with me if you thought that, Sam," said Priestly, unlocking his truck and opening the passenger's door for Sam, smiling as Sam hoisted himself up into the vehicle. He closed the door after Sam and shook his head in amusement. He walked around to the driver's side and climbed in. "Now you're sure you want to go home with me?"

Sam bit his lip and nodded, felt heat pooling in his stomach when Priestly rubbed his thumb over the piercing beneath his lower lip. "Yeah, I'm sure," he answered, gasping when Priestly grinned at him before Priestly curled a hand around the back of his neck and leant in.

Priestly groaned and cupped the side of Sam's face, angling his head as he slid his tongue over Sam's lips. "Good," he said once he pulled back, rubbing his thumb over Sam's bottom lip before starting his car. He turned down the volume when music practically exploded out of the speakers. He looked to Sam and smiled when he saw a small one pulling at Sam's mouth. "I take it you don't think my music is complete shit."

"No way, dude, this is the kind of music I like. Grew up around classic rock and it just got annoying after a while. This," Sam gestured to the radio, "this is more my kind of music."

"Awesome," said Priestly, slipping on a pair of shades and then pulling out of the beach lot, turning up the music as he drove them back to his apartment.

He hesitated a moment outside of his apartment complex. It had been a while since he and his friends had hung out at his place so he couldn't be sure how clean it would be. Priestly gestured for Sam to step in ahead of himself and he dropped his messenger bag by the door before closing it behind him.

"So, this is my place," said Priestly quietly, nervously watching as Sam investigated, fingers trailing over his furniture and the pictures scattered over the walls.

"It feels like you," replied Sam, dropping down onto the worn sofa, legs comfortably splayed.

"Mm, how do you know what I feel like?" asked Priestly, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning against the jamb between the kitchen and living room.

Sam slid his tongue over his bottom lip and smiled coyly at Priestly. "I don't, but I'd really like to."

Priestly laughed and walked into the kitchen. "I'd offer you a beer, but…"

"I know, not old enough. I'm not really into beer anyway."

"High school partier?"

"More like my brother decided to introduce me to beer on my sixteenth birthday."

"Oh, rough," chuckled Priestly, sitting close to Sam on the couch and taking a big pull from the bottle of Stella he uncapped.

"Yeah, it kind of put me off beer forever. Dean, my brother, underestimated my tolerance."

"I'm sure you've built up a little more tolerance, Sam. I'll get you a beer if you want one."

"Maybe I'll have a little," said Sam, curling his fingers around Priestly's wrist when Priestly agreed and made to get up. He cupped the side of Priestly's face and pulled Priestly closer to himself, eyes falling closed as he pressed their lips together, tongue darting into Priestly's mouth, catching the taste of Stella before he caught the innate taste of Priestly.

Priestly groaned and set his beer on the beat-up coffee table, kneeling on the couch and turning toward Sam. He cupped his hand over Sam's hip and tugged Sam closer to himself, fingers slipping up under Sam's t-shirt, digging into warm bare flesh.

Sam hummed in pleasure and arched closer to Priestly, thumb brushing over Priestly's sideburn, thrill thrumming up his spine at the feel of Priestly's facial hair under his palms. He sighed into Priestly's mouth and lied back on the small couch, dragging Priestly down between his thighs, hips hitching when Priestly ground down against him.

He slid his hand up over Priestly's cheek, fingers curling in Priestly's spiked hair, fingertips mussing his mohawks.

"Sam," groaned Priestly, rocking against Sam. He could feel the hard length of Sam's cock against him, Sam's tight swimming trunks leaving nothing to the imagination. He pulled back and looked between them, Sam's cock clearly outlined in Sam's shorts. "Shit, you're big," he whispered, pressing the heel of his palm against Sam's erection and alternating pressure against him.

"God, Priestly," breathed Sam, tossing his head back and keening when Priestly licked a stripe up the length of his throat before sucking at his pulse. He slid his free hand up Priestly's arm, fingers curling around Priestly's bicep and squeezing when Priestly slid his hand further up his shirt, lifting the thin fabric up beneath his armpits, fingertips teasingly pinching at his nipples.

"Sam, Sam, take this off," whispered Priestly, leaning back from Sam and watching with a smile as Sam scrambled to pull his shirt off. "Jesus, Sam," he husked, lying back and pulling Sam on top of himself.

Sam gasped and planted one hand on the cushions as he flicked open the buttons of Priestly's cut-off shirt, slowly revealing inked and freckled skin, eyes widening when he caught sight of Priestly's nipple piercings, bars through each hard nub. "You pierced anywhere else?"

Priestly quirked a brow at Sam and smirked. "Guess you'll find out, huh?" he asked, winking when Sam's mouth fell open.

"You can't be serious…" said Sam, awed and a little freaked out that Priestly might have other body parts pierced. He kept his eyes on Priestly's abdomen as he finished unbuttoning Priestly's shirt, eyes taking in the glint of Priestly's navel bar. "Jesus," he breathed, catching Priestly's eye and smiling when he got a little nod. He slowly ducked down and rubbed his cheek against Priestly's belly, chuckling when Priestly's muscles fluttered. He flicked his tongue out, tracing the rim of Priestly's bellybutton before he teased the tip of his tongue over the navel bar, tongue rolling over the ball before he sealed his mouth over Priestly's piercing and sucked.

"Fuck, Sammy."

Sam pulled back from Priestly's stomach and looked down at him, furrow between his brows.

"Sam, hey, man, what's the matter?" asked Priestly, sitting up and cupping Sam's jaw.

He heard Dean's voice calling him 'Sammy' in his head and felt a weird sort of closeness to Priestly when he used the nickname his dad and brother had for him.

"Nothing, just, you called me Sammy."

"Shit, I'm sorry, I didn't real--"

"No, no, it's more than okay, Priestly," said Sam, leaning over Priestly and sucking at the plump bow of Priestly's mouth.

Priestly moaned and locked his arms around Sam's waist, hips undulating against Sam's as Sam enthusiastically sucked at his tongue. He grinned against Sam's mouth and slid his hand up Sam's back, sliding his hand into Sam's hair and curling his fingers in it.

Sam groaned and rolled his hips against Priestly's, wanted so much to press against Priestly skin to skin.

"Yeah, yeah, Sam, c'mon," said Priestly, gently pushing at Sam's chest and working the buttons of his shorts open.

Sam quickly caught on and undid the tie of his swimming trunks, pulling both his shorts and underwear off in one tug.

"Eager, huh?"

"You think so?" asked Sam, swallowing hard when Priestly dropped his shorts on the floor, getting an eyeful of Priestly's thick cock. "Seems you are, too," he said, sliding his hand down Priestly's stomach and tugging at Priestly's pubes, other hand curling around the weeping length of Priestly's dick.

"Oh, god, Sammy," hissed Priestly, curling his fingers over Sam's before dragging Sam's mouth against his own.

Sam moaned and tightened his fingers around Priestly, tongue fucking into Priestly's mouth as Priestly fucked up into his fist.

"Sam, Sam, let me," and Priestly pulled out from under Sam, rearranging him on the couch so his back was against the cushions and his feet were flat against the floor. He smirked and pushed Sam's thighs apart, circling his fingers around Sam's cock and licking over the fullness of Sam's balls.

"Jesus, Priestly," breathed Sam, back arching when Priestly smiled up at him before taking the crown of his dick into that pretty mouth.

Priestly hummed and suckled at Sam's cockhead, tongue sliding over the slit, lapping up the precome leaking from the slit.

Sam's breath stuttered out of him, hips jerking when Priestly took more of him into his mouth, soft lips sliding warm and tight down his length. "Priestly, oh god," he groaned, he'd never been with anyone who could take more than a few inches of his dick.

Priestly moaned and slid his hands up Sam's thighs, palming Sam's hips and holding them down. He took a deep breath and slid more of Sam into his mouth, swallowing when Sam's dick touched the back of his throat. He cheered internally when Sam turned into a babbling mess above him, knew how damned good it was to have a tight throat around the head of your dick. He carefully breathed, tongue fluttering along the underside of Sam's cock, laving over the throbbing vein there.

"Priestly, oh shit," groaned Sam, hips desperately jerking up into Priestly's mouth, He gasped when Priestly curled his fingers around the base of his cock, bobbing up and down his length, bringing him closer and closer to the edge.

Priestly pulled off for a moment and jerked his hand along Sam as he caught his breath, beaming at Sam when Sam looked at him with pure need in his eyes. "Okay?" he asked, voice rough as he slid one hand up Sam's chest. He felt how hot with arousal Sam was, face and chest flushed with want.

Sam nodded stupidly, body jerking when Priestly tweaked one of his nipples. "Priestly, fuck, man, I'm close," he moaned, palming Priestly's skull as Priestly went back to work, tongue fluttering beneath the head before Priestly suckled at just the crown. Priestly pinched his nipple between thumb and forefinger again and a drawn out moan fell from his mouth and his hips hitched. He moaned when Priestly just went with it, taking his cock all the way down, Priestly's nose pressed into his pubes.

"Fuck, Priestly, I'm gonna come," he hissed, fingers clenching tightly in Priestly's hair as his toes curled and he came with a cry, hips jerking helplessly as Priestly sucked him down, swallowing every drop he had to offer. "Oh god," he groaned, hips twitching one last time when Priestly pulled off of his cock, dick spurting one last time, come slicking Priestly's swollen mouth.

"Christ, Sam," chuckled Priestly, voice shot. He swiped his thumb over Sam's jizz on his lip and sucked Sam's release from his finger, laughing breathily when Sam gasped, hips bucking once more before Sam collapsed back against the couch with a heavy sigh.

"Goddamn, you are spectacular" moaned Sam, eyes falling closed when he sat up and realized Priestly had a hand around his neglected cock, flushed and dripping pre-ejaculate on his flat belly. He groaned when a string or precome dribbled out of Priestly's cock, catching on the bar pierced through Priestly's navel.

"On the couch," he said, voice low. "On the couch," repeated Sam, eyebrow cocked when Priestly scrambled to settle on the couch. He groaned when Priestly continued stroking his cock, eyes intent on the up and down of Priestly's fist over his length.

"Gonna watch me, Sammy?" asked Priestly, winking at Sam when he said Sam's name. "You can watch, I like it," he said, spreading his legs wider and cupping his balls, massaging them with his palm as he twisted his fist up his length, palm rubbing over the slick head every time he reached the tip.

"Hell no, I wanna taste," answered Sam, shoving in between Priestly's legs and dipping down, licking over the head, wriggling the tip of his tongue against the slit and catching Priestly's pre-come.

"Fuck, I'm not gonna say no to that," said Priestly, tugging at Sam's hair when Sam slurped his cock between his lips. He grunted and tipped his head back against the couch, legs lazily splayed as Sam expertly sucked his cock. He couldn't believe how well Sam sucked dick, sure that Sam wasn't too experienced, but was he ever wrong. He moaned when Sam licked over a particularly sensitive spot, hips hitching when Sam licked the base of his cock.

"Fucking hell, Sammy," he groaned, covering Sam's hand on his stomach when Sam planted it there. He hissed when Sam thumbed his navel piercing, letting go of Sam's hand so Sam could freely play with it. His muscles fluttered when Sam gently tugged at it, panting when Sammy bobbed up and down his length. "Jesus, you're good at this," said Priestly, asshole clenching when Sam's finger teased over his perineum.

He let out a slow breath; sure Sam could get him to come in no time. The feel of Sam's soft mouth wrapped around him and the fact that no one else had touched his cock for at least a few months had his stomach clenching, heat pooling in his belly.

"God, Sam, so fuckin' good, baby," breathed Priestly, petting Sam's head, hips bucking when Sam reached up and twisted the bar through his left nipple. "Oh, shit."

Sam hummed and rubbed his thumb over the bar through Priestly's belly button, humming when Priestly's fingers tightened in his hair. He hummed again when Priestly went silent, looking up at Priestly as he sucked his cock. He watched the way Priestly kept biting at his lower lip, hair flat and damp against his skull, face flushed and chest heaving. "C'mon, Priestly," he said after he pulled back, he curled his fingers around Priestly's cock and fluttered his tongue against the head, smiling when Priestly's legs twitched before clamping tight around his sides.

"Gonna, Sam, shit I'm gonna," grunted Priestly, hips snapping in an attempt to fuck into the heat of Sam's mouth but to no avail. He panted when Sam smacked his cockhead against his tongue and he lost it, muscles tightening up as he let out a strangled moan, thick ropes of come shooting from his dick, coating Sam's pink tongue.

Sam moaned and swallowed Priestly's spunk, suckling at Priestly's head, catching all of Priestly's release. He rubbed his thumb over the rim over Priestly's bellybutton, smiling when Priestly's abdomen fluttered under his touch. He laughed when Priestly hauled him onto his lap, sweat slick skin sticking when Priestly crushed their mouths together.

Priestly pulled Sam against his chest when he collapsed onto his side on the couch. He pressed a chaste kiss to Sam's mouth and tugged Sam tight against him. He sighed when Sam traced the scorpion tattoo on his neck, sighing at the soft flutter of Sam's fingers over his neck.

"I think you're gonna stay here for a while," he said, with a soft smile, pushing Sam's damp hair out of his face when he felt the soft puffs of Sam's breath against his throat.

Sam rubbed at his eye, forgot where he was for a second before he saw the bottle of Stella on the table. "Priestly?" he asked, sighing and sitting up only to be dragged back against a hard, warm chest. "Hey," he laughed, settling back against Priestly, couldn't help but relax back into Priestly's warmth.

"Time is it?" asked Priestly, letting go of Sam.

Sam bent over the side of the couch and rummaged through the pockets in his shorts, finding his phone and pulling it out. "Shit," he swore softly, flipping his phone open and reading the message from Jess. He quickly sent her one back, telling her he was on his way back to the dorms.

"Hey, Priestly? You, um, think you can take me back to campus?"

"Yeah, Sammy, sure," answered Priestly, getting up from the couch and pulling his clothes on. He left Sam to put his own clothes on and grabbed his keys out of the small kitchen. "You ready?" he asked, smiling when Sam smoothed out his t-shirt before tucking his phone back into his shorts.


Priestly smiled when Sam fell asleep in the car, knew a day in the sun and the really good orgasm were the cause of Sam's sleepiness; he was sure as hell exhausted, too.

He was wont to wake Sam up but he really couldn't just hang around Sam's campus. He gently shook Sam's shoulder and said, "Hey, Sam, you're home, buddy."

Sam groaned and straightened himself, pushing his hair back from his face and turning to Priestly. "So, hey, uh, thanks for today, Priestly," he said, didn't want to just hop out of the cab without saying anything.

"Sam, hey," said Priestly after a moment of awkward silence, "can I get your number?"

Sam grinned and took Priestly's cell-phone, adding himself as a new contact and punching in his mobile number.

"Sam," said Priestly quietly, curling his fingers around Sam's wrist before he stepped down from his truck, "Call you tomorrow?"

Sam smiled stupidly and said, "You better," leaning in to kiss Priestly before smiling and walking toward his residence hall.