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Oh my god... my head.

Great, I got drunk last night didn't I? Ugh, I knew this whole Vegas thing was a bad idea, Rose and Alice better be feeling as crappy as I am right now. I knew better than to try and open my eyes straight away, so instead I tried to sit up slowly, clutching my head with my right hand.

I put my left hand down and it was only then that I realized what I had been sleeping on. It was squishy... a mattress maybe? No.. it was weird whatever it was though! I kept my eyes sealed shut like glue and stretched my hands above my head, then tried untangling my legs from the.. sheets? I felt so stiff.. god normally I only felt like this when I had just had sex the night before-..."


I snapped my eyes open at once, only to find myself being blinded by the morning light streaming through the windows. I screamed and rolled over sideways, resulting in me being sprawled over the floor with both hands covering my eyes. Ugh.. remind me why I did that?

Oww... my leg. Ugh, I need to wake up properly. Maybe this was all just a dream... maybe we haven't even reached Vegas yet! Yeh.. that would explain everything-

"Bella? Are you okay?"

"AHH!!" I shot up straight and grabbed a pillow and chucked it forwards, hoping to hit whichever pervert was in my room. All I heard was a chuckle. "Um, honey? What was that for?"

"Honey? W-what the hell are you talking about? How do you know my name? Is that, is that a w-water bed? Oh my god, we didn't did we?! I don't even know you! Please tell me we're still in Vegas! Come out where I can see you!"

My voice was becoming hysterical and I was frantically trying to find the stranger in the shadows of the other side of the room. I only then just noticed where I- we, were. It looked like a cheesy honeymoon suite to a motel or something!

There were petals thrown about in random places across the floor.. the carpet and the ceilings both pastel pinks and reds. My eyes still weren't accustomed to the light however so I couldn't really see out the window.

I heard deep bass music and screams coming from somewhere... downstairs maybe? I don't know. I wasn't really bothered to be honest. I looked down at my feet and-...

I was naked. Ahh god can this not get any worse? I saw a top, or a dress, or something lying on the bed. With one last scan across the room I decided it was safe. I leapt over and grabbed the... feathers? Fuck it, at least it was something.

I covered my breasts and the rest of my front and shrunk back into the headboard. "W-whose there?"

"You know you really don't need to cover yourself Bells."

"Who are you?" My voice became softer. There was no point trying to argue my way out of this one. And anyway, his voice didn't sound menacing, it sound kind.. and concerned even somehow?

"Do you remember anything from last night Bella?"

I remembered a face, a gorgeous man, I was walking with him. I remember Rose and Alice with two guys of their own and... we were all sitting and laughing and.. drinking....

Then I remembered a name.


It was a slightest hint of movement that made me jump and turn around only to have me come face to face with a man, a perfect, godly, muscly, bronze floppy haired, green eyed... god.

It was him, the guy from last night. I repeated myself once again, more cautiously.. "Edward?"

"Good, you remember... do you remember anything else, because I can only think of one thing that happened last night."

"What you mean the um.. yeh, I remember THAT." God, he was good... way better than Mike. God. I can't believe I ever even gave him the title boyfriend. Ew.. gives me shivers down my spine. But Edward... my god, he was like.. a machine! He never stopped going...

"No. I mean, there was something else."

"Oh...well.. um.." I blushed tomato red and tried to hide my face from his penetrating stare, with his green eyes focusing on me it felt like he was looking into my soul.

"No no Bella, of course I remember that! I mean god yeh that was just... wow.. but Bella look at me please."

He reached one slender finger forward and put it under my chin. So soft, felt so right...

He pulled me up so we were only inches apart, "Bella?"

"Yes?" I trembled as our lips crept ever closer...

"Look at your left hand."

"What?" Way to ruin the mood there idiot... but I looked down anyway and.. gasped..

"Fuck me."

"Already have MRS. Cullen."


Owwww.... my bones feel so stiff. God, last night was amazing.. wait a second... I can't remember what happened last night. Shit.

I knew that last round of vodka shots was a bad idea... ugh! Hangovers suck.

I shot up, only to groan and flop straight back down again. "Rose?" I whisper yelled. "Rose are you here? Please be here..."

"Alice?" I heard her voice coming from next door was it?



"Where are we?"

"I don't know, I haven't opened my eyes yet."


I whined and sunk my head back down. I clicked my fingers and wriggled my toes around and tried to sleep for a few more precious minutes, or seconds even. Why was I naked?

Oh no.

I was too afraid to turn around, god knows what kind of strange, sick minded, ugly, old bastard is on my other side.

I suddenly got a flash back of Bella telling us those stupid stories of her old friends Jessica and Lauren, who had got drunk one night and slept with these eighty year old, rapists. They were killed when they woke up.

Maybe the stories weren't so silly after all. OMG! Breathe Alice, breathe.. it will all be okay. I let out a little squeak and clung to the barely there sheets though, unable to control my panicked state.


"Yeh-" Wait a second, he didn't sound too bad. In fact, he sounded young. Phew.. but he still might be as ugly as hell with like rotting skin and...

He brushed his arm across my waist to try and turn me around. Okay, skin equals very good. I decided to open my eyes and face the music. I deserved what I got from here on out.

I took in a deep breathe and.. wow he smelled good.. but anyway, um.. what was I meant to be doing again? Oh yeh, opening eyes.

I squinted and tried to get used to the light coming through the white shutters and the huge cream curtains. Wait a second, this definitely wasn't the apartment we were in when we came here.

The floors were covered in white marble and was that a persian rug over in the corner? The room was huuuge! Oh my god. I looked down at the bed and realized it was a four poster, and the sheets were made of silk.

Where the hell, or how the hell did we get here? It looked like something you would only see in movies, like a presidential suite or something.

I suddenly remembered the guy next to me. Okay I can do this. I opened my eyes and plastered a smile on my face, I turned to my side and looked up to see a guy... that was the guy sitting next to me. That was the gorgeous, amazing guy, NAKED GUY, lying next to me right now.

That was the guy I had slept with in a luxury suite on a four poster bed! My eyes went huge, I probably looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

He was gorgeous, his blue eyes and his floppy, sandy, blonde hair were amazing. He had lighter skin that me, but with his chizzled jaw bone and cheek bones I couldn't really complain.

"Alice?" He asked softly. His voice sounded even better when I saw them coming out of his lips.

"Um... yeh?" I managed to squeak out.

"Don't you remember me?"

Last night came flooding back to me, well only LAST NIGHT, if you know what I mean. I tried to remember how we got up here...

Jasper. His name was Jasper! Oh yeh, ten points for Alice.

"Jasper. Jazz.."

"Okay good."

"Um... yeh..."

"Look, I really need to talk to my friends... one of them is just in the next room across. But presuming we are in a suite, its probably all part of the same complex we have up here."

"Okay Alice. Be quick, I want to talk to you about- okay doesn't matter. I'll come with."

"No really what were you going to say?" I asked as we tried getting up, I got the robe that was lying at the end of the bed and tied it around my waist.

"I don't think you want to know."

"Just tell me please, I get really annoyed when I don't know something." I pouted and crossed my arms. But as my left hand passed infront of me, I saw a flash of.. something.

I brought it forwards and... ?!$:"*&?!?!^%*$(*£)*!&^?

"We didn't did we?"

"I told you, you didn't want to know."


After Alice stopped talking to me, I tried to wake up, honestly I did. I stretched my arms all the way above my head and brushed all my golden hair down to the side of my shoulder, letting it flow down to my waist.

I put my hands on my waist and arched my back up, trying to get rid of the pains in my stinging leg muscles. I turned around one last time and sank my head into the pillow, letting my arm flop to my side and land on a.. warm, hard, body?

Oh great, what did I do this time? Or more to the point, WHO? I smirked and opened one eye.

But my jaw dropped open in a true Bella fashion.

He was sex on legs. He was lust and need and.. my dream guy. He had a perfectly defined chest, with all the muscles and everything. He had a deep tan and baby soft smooth skin. His hair was a dark brown and kind of curly. His hazel eyes were just beautiful.

And his ARMS! Wow.. I would do anything for big arms on a guy. He had it all.


"Um, ugh, um, mm..."

"That was quite a show, thanks... I would do whatever you wanted to wake up to THAT every morning."

"Umm.. mmm. ugh..??"

"As much as I love to hear those sounds coming from you, what the fuck happened last night? All i can remember is your name, and well.. last night was just amaazing."

The heart throb hunk which I, ME, ROSALIE HALE! slept with last night, closed his eyes and pulled me towards his chest. Wow, blunt much? But to be honest I couldn't remember much more... his name, what was his name?

I got a sudden flash back of our night together and when I screamed 'Emmett' loud enough too... oh right yeh, that's it. Emmett... Em.

"Um.. Emmett?'

"Yes pumpkin?"

"What happened last night exactly?"

"God only knows."

"Pffh yeh."

"So honey-bun... what were you saying earlier-"

He was blocked off when Alice slammed the door open. I jumped and knocked Emmett over, landing fully on his naked body our legs entwined. I laughed as my hair hung between us and the crazy lady by the door.

Emmet smiled and brought his face up and pressed a quick kiss to my lips. He felt just right with me. I went forward for a second but stopped when my ear drum almost burst.


"Ugh, what Alice? As you can see I have a guy here, we are naked, and we were doing something in the privacy of our own room-"

That was when I looked around at the vast and elaborated decorations that filled the huge space up.

"Um, this isn't our room."

"Ya think? And that isn't our only problem too."

"What is it then?" I asked as I propped myself up on Emmett's rock hard chest.

"I think me and Jasper here got mar-" It was then that I saw a tall, lean man with sandy blonde hair standing next to Alice, his arm wrapped around her petite waist. Aww.. they looked so cute together- "OH my god ROSE!!! You too?!"

"Me too what?"



"What, the hell is.. THAT!?"

"WHAT ALice?"

She started to hyperventilate and the mystery guy caught her and lay her down on the floor. I tried to untangle myself from the huge teddy bear and cover our naked bodies up in the process. He stayed with me as I went over to Alice.

"And you are..?"

"Jasper, pleased to meet you."

I held out my hand and we shook. "Rose. And this is-"

"Emmet, yeh I know. He's my brother."

I barely had time to take in the information as Emmett swore. "Fuck."

"What now? I should be the one blimming tearing the house down! You are HIS brother?!" I seethed as I turned back to my guy. Wait, did I just say.. MY guy?

"I think I know what has the little pixie so worked up about."


"Look at your hand."

And that was when I saw the ring. Well.. I guess he IS my guy then... nice going Rosalie Hale.


I jumped up after my little episode to see my little Jazz leaning up against the wall, and Rose lying with Emmett, her head on his chest. They seemed to be discussing something.

I looked back down at my hand. The ring was beautiful, just what I imagined it to be. It was simple, a white gold intricate design... and Rose's suited her perfectly. A huge diamond stuck dead centre of a complicated band of sapphires.

I padded over to them, my head hung in shame..

"Sorry guys, I just got a little worked up when I saw the rings and everything."

I slumped down to the floor and breathed in deeply. "What are we going to do Rose?"

"Alice, did you know these two were brothers?"

"Really?! Fuck, Rose do you know what this means?!"


"It means we are bloody step sisters now!"

Next thing I know, I was being suffocated by new family member, "Rose.. can't... breathe!"

"Oops. sorry.."

"Anyway, what the hell are we so happy about, do you realize what we have done? My parents are going to kill me, and yours too missy!! We just went off to Vegas and got MARRIED for fucks sake, to two complete strangers... they might be SERIAL MURDERERS!"

I began to panic and leapt up, only to be lifted up by Jasper.

"Alice, I promise you, as a husband to my gorgeous wife-" I fricking blushed, "- that me and my brother are not murderers and we are just as confused as you two probably are."

I instantly calmed in his grip and let my head flop onto his shoulder. "Ugh fuck what are we going to do? God knows how Charlie is going to feel about Bella.."

"Who's Bella?"

Rose looked up and smiled at Emmett. "Well hubby, Bella is our very best friend in the whole world and she is... not here... FUCK! What happened to Bella?"

SHe scrambled up in reach for the phone, we were all silent as she dialed what I presumed to be Bella's number.

"Shit, her phone is off."

"Do you remember anything about last night that could help? Was she with anyone?"

I scrunched my nose up in concentration and tried to get past the drunken slumber. "Um.. I think when we met you guys.. she went off with another guy, he had like copper bronze hair or something?"

Both our guys looked at each other and smiled...

"What?" I asked cautiously..


"Excuse me?"

"He's the last of the infamous Cullen triplets.."

"YOU GUYS! Are the CULLEN brothers??"

"Pretty much."

That's the last thing I saw before I blacked out.

What the FUCK had we done?