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so... previously....

"YOU GUYS! Are the CULLEN brothers??!!"

"Pretty much."

That's the last thing I saw before I blacked out.

What the FUCK had we done?....


I can't even begin to describe the feeling of happiness and excitement I felt when I woke up next to my blonde beauty this morning.

I have no idea what happened last night, or even what the hell we did either. All I do remember is the AFTER party back in the bedroom. Hmm.. I looked around at the deliciously modern decor, wow, we must be in a penthouse. Cool.

I heard a faint voice coming from the next room across, sounded like a girl.

"Rose?" Oh yeh, her name was Rosalie, Rose for short, better remember that Emmett. "Rose are you here? Please be here..."

"Alice?" The beauty lying next me yelled out without opening her eyes. SHe turned away from me to face the wall, probably trying to hear better. I looked over her smooth creamy skin, so smooth.. I remember the feel of it under mine.



"Where are we?"

"I don't know, I haven't opened my eyes yet."

"Neither." It was then that the realization of a hang over took its place, my mind felt blocked off from the rest of my body.. bloody hell. I needed coffee and an aspirin or something like that to get me going again.. not that I ever stopped to be honest.

Her little morning show started as she tried to stretch out her muscles. It started with her back, stretching and curving upwards leaving her perfectly formed breasts at my eye level. I grinned, Emmett like... but apparently so did little Emmett. I didn't want her to think badly of me though when she saw me though, maybe she didn't even remember me...

Yeh, that wouldn't be too good.

I loved her hair, it was so soft, and when she stretched her arm out and it landed on my chest I had to rein in my laughter at her shocked face. She slowly opened her eyes and her perfect lips opened in shock. Was that a good thing?

Apparently it was... she was staring at my muscles and my arms for about three minutes.. I decided to break the silent.


"Um, ugh, um, mm..."

"That was quite a show, thanks... I would do whatever you wanted to wake up to THAT every morning."

"Umm.. mmm. ugh..??"

"As much as I love to hear those sounds coming from you, what the fuck happened last night? All i can remember is your name, and well.. last night was just amaazing." Hopefully if I was just blunt with her and told her how it was, no little secrets would have to be told later... like, I had no idea what we did after that second round of shots.

I pulled her closer to my chest, and relished the moment of waking up to HER. The picture would be stuck in my memory forever, even when we never saw eachother again. Although.. I hope that wasn't the case.

"Um.. Emmett?' YES! Kerching, she remembered my name.. and god it sounded ten times better when she said it for herself.

"Yes pumpkin?"

"What happened last night exactly?"

"God only knows." Phew, I at least I wasn't the only one.

"Pffh yeh."

"So honey-bun... what were you saying earlier-" Maybe she would stick around if I kept being nice and.. I was really trying to rein in my brilliant sense of humor, girls just didn't get my childish personality. What? Sue me, I lived life to the fullest.

I was blocked off mid sentence however when a tiny girl opened the door, presumably this was the 'Alice' from next door. She slammed the door open and Rose jumped in fright, knocking both of us off of the bed and landing right on top of my chest. Well then... thank you Alice.

It felt so good to have both of our naked bodies pressing against eachother again. Her long hair had hung down and made a sort of curtain between us and the scene at the door... giving us a tiny second of privacy.

I smiled and followed my instincts, quickly kissing her and seeing how she reacted. She grinned and started to bring her lips closer to mine once more for a second... but no. 'Alice' wasn't having any of it. She screamed out Rose's name.. Hale. Sounded good.. I wonder how much better Rosalie Cullen sounded though. Wait, what the hell?


"Ugh, what Alice? As you can see I have a guy here, we are naked, and we were doing something in the privacy of our own room-" Good, she liked to take charge... I could tell from the authority in her voice... but then she looked away from me, it didn't fell good, to look around the room.

"Um, this isn't our room."

"Ya think? And that isn't our only problem too."

"What is it then?" she asked irritably as she propped herself up by her hands on my chest, resting her head on my shoulder.

"I think me and Jasper here got mar-" Jasper? With that, no one other than my very own brother, walked past the door to join the pixie. He wrapped his around her petite waist, pffh.. always trying to be the southern gentleman. "-OH my god ROSE!!! You too?!"

"Me too what?"



"What, the hell is.. THAT!?"

"WHAT ALice?"

WHat the hell was going on? She started to hyperventilate and Jazz laid her down gently on the floor. We untangled our bodies from eachother, and Rose shared a blanket with me, to cover our bodies as we walked over to the others.

I caught her hand in mine as we walked and her eyes flickered to mine, silently smiling to me.

"And you are..?" she said as she turned to my brother.

"Jasper, pleased to meet you."

She held out my hand and they shook. "Rose. And this is-"

"Emmet, yeh I know. He's my brother."

I looked at her hand as she brought it back, and what I saw shocked me. A huge ring, diamond and sapphire, lay on her left hand. But this wasn't any ring, that was my grandmothers ring, the ring I had in a velvet box, inside my zipped pocket to my tux pocket yesterday.

"Fuck." What exactly happened last night?

"What now? I should be the one blimming tearing the house down! You are HIS brother?!" she seethed as she turned back to face me, her crystal clear eyes ablaze.

"I think I know what has the little pixie so worked up about.".. fuck.. fuck..


"Look at your hand." fuck... fuck.. FUCK!

She looked down, and I guess she saw the ring because the next thing I knew she gasped and was examining the ring carefully. "It's beautiful."

"It looks even better on you."

She smiled, and I saw a tear start to form in the corner of her eye, her lips were trembling and I decided to take action.

I scooped her up bridal style, yeh cliche I know, and took her out into the hall way, turning down and going into the living room to let us relax on the sofa.

I sat down first, and she snuggled into me, letting her head drop onto my chest. We were silent for a few minutes, I was twiddling with a stray strand of her hair until she finally began to speak. I didn't want her rushing to say anything.. I was just as internally confused as her.

"What are we going to do Emmett?"

"I don't know, I will do whatever you want hun."

She turned to face me and her eyes yet again held those unshed tears.. I wiped them away with my thumb and started to pull my hand away. She brought her hand up though and held it to the side of her face. Blinking and letting the tears drop onto my hand.

"I-I really like you Emmett and I can totally understand if you want nothing to do with me b-but-"

"Sh shh Rose-" I put my fingers to her lips and she smiled up nervously at me.

"I really, really really, like you too."


"Really really."

She smiled from ear to ear, and kissed the palm of my hand, before leaning up and kissing my forehead, then my nose, then finally my lips. I smiled around her and opened my eyes to see nothing else but the purest sight of her yet. She looked all too vulnerable here in my arms.

She pulled away only when we heard Jasper come into the room, holding Alice in his arms and laid her down on the soft furry carpet. Rose began to make her move to get up, but I kept her close to my chest.

She was my wife after all... well, there was a sentence I never thought I was going to say. Me, Emmett Cullen, had fallen for a girl in just one morning.. and a night. It all felt like it was just happening too quickly, but everything I said and felt so far, none of it had been a lie.

"Stay with me Mrs Cullen, your friend is in good hands don't worry."

"Alright then, hubby."

"Good wifey."

She laughed a care free laugh and turned back around to face the ceiling and let her body melt into mine. We both looked to our left however, when we heard Alice jump up suddenly. I saw her look down at her hand in pride, Jasper's godmother's ring.

She trudged over to us, her head hung down in shame. "Sorry guys, I just got a little worked up when I saw the rings and everything."

She slumped down to the floor beneath us and put her head back to rest on Rose's legs. "What are we going to do Rose?"

"Alice, did you know these two were brothers?" She said cheekily as she raised her eyebrow back at me.

"Really?! Fuck, Rose do you know what this means?!"


"It means we are bloody step sisters now!"

Next thing I know, Rose had launched herself off of me and had rugby tackle ALice onto the floor. "Rose.. can't... breathe!"

"Oops. sorry.."

"Anyway, what the hell are we so happy about, do you realize what we have done? My parents are going to kill me, and yours too missy!! We just went off to Vegas and got MARRIED for fucks sake, to two complete strangers... they might be SERIAL MURDERERS!"

Fuck, hyper much? Ahh well, Jasper was taking care of her now. That reminds me... I still hadn't had my coffee.

"Ugh fuck what are we going to do? God knows how Charlie is going to feel about Bella.."

"Who's Bella?" Maybe another friend?

My wife, god that is never going to get old, my wife turned and sat up to look back at me. "Well hubby, Bella is our very best friend in the whole world and she is... not here... FUCK! What happened to Bella?"

I knew it was serious when Rose sprinted for the phone, frantically dialing a number and pressing the it to her ear with a scared look on her face. "Shit, her phone is off."

"Do you remember anything about last night that could help? Was she with anyone?" I asked, truly concerned for this Bella. Any friend of Rose's was now a friend of mine.. and Vegas truly was a terrible place to be if you were by yourself late at night, especially drunk.

"Um.. I think when we met you guys.. she went off with another guy, he had like copper bronze hair or something?" Alice spoke up as her eyes flickered between us all.

I looked over at Jazz and his smile met mine, good we were both thinking the same thing...

"What?" Alice asked cautiously.

"Edward." I spoke calmly.

"Excuse me?"

"Edward." Jasper repeated.

"He's the last of the infamous Cullen triplets.." I couldn't even finish my sentence as Alice erupted in noise.

"YOU GUYS! Are the CULLEN brothers??" God how can one small person be so bloody loud?

"Pretty much."

With that she blacked out...


Half an hour later we were all camped out in the living room, Jasper and the Alice had opted for the sofa, and I had found me and Rose a beanbag which had been in the corner of the room. We had just ordered room service for some breakfast.. and finally! Some coffee would be coming too..

"I still can't believe you guys are the Cullens. I mean, I never thought.." Rose's mouth was left hung open, she didn't know how to even start, I understood that. "I can't believe I didn't realize it before Emmett Cullen, with his brother Jasper Cullen.. I mean, how dumb could I get?"

"You're not dumb babe." I said sternly to her.

"And how would you know dear husband, you don't know anything about me."

Alice cut in before I could even open my mouth. "OMG guys I just got the most amazing idea ever... we have breakfast and a drink etc, cause there is no point trying to think and search for our friends, as well as trying to actually remember what we did last night on some empty stomaches... agreed?"

"Agreed", we all chorused.

"And then, while we eat we will play.. a mix on the game 20 questions.. one person will ask a question.. like, what do your parents do? And then we will all answer that question as we go round the circle. Then the next person asks a questions and everyone answers it.. etc."

"Sounds like a plan-" I was about to get up when ALice pointed her finger at me and glared, wow she was intimidating, I immediately sat back down and Rose just giggled at me. I stuck my tongue out at her and she just rolled her eyes.

"I hadn't finished yet Emmett! OKay then basically, we are going to have to search the apartment for any possible clues of what happened last night or what we did, or where even possibly Edward and Bella might be. And that is considering that they are still together, they could have gotten split up or something over the night. Hopefully then we will have found something to help us along the way yeh?"

ROse shuffled in my lap, and I tried to concentrate on what Alice was saying, but it was hard.

I leant down and whispered in her ear, "I would appreciate it if you would stop doing that babe."

"What?" She asked innocently... "This?" okay maybe not so innocent after all.. she continued to rub against me and when the doorbell sounded for the room service, I silently thanked god. One minute alone with this woman and god knows what I would do.

I can't imagine what we could do drunk, let loose in Vegas for one whole night.