No, that was totally insane, Natsumi decided as she sat on her bed. The others had just been teasing their comrade, right?

"What's wrong Giroro? Why don't you just tell her already?"

"Haha, you of all people? Unable to speak up about something?"

They weren't that cruel after all, bringing something that serious up right in front of her. No. They were just messing with him.

So why couldn't she stop thinking about that? Even Mutsumi's voice flooding her room through the radio speakers couldn't help her escape her mind today. Every time she tried to come unbound, her thoughts returned to those lines, or to a time Giroro had shown up to assist her for no explainable reason, or to a time his expression seemed even redder than it normally was.

"No," she said aloud this time as she lay down to close her eyes, concentrating more to hear the radio, but only amplifying those memories. Still, she tried to not get worked up again, hoping that she could at least doze off for a bit, thinking of something that didn't have to do with Giroro when she awakened.

He'd follow her into her dreams.