Chapter One – The Letter

JK Rowling owns Harry Potter,

Only the plot belongs to me,

To steal it you would be a rotter,

And will turn into a bee.

It was a sunny yet cool day; Hermione Granger awoke with a start. She had been having a dream about a giant vacuum cleaner, it broke down and all she could hear was a tapping noise.

When she woke up, it was to find that the tapping noise that had infuriated her so much was actually a large barn owl tapping at her window. She jumped up to let it in, and as she did so, she noticed a letter addressed to her in green ink. Her Hogwarts letter had arrived.

She stroked the owl, and got a nip for her trouble, but it still did not fly away. She reasoned that she might have to send something to Hogwarts, perhaps another form to sign.

She carefully opened the envelope, taking care not to rip it or indeed the contents, but eventually her excitement overruled her carefulness, and she tore it open.

She pulled out the letter inside and noticed that it seemed thicker than usual. She began to read;

Dear Miss Granger

We are pleased to inform you that the first term at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry will begin on September the 1st.

You will be expected to catch the Hogwarts Express from Platform 9 and 3/4 at precisely 11am on the day of September the 1st.

This year, you will be studying for your NEWT exams, and therefore we have had to consider this decision carefully. We have decided to make you Head Girl, because we believe that you will be able to take the responsibility very seriously and will be able to balance this along side your NEWTS.

On September 1st, you will have to meet up with the prefects and assign duties.

Attached is your badge and reply strip, just send it back by the owl.

Books Required this Year;

Standard Book of Spells – Grade 7

Hogwarts, a History

Achievements in Charming

Ancient Runes Made Easy

An Anthology of Eighteenth-Century Charms

Appraisal of Magical Education in Europe

Charm Your Own Cheese

Common Magical Ailments and Afflictions

A Compendium of Common Curses and their Counter-Actions

Curses and Counter-curses

The Dark Arts Outsmarted

The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection

A Guide to Advanced Transfiguration

Muggle Home Life and Social Habits

Moste Potente Potions

New Theomem of Numerology

Numerology and Grammatica

The rise and Fall of the Dark Arts

Rune Dictionary

Saucy Tricks for Tricky Sorts

Self-Defensive Spellwork

Sites of Historical Sorcery

Sonnet of a Sorcerer

Guiding Lives – Potions and Lotions

I understand that you wish to take NEWTS in the following subjects;

Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Ancient Runes, Numerology, Muggle Studies, Herbology, Arithmacy, History of Magic and Astronomy.

As a Head Girl, you will no longer use the Gryffindor Common Room or Dormitories, you will have accomodation elsewhere,

Please Respond Quickly,

Professor Minerva McGonogall, Order of Merlin 2nd Class,

Headmistress of Hogwarts

She finished reading and gasped in joy, she was a head girl. She had dreamed of it for almost seven years. It seemed that dreams really did come true after all, her life was perfect.

She knew what she had to do; it was time for a trip to Diagon Alley…