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Across a great expanse of rippling leaves the wind danced, along with the birds that soared with its mighty currents. The birds split away from the travelling wind and dove down towards the canopy of leaves that shifted like an emerald ocean.

Colourful feathers shimmering brightly like coloured jewels as they wove through leaves and landed soundlessly on a great swaying bough. The silence simmered, tranquillity seemed to hover through the forest like a fine silver mist.

A thundering explosion suddenly shook the earth, causing the birds to squawk in surprise and take flight in a flurry of panic. A cloud of dust and debris rose from an area of the forest, it was followed by several others that led in a straight line away from the first explosion.

Soft thuds on the swaying branches, a single shadow darted through the branches, followed by several others. The figure at the front glanced back for a split second, catching a glimpse of the people in masks and trailing cloaks.

"Tch." A hand tightened its grasp on the broad straw hat that nearly flew away at the speed she was sprinting at.

"You guys just don't give up do you…" She muttered as she lifted another hand.

The sound of a wire pulling taunt could be heard before another deafening bang echoed around the forest. The forest behind her was blown apart as the trap was activated, black hair whipped out around her face from the blast of the explosion.

'Come on…I'm almost there…I'm almost there…'

A sudden, blinding flash of pain erupted in her left eye, as if someone had stabbed a needle into it harshly.

"Argh!" A hand clutched at her left eye as her lips tugged into a pained wince.

The split second of pain had distracted her, that was all it took for her pursuers to knock her out of the air and onto the ground. With a swift kick to her chest she was sent spiralling downwards from the branches and towards the rocky ground.

She slammed into a tree, the wind knocked out of her lungs. Before she could even draw out a kunai, she was yanked up by her torn collar of her clothes, she gritted her teeth and swung her leg up. It was parred by an arm, the girl snarled and lifted her other foot, but before her attack could land, a fist slammed into her stomach, she heard her bones crack sickening before a fresh wave of pain swept from her ribs.

She fell to the ground, gasping for breath, fingers clutching her sides as she gagged. Each breath she took, no matter how scarce, to her seemed like she was inhaling flames. Her fingers twitched, reaching for her hidden blade. A foot stomped down on her hand, the girl bit her bottom lip to prevent herself from crying out loud.

A hand tugged her up, a pair of muscled arms looped underneath her arms, tugging up brutally and rendering her arms motionless. Her remaining purple eye glared as a blade flashed towards her, bent on splitting her in half.

She gathered her strength into her upper body, temporarily ignoring the pain that seared as she swung her weight upwards, knocking the person holding her from behind off their feet. She spun in the air, landing roughly, another disturbing crack sounded from her ankle, but she didn't care.

Her eyes darted around frantically.

'One, two, three, four…eleven…' Her eyes narrowed.'I already took out a number of them…they must have sent a whole platoon this time…I'm in deep trouble right now…'

"I guess people from the mist don't live outsiders interfering with your work do you?" She called out with a chuckle.

A whoosh alerted her of an incoming blade from behind, she ducked just in time to save her neck, but not in time to save some of her hair. In a split second she planted her unbroken arm into the ground, twisted her body and slammed both her feet up his chin. A muffled grunt sounded from beneath the mask as he stumbled backwards.

She smirked as she swung around, sinking her drawn blade into another's chest before yanking it back out swiftly before turning her back to the fallen body and focusing her attention onto the others.

A frown tugged at her lips as she watched them approach, something wasn't right. Her instincts were usually correct, and now, it was telling her that something was wrong, terribly wrong.

Her eyes widened in realisation, she swung around, but her legs seemed to have been rooted to the ground. She didn't have time to break the genjutsu, her violet eye widened as she watched the masked figure she had just killed rise, a blade grasped in a gloved hand. Pupils dilated in fear as the figure rushed forwards, dagger flashing cruelly.

There was silence.

As if the whole forest was holding its breath.

Blood sprayed into the air, crimson red rubies that hung sparkling in the air for a split second before they fell, splashing lush blades of grass scarlet.

Black hair whipped free, twisting up and around her pale and bloodied face. The girl fell forwards onto her knees. Messy strands of hair shifted, revealing a stunning purple eye which was wide with a frozen look of surprise.

Blood trickled down the great slash that drew diagonally down from the middle of her forehead to the left of the bridge of her nose. The fresh trails of blood joined the dark red tracks of dried blood that seeped from beneath her left eye's eyelid and ran down her cheek.

She sprawled onto the ground, mouth slightly ajar as her single dazed eye stared blankly. Crimson spread from beneath her, drenching her hair and clothes in sticky liquid.

The slashed hat that had been thrown into the air, came to a halt at its peak and then came spinning in wild spirals back down towards the earth, landing with a near soundless rustle beside its owner.

She could faintly feel the presence of the people in masks approach, their footsteps rustling the grass, their concealing cloaks brushing along the ground with a trailing rustle. Her sight was fading into black, even though her eyes were still open.

A foot came into her dimming sight, she could tell she was surrounded in a tight circle. There was no escape now. Her eyelids fluttered close as she unceremoniously let out a breath of resignation.

The people stared down at the girl who laid at their feet, unmoving. A single blade slid out of the depths of each of their sleeves, glinting bright against the light. The girl remained still, the only signs of life remaining was the slightest rise and fall of her chest.

"You have seriously caused us a lot of trouble." A deep, emotionless voice spoke from beneath the white mask painted with red swirls.

"We cannot afford to leave you to roam the coutries at wish." The symbol for the village of the mist adorned each of their foreheads.

"This is the end." The blades streaked down like multiple bolts of lightning, ones of finality.

Everything slowed to a halt, the blades hung in the air, slivers of the fallen moon. The girl's eyes opened a slight fraction, instead of the sideways view of a forest she could see the silhouette of a figure against a background of white. Ringed violet eyes shone from the figure's face, piercing through her very soul with its intensity.

"You cannot die here…"

The girl's eyes closed for the second time.

In annoyance.

'Not him again...'

"I'm tired…" Her cracked lips moved in a whisper. "Just let me sleep…"


"NO!" The girl suddenly screamed, cutting his words off, the person merely continued to stare down at her with calm eyes.

Fingers clenched into bloody fists, her broken body trembled and her eye burned with a furious fire.

"I have seen enough of this world… there is no such thing as peace…no such thing as hope...no such thing as understanding…there are only endless chains of hate…chains that cannot be cut..." Whispered words were laced with pain, hidden beneath was a simmering layer of rage, threatening to explode.

"I…I no longer care…I wish for it to end… this pathetic world along with its bickering people…" She snarled bitterly before coughing and trailing off, silence engulfed them.

The figure sighed and knelt beside her, the shadows of his flowing, spiky hair stirred in an unfelt breeze.

"You know you cannot avoid your fate…my child..." The figure sighed yet again while brushing his fingers along the streaks of blood running down her cheek.

"But I shall let you rest for a while…you who have seen nothing but war, bloodshed…you who have experienced nothing but pain and sorrow…"

The girl's eyes remained closed as a single shadowed finger brushed against her crushed left eye. A soft glow lightened his fingertip before fading, the person watched as the blood that seeped from beneath her eyelid slowed and stopped.

"Then maybe you will understand how I have felt…" The figure's finger touched her lightly on her bloodied forehead before he drew his hand back.

"And maybe then…you too will wish for what I have wished for…"The figure stretched a shadowed hand towards her.

"Come now…" He coaxed gently.

An amethyst coloured eye cracked open.

No flicker of rage remained, only a deep sadness and pain.

Bloodied lips parted as a heavy sigh escaped.

"I don't understand why remain so stubborn on the topic of peace..." She growled lowly with a frown, but still she obeyed the man before her.

The girl's fingers twitched before her hand shifted, she gritted her teeth in effort, lifting her hand and stretching towards the man's outstretched hand. Her hand rested in his hand, the swirling violet eyes of the shadowed figure before her softened as his fingers curled around her limp hand.

"You will come to understand why soon...but for now...sleep…for the path you will walk along will be hard…"

The silhouette of the figure wavered, pale purple eyes closed, the outline of his lips could be seen tugging up into the smallest smile before he faded into whiteness.

"Sweet dreams…Seira…"

Everything spun back into action, the cold blades that flashed towards her motionless body. Suddenly, they came to a sudden halt, mere centimetres away from her body. Her uninjured eye flashed open, glowing eerie violet as they landed onto the masked people surrounding her.

The silence that surrounded the forest was shattered with a trembling roar, roots of great trees were ripped from the earth, boulders were lifted from the ground. In the midst of the howl was a scream like a war cry.

Black hair whipped around as the girl's surroundings were blasted away by what seemed like an invisible force. The masked men were nowhere to be seen as the screeching faded, only the rumbling and crashing of trees and rocks that slammed back to earth remained.

Ragged breaths escaped from torn, pale pink lips. The girl stood shakily on her two feet, blood falling like rain from her chin and fingertips, staining the earth around her dull red. The cloak she wore was shredded, the top she wore on top of her fishnet shirt was in tatters as were her black pants.

The girl let out a trembling breath, her unfocused eye roving around, blinking away the blood that stained her sight scarlet. There was a mask at her feet, it belonged to one of the people, unfocused eyes blinked, her sight blurred like a fogged mirror.

Every bone in her body seemed to creak, every muscle in her body complained, on top of all this, the dull throbbing that covered her entire body was making her conscious fade in and out of focus.

How she longed to just let her conscious fade from the world she faced.

Her head tilted up, the endless blue sky stretched above her as white clouds floated by. Her breaths were uneven as a trickle of blood fell from the corner of her lips.

Her senses tingled as she felt several chakras approaching, but her mind and body refused to obey her commands on avoiding them. Her vision wavered and finally sank into a sea of black. She tumbled back, falling onto her back on the rocky ground, rough corners of several rocks digging into her back.

Not that she felt them.

She was out before she even hit the ground.

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