Natsumi's Invasion

Giroro was nothing but a hypocrite, constantly complaining about how different Keroro had become since the platoon's arrival on Pekopon. His comrades, sans Keroro himself, were quite aware of this issue, but never brought it up. It wasn't like with Keroro, who was practically useless. Giroro was only useless on the occasions where pink hair bound into pigtails were involved.

But the more important difference was how hard Giroro tried to return to his old habits, giving the same old rants in a forced voice, carrying just as many weapons as he ever had despite seldom firing them in the Hinata household these days. He even lived in a tent come Hell, high water, or a ridiculous amount of spaceships landing on it.

Those were the things the platoon members told each other when somebody asked what should be done about Giroro.

Both were made up excuses for something much worse.

The platoon's job was to get things done. If anything couldn't get done, it simply had to do with laziness, not a lack of ability. So to admit that Giroro's changes were beyond anything they could resolve wasn't an option.

But no matter how much they told themselves it was nothing out of their control, they could see Giroro slipping farther away every time the red keronian saw Natumi. This was something Giroro would just have to deal with on his own.

But Giroro knew who he used to be the least of anyone.