Alright, firstly, I am SO SUPER-DUPER sorry that it's been so long since I've updated. Things are really crazy right now, and I sort of lost interest in the story for a while. I've been thinking about it a lot. Some of you are probably like, "Oh, no! She's gonna discontinue the story!" But, I promise you, I'm not just chucking this story out the window. I like it too much to do that, and I'd be a terrible person to let the readers down that way.
Instead, to rekindle my devotion to the series, I'm going back and revising it (a.k.a. making it BETTER). I'm not changing anything dramatically, just improving my writing style. I've come a long way in how I write, so if I just start adding chapters again, it would be totally different from what's already up. So, I'm going back and Re-Vamping the whole thing (Hehe... Re-Vamp. Pun.)
Once I've revised the whole thing, I'll start adding again. Not all of the chapters have to be improved, but most of them do. I went back and read some of them and was like, "What the hell was I thinking?" So, hopefully, this will not only get me back into the story, but also make it better for you, the readers.
Additionally, if you have suggestions regarding material for upcoming chapters, PLEASE don't be shy. Just send me a message with your idea. Even if I don't use your idea exactly the way you give it to me, it might get the gears turning so I can put out more chapters. I will credit you for the idea by noting it in the memo of that chapter.
Thanks for being faithful to the story, everyone. Again, I'm truly sorry for leaving it to collect cobwebs for this long! Please forgive me!

P.S. I'm changing the Point of View from 2nd person to 1st person. There will still be a _ in place of a name, but writing in 1st person just makes more sense to me. It also seems to be a little more popular than 2nd person, and I want to make this story as enjoyable as possible. I hope this doesn't make anyone too unhappy...