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B's pov

"Come on Bella, its are first day at Forks, and I want to look around town." Hope said walking into my room. I sighed. "Fine let's go." I said getting

up, and walking over to her. Hope, and I were very close sisters, but we were completely opposite. She loved the rain. I hated it. She was very

athletic, and almost never tripped. I am so clumsy that I can't play any sport with out hurting myself. She has blue eyes. I have brown eyes. But we

both have pale skin, and brown hair. "Ok where should we go first?" She asked looking excited. "I don't know where ever you want to go." I said. I

thought about it then beamed. "Let's just look around until we find something interesting." Hope said walking forward. I sighed, and followed her. It

seemed like we have been walking for hours, and me feet were starting to hurt. "Hope, can we go back now? I asked hopeful. "No, let's keep going

for a little bit." Hope said walking a little faster. I kept pace with her, and only tripped twice. "Bella look at that." Hope said pointing to a hidden road.

"I wonder where this leads." I said looking around for a sign of a house. "Come on we should go check it out." Hope said walking closer to the road.

"No way am I going, you can go get lost, but I am leaving." I said walking away. Something about that road bugged me. It was like to was almost

calling me to come in, but that silly, I must have just imaged it. I listened as Hope walked behind me pouting. "I'm sorry Hope, but that road scared

me a little." I said looking back at her. She looked at me, and laughed loudly. "You were afraid of a road?" Hope said in between laughs. I nodded.

She grinned at me, and began walking beside me. "Bella, a road can't hurt you, unless you fall on it, which I guess you probably will all the time."

Hope said. I frowned at her, and stuck my tongue out at her. She laughed. We looked around a little more, and found out where the school was. On

are way back home we stopped at a diner to get some lunch to take home to Charlie. I didn't feel like cooking today. Then we walked home. Charlie

greeted us with a hug, and after I gave him his dinner we both went to our room. I was so lucky that I got my own room. Hope's room is right beside

mine, but hers is a little smaller. Charlie added that room a few years ago just for Hope. I quickly grabbed my bathroom stuff, and ran to the

bathroom. It's hard to get the shower when you have a sister, because one of us is always hogging it up. But today was my lucky day. Hope was

still putting her clothes away. Well that what you get for being obsessed with shopping. I turned the warm water on, and quickly locked the door.

Once Hope came right in while I was in the shower just because she accidentally forgot her lipstick in the medicine cabinet. When the water was

finally at the perfect temperature I slipped in. "Bella hurry up I need to shower to!" Hope yelled pounding on the door. I ignored her, and slowly

washed up. When I was finished I slowly dried off, and put on my pj's, then blew my hair dry. When I opened the door Hope glared at me. "You are

so slow I was about to fall asleep standing here." Hope said walking in. I laughed, and went back into my room. I laid down on my bed, and listened

to the rain against my window. I missed Arizona, but Forks is my new home, I just hope that Hope won't be as miserable as me. I listened as the

water from the shower turned off, and foot steps going in to Hope's room. Hope sure is loud. "Goodnight Bella." Hope called from her room.

"Goodnight Hope." I called back. Then I heard Hope flop down on her bed. I closed my eyes, and thought about what Hope and I had to do

tomorrow. Fork high school. I can't wait. I thought sarcastically.

H's pov

I can't wait for school tomorrow, Forks High School get ready to meet the Swan girls. I thought as l fell into a deep sleep.