(RING)The period bell all jumped up as if the school was about to burn down.I slid my way through everyone to my locker.I put in the combination and pulled it stupid handle to open the locker was jammed and it wouldn't open."God are you kidding me"A hand reached around me and punched it in and it actually made a scratchy sound when it opened.I turned around and it was my big brother Kyle."Thanks stupid old lockers are so rusty"I took out my science notebook and slammed my locker shut.I put the lock back in."I know what you mean it does take a while to get used to it though"He smiled."I don't know if it does that again I probably will be very pissed"I smiled back sarcastically."If I know you you would probably kick the living hell out of it"he laughed."Yeah whatever"he knew me well."Don't you need to go to class"I was always the goody to-shoes."Yeah but I hate fourth period so yeah"Wow that was the fist time he actually wanted to skip a class."So your skipping class"I asked surprised at shrugged."Well then if your skipping class-"

"No your not skipping class"he interrupted."Why can you and I can't"I crossed my arms."Because I said so"He mocked me and crossed his arms and was my big brother and more of a dad than my own."O.k fine but you have to walk me to class"I dropped my arms and let them let loose next to me."o.k common"We headed towards my class up stairs."Why are you suddenly wanting to skip class?"He never did that before."Aw you don't want me to bore you with all the juicy details"He said sarcastically and pulling his backpack up with the strap going around his chest.I punched his arm lightly."Tell me"I begged."I met someone"he smiled."Not even who is it?"We ran upstairs."No one you in my science class"

"Are you skipping class to see her"I said sarcastically?We arrived in the front door of my classroom."Well I have to go"he smiled."Wait tell me"I chased after him."Bi Danielle be good"He walked out the I hated when he did that that butt head.I walked into class.