I was re-watching, and all I could wonder, was what would have happened if she had not knocked that vase over.

Walking Through Doorways

A body falls against a stand, and a vase begins to fall. Gasps echo around the room as the body twists and stretches, speed in its urgency, and a hand reaches out. Slender fingers reach out, strain, grasp around…

… nothing…

And there is a crash as the vase breaks on the floor.

… the handle…

And Haruhi saves the vase.

One doorway closes, and another one opens. A new world of limitless possibilities, where Haruhi did not become a dog for the host club, and they never found out she was a girl or made her a host- in fact, most of them did not even notice that she was at their school at all. She spent her years at Ouran working hard, and doing all of her work, and staying away from social situations. She never became friends with them, she never effected their lives the way that she did, and in the end, Tamaki left with his fiancée. The Host Club disbanded, and at graduation, she gave a flicker of a smile and was given in return polite applause, and she left into the wide, wide world, all alone.

She stands, balancing the vase on the floor, bowing in apology.

"I'm sorry! Really sorry. I'll just leave…"

And, backing out, hands in front of her apologetically, she walks into another stand, and a large plate smashes on the floor.

And the door re-opens.

Some things are inevitable.