Craig Tucker knelt at Kenny McCormick's grave.

"Kenny I did not allow the backstabber Cartman to get away with calling you a worthless piece of trash. Your killers are on death row and will soon die. I wish you were still alive. I wish we could go ice skating or hang out at the mall but that's no longer an option."

Stan came upon Craig with a pot of flowers and was actually happy to see him.


"Oh hi Stan"

"Hey that was awesome that you beat Cartman to hell and back. When his fat ass gets out of the hospital he has to go to the alternative learning center."

"Yes and after the judge sentenced me to a low penalty of just 40 hours of community service my family and I had dinner with him."

Stan was surprised.

"Well anyhow I just came by to drop off these flowers. Craig what you've done to honor Kenny and the way you've endured your personal problems has shown me one thing. You're one strong human being."

"Well I question that sometimes. Remember when we were confronted by the Guinea Pirate? I was like 'sir I won't do anything to you' and well as fate had it I ended up defeating him anyhow."

"Craig you may question yourself but seriously you're not just a strong human being you're my hero Craig."

Craig was shocked.

"Well Stan I don't know what to tell you."

Craig tried to catch his breath.

"I'm really happy you feel that way Stan. I've not been happy for quite some time."

"Kyle told me everything about the shit you've been through. No wonder you've been in so much pain."

"I've spent a few nights crying myself to sleep."

"I've yet to cry over the death of Kenny but I sure feel like it now Craig."

"Well Stan I must ask you do you feel like crying now? My shoulder is here for you."

Craig motioned his arms for a hug and Stan moved in. As soon as he took Stan into his arms Stan began crying on the shoulder of his new hero.

After 15 minutes Stan let up and said "I'm sorry I got your jacket all wet Craig."

"That's okay Stan. I'm honestly glad that we've become friends. I'm sorry I said I hated you, and Kyle, and Kenny on that unexpected trip to Peru."

Tears slowly began to flow down Craig's face but he had a huge smile.

"We'll never ask to borrow money for silly things again Craig."

Craig and Stan both giggled.

"Stan let's just spend our afternoon at Kenny's grave. I don't feel like doing anything else."

Stan and Craig stood with their arms around each other's shoulders and remained silent while facing the grave of Kenny McCormick.