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'A sex virus? You've got to be kidding me!'

'It's not a sex virus, Booth,' Camille Saroyan said amusedly. 'It's an infection that over-stimulates hormone production and increases libido exponentially…'

'That's a sex virus!'

'Booth, just calm down. We need to look at this rationally and calmly. After all, we're both in the same situation.'

Well, he couldn't argue with that.

It had been twelve hours since Brennan and Booth had been exposed to the infection and they were only just realising what they'd got themselves into. They were now being held in a quarantined room in a private hospital while Hodgins, Cam, Angela and Sweets were observing from behind a glass screen. Angela was currently suffering from suppressed laughter, much to Booth's disgust, and Cam wasn't any better. Even Hodgins was hard pushed to keep the grin off his face. Now he addressed the couple below.

'Dude, this is like, your ultimate get-out-of-jail-free card. How often do you get to say, 'The sex virus made me do it'?'

'Hodgins, you continue talking and when we get out I will shoot you.'

Hodgins stopped laughing.

Sweets decided to chip in. 'This is a fascinating experiment from a psychological point of view. Could I include this as a chapter in my book?'

'NO!' Brennan and Booth shouted in unison, whilst glaring at the screen. Booth sank down onto a sofa. 'Star Trek. My life has turned into something from Star Trek.'

'I don't know what that means,' Brennan said distractedly.

She was looking around the room in which they'd spend the next 48 hours. Mercifully, the quarantine period was short as if they were going to get the virus it would show in that time. And, there were worse places to be stuck for 48 hours.

They were in a large room which was overlooked by the observation room. It had two beds at one end and a sofa and TV at the other. There was also an adjacent bathroom which could not be overlooked.

'We have a case to work on,' Cam informed the couple. 'In the meantime, we've arranged for your favourite food to be delivered three times a day for the next two days. If the quarantine is longer, we'll make further arrangements.'

'Longer? I have work to do!' Even Brennan was getting worked up now.

'You can work on your book, sweetie,' Angela suggested.

Brennan rewarded her with a grimace that made Angela privately wonder whether her face had got stuck.

'Well, we'll stop by later,' said Cam in a tone of forced jollity.

They picked up their bags and left. Brennan slumped down next to Booth. 'My laptop's being sent from the Jeffersonian. It should be here in a couple hours.'

'No internet though,' Booth was determined to be miserable. 'Wanna watch some TV?'

'I want to investigate this area thoroughly first. We haven't really had time yet to do so.' Brennan suited her actions to the word by getting up again and walking around the room slowly. She discovered a list of symptoms pinned up by the beds, an emergency call button and a timetable of when medics would visit and mealtimes. She also noticed a button marked 'privacy'. Brennan had a sneaking suspicion that it had very recently been installed just in case they succumbed to the virus.

She was interrupted in these musings by Booth who had got up and was near the door. 'Hey Bones, there's a package in the slot. He took it to the sofa.

'It's not a bomb, is it?' Brennan was recalled to the present.

'What? No! It's a, it's….oh.'

Booth trailed off. Brennan sat down next to him and peered into the box. It contained a couple of puzzle books, a paper, a TV guide, some pens and underneath, a giant pack of condoms. ('I am going to kill Angela,' Brennan muttered under her breath.) There was also a note at the bottom.

'Hey guys! Don't know when you got this as it probably had to get through the sterilising process. The puzzles and TV guide are there for your amusement. We will get spare clothes to you both later. Angela, Cam, Hodgins and Sweets. P.S. The condoms are there because we'd rather not have to deal with a pregnant Brennan, unless you two are doing the horizontal mambo without a virus. (Ange x)'

Booth chuckled as he finished reading. 'Angela is a hopeless romantic.;

'It's probably what makes her such a good artist.' Brennan replied. 'Anthropologically speaking….'

'I'm not really fussed right now though, ok Bones? I just want to get through the next 48 hours.'

They spent some time that afternoon alternating between puzzle books and the TV, as Brennan's laptop hadn't yet turned up. In the event, it never did as Brennan was informed it could not be sterilised properly without destroying the hard drive.

They ate tea from Wong Foos, Booth's favourite Chinese restaurant. According to Cam, who visited later, their friend had laughed at the latest predicament and prepared a magnificent gourmet meal.

'Booth,' Brennan remarked à propos of nothing in between bites of spring roll, 'what time do you want to go to bed tonight?'

Booth spat out his sweet 'n' sour. 'What?!'

'Do you go to bed early or late? Normally I go quite late, but there's not much else to do here so I might go early. And which bed do you want?' She finished the spring roll and wiped her fingers.

Booth was saved from answering by the arrival of their clothes, which had been sent by Cam, Angela, Sweets and Hodgins (or CASH, as Booth in his boredom had nicknamed them). They abandoned the remnants of their meal and went to examine the bags. Luckily, all was in order.

Things continued pleasantly until 11pm. Then Booth and Brennan decided to call it a night. They neatly avoided potential embarrassment with Booth showering first, then giving way to Brennan as he sat in bed.

Brennan finished brushing her hair, tied it back and clambered into bed. She switched the light off.

'Night Booth.'

'Night Bones.'