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In a large castle in the country of Latveria, Doctor Doom, one of the greatest masterminds on Earth, was preparing his plan of world domination. Looking at the window in his lab he looked at the ruined streets of Doomstadt. The land was under the "intervention" of the America and SHIELD, and the whole country was under attack.

"You may have managed to destroy my paradise for now, Colonel Fury" Doom said to himself "But once my time machine is operational again, I can make the necessary changes to prevent all this"

Closing the window he returned to his job. He opened a hatch in a metallic platform, grabbing reveral cords and separating and uniting them again in different places. Righ in the middle of his job, Doom heard something banging the door.

"Give up, Doctor Doom!" A voice of a man screamed from the other side of the door. "You can not escape!"

"Damn it!" Doctor cursed. "I'll have to rely on these modifications. Hope they're enough."

Doctor Doom climbed on the platform, pressing number on a console connected to it. "You are too late, Fury! My time machine is operational! Goodbye!"

Suddenly the door broke down. A mand with an eyepatch and a large cannon fired. An electromagnetic pulse came out of the cannon and hit the time machine. Electric surges covered the platform and the armored man standing on it, as they both disappeared.

In the timestream, Doom could see and feel his armor and the time machine ripping into pieces and disappearing throughout time.

Prehistoric times:

Lightning storms filled the skies as pieces of the time machine scattered across the globe, with the largest part, far larger than the rest of the pieces, appearing on top of the place one day to become Japan. Everywhere the lighting of these storms strike there appears a strange new substance, which would one day change the history of the world.

The British Isles, 55 bc:

Several tribal chiefs talked about the coming invasion of the Romans, when suddenly a lighting strikes the ground. In the place where the lightning struck, a mysterious melted piece of metal appeared. One of the chieftains comes closer and picks it up.

"Look at this, my brothers!" The chieftain said. "The gods have sent us a sign! One of us is to rule over all the celts! And from this metal shall his crown be forged! And with that crown on his head, he shall banish the romans for good!"

All the other chiefs cheered.

21 October, 1805, Battle of Trafalkar:

Several pieces of metal fell from the sky right on top of the british ships, sinking many of them. Though their battle formation would have brought the perfect victory to the British on normal conditions, this sudden destruction plunged them into chaos, making them an easy target to the united French and Spanish fleet, bringing a great victory to Napoleon.

Japan, 2010 Imperial Calendar (1955 Christian calendar)

Victor von Doom lied on the ground naked, opening his eyes. What he saw were several destroyed buildings and streets, corpses on both civilians and soldiers lying scattered. However the architectural appearance of the buildings didn't appear similar to that of Latveria, nor did the appearance of several asian people match the population.

"Where am I?" Victor asked from himself rising up, realising his nakedness. Quickly he stole some clothes from the corpses and dressed up. Looking at his reflection in a pool of water he discovered another startling realization: His face was normal again. Though it was unfamiliar to Victor, it was more than useful to him. It would have been impossible for him to hide among the populace with a scarred face or a mask. Not that he was planning to keep himself hidden for long.

Suddenly he heard a voice of an aircraft on top of him. Looking up, he saw an airplane of a design he had never seen before. Quicly Victor hid among the ruins. From his hideout he witnessed a group of tanks getting closer the helicopter. The helicopter dropped down three mechas, with cables attached to the "shoulders" and some kind of rollerskates attached to the legs. The mechas destroyed the tanks with little effort, which impressed Victor.

"And here I always thought mecha would be an impractical war machine" He thought "I was wrong"

It was now a week since Victor had arrived in this strange new world. He had spent this time collecting information of just about everything. What he had heard was that the country he had arrived was Japan, and the Invaders belonged to a nation known as the Holy Britannian Empire. At first he thought he had created a world where the British Empire never fell, but then he found out that the Empire wasn't located in the British Isles, but in the America. Apparently they had taken an invasive policy and conquered countries here and there. Each conquered country loses it's freedom and rights and is renamed as a numbered area according to the order it was conquered. This had recently happened to Japan, now Area 11, and the Japanese were now called Elevens. These "Numbers" of the new Britannian areas live in poverty and are treated badly by regular Britannians. A Number can become an Honorary Britannian, but it doesn't stop the discrimination. Not even pureblood Britannians were outside discrimination. Britannia appeared to work on the principal of Social Darwinism, with power and competition being the mark of success. To Victor this only meant that in Britannia nobody is equal.

There were also two coalitions competing with the Britannia. First was the Chinese Federation, a communistic monarchy ruled by a group of eunuchs. The second was the Euro Universe, a large coalition of European and African nations. None of the Countries in the E.U. was a monarchy, not even Latveria, which still existed.

Another thing came in a greater surprise. Apparently in this world there were no superheroes. It was unclear, what had caused this, but it might have something to do with the lack of mutants. On the other hand the technological levels were much higher than in the original timeline. Though it was now around the middle of the 20th century, there already was a highly developed internet and military. It might have something to do with an energy rich mineral known as sakuradite. One of the largest reasons of the invasion of Japan was the fact that Japan has 70% of the world's sakuradite in her.

However Victor didn't have time to think about the world he had created. He had to find a way to live here, since there was nothing left of his time machine. However, though he coudn't use his magic in this new world, he was still a brilliant scientist. He would find a way to first create his own kingdom and then conquer this world. At least there wouldn't be any Avengers of Fantastic Four getting in his way.

Being yet again walking in the ruins of Area 11, while the Britannians were building new cities exclusive to them, Victor had built up his plan: First he would spend a year or two in the Area 11 as a Britannian inventor, patenting his inventions and making millions. Then he would leave the country and go to the Euro Universe and take over Latveria. Then he would gain fame as a brilliant scientist and a politician, soon becoming E.U.:s Secretary-General. Then he would create a new generation of mechas, or Knightmare Frames as they are called in this world, and revolutionise the battlefield. First step would be creating an alternative source of energy to the sakuradite reactor to balance out the fact that Britannia now has the most of it, which then he would use on his own Knightmare Frames to power them and after that to create a weapon against the other Frames. Then he would use those weapons against the Britannia. And once the other countries see the might of Victor von Doom and his subjects, the world would truly be his. But first, what kind of secret identity should he take?

"I..." Came a voice in japanese. Victor turned his attention towards the voice. A caucasian boy with anger all over his face was standing next to an Asian boy, most likely Japanese, or Eleven. Victor wouldn't have paid anymore attention, if the boy hadn't continued "Suzaku, I'm going to..." "Suzaku?" Victor thought "Could that Britannian be him?" "Crush Britannia!" "Yes"

Victor walked towards the two boys, speaking fluent japanese. "Lelouch vi Britannia, I presume." The caucasian boy got startled and looked right at Victor.

"How d-" he stuttered "How do you know my name?"

"It's not that difficult." Victor explained. "Your friend is a Japanese, or Eleven, while you are a Britannian. Britannians and Numbers aren't in good terms anywhere. You called him Suzaku. According to some old newspapers and the internet, the late Prime Minister of Japan, Genbu Kururugi, had a son called Suzaku. Also in his household lived two Britannian royals, Lelouch and Nunnaly vi Britannia, which would explain you knowing this Japanese. Finally you said you were going to crush Britannia. Lelouch lost his mother in a mysterious assasination, during which his sister Nunnaly lost her legs and sight. After that he was sent to Japan as a political hostage. This together gives more than a reason for animosity for a Britannian towards Britannia."

"You know much" Lelouch sighed. "Are you now going to take me to the authorities?"

Victor shook his head. "Actually I was planning of adopting you." Lelouch looked at Victor's eyes in confusion. "Before you ask, this is because we both share a same goal: the elimination of Britannia. Also we have both lost our mothers because of a King. I am Victor von Doom, scientist, inventor and the future ruler of Latveria, and one day the whole world"

"You know" Lelouch continued "You sound just like Charles zi Britannia."

"Maybe" Victor said "But I don't believe he wants to create a world without needs or conflicts."

"And you do?"

"Oh yes. And I'm sure my daughter would need a better place than the one she's forced to live in"

"Do you mean Nunnaly?"

Victor nodded "I won't be here forever, and I need heirs to rule the new world. Speaking of which, would you like to join us, Suzaku."

The Japanese boy, who had been quiet for now, spoke. "Sorry, but I have my own plans of changing the world."

"Then I shall not force you. However, Lelouch, what do you say?" Victor asked streching out his hand. Lelouch grabbed it. "Then let us go"

Suzaku looked at the two figures walking to the distance, took one step towards them, and then turned to the other direction.